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The Help pages are to provide help on the creation and development of pages on the Beyond the Sunset wiki. Please note that all pages are currently under development.

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This page serves as a catalogue for all images that the BtS Wiki users may wish to employ.

New World of Darkness

NWoD Genre Skull Icons - 70x70px : File:Archived-Awakening skull 70x70.png File:Archived-Forsaken skull 70x70.png File:Archived-Lost skull 70x70.png Archived-Requiem skull 70x70.png File:Archived-SinEater skull 70x70.png

Vampire: the Requiem

Covenant Icons - 70x70px : LogoCovenantCarthianMovement 70x70.png LogoCovenantCircleoftheCrone 70x70.png LogoCovenantInvictus 70x70.png LogoCovenantLanceaSanctum 70x70.png LogoCovenantOrdoDracul 70x70.png LogoCovenantUnaligned 70x70.jpg

Clan Icons - 70x70px : LogoDaeva 70x70.png LogoGangrel 70x70.png LogoNosferatu 70x70.png LogoMekhet 70x70.png LogoVentrue 70x70.png

Changling: the Lost

Seeming Icons - 70x70px : SeemingBeasts 70x70.png SeemingDarklings 70x70.png SeemingElementals 70x70.png SeemingFairest 70x70.png SeemingOgres 70x70.png SeemingWizened 70x70.png

Court Icons - 70x70px : CourtDusk 70x70.png

Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Threshold Icons - 70x70px: LogoForgotten 70x70.png LogoPrey 70x70.png LogoSilent 70x70.png LogoStricken 70x70.png LogoTorn 70x70.png

Classic World of Darkness

CWoD Ankhs - 70x70px : Masq ankh 70x70.png