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To use this template read and follow the four points below. Consideration should be made for other characters, so the full name (with title, first name and/or last name) should be used when available. Creating a page for a character called John Smith named 'John' may not be available or would restrict others, so 'John Smith' or 'Brother John' may be a better option.

1. Search for your character name using the Search function on the top right

2. If your name is taken, add a name or initial or similar, you want your own page

3. Right Click the red text contained in the "create this page" sentence, open as another tab

4. Copy the text that is below this line, paste into the blank page, fill out the details and save the page.

__NOTOC__ <!-- INSTRUCTIONS AND NOTES - can be deleted after template has been used -->
<!-- Character information template, enter in details as relevant -->
<!-- Title relates to the most widely relevant title from court, clan, covenant, or other -->
<!-- Group relates to the most relevant lineage, house or coterie -->
<!-- Player name 'mailto' link can be over written by [[User:UserName|PlayerName]] on page -->
<!-- Storyteller name generated from 'City' to accommodate changes in storytellers -->
{{PC Summary Vigil CofD

<!-- Character image, set to 250px wide to match character block-->
[[Image:Coming_Soon.gif|250px|right|link=Special:Upload|Upload your own picture and replace this section with your own]]

== Personal Information ==
<!-- Basic overview of the character -->

==== Appearance ====
<!-- Description of how the character looks including notable traits and quirks -->

==== Personality ====
<!-- Description of how the character acts including notable traits and quirks -->

<!-- List character's titles for easy reference here>

<!-- List any of your character's aliases and other identities here for easy reference -->

=====Information Known by Hunter Society=====
<!-- Details of the information known by Hunters at large -->

==== Timeline ====
<!-- Outline of the characters history -->
* 1970 - Details
* 1980 - Details
* 1990 - Details
* 2000 - Details
* 2010 - Details
* 2013 - Details

==== Recent Events ====
<!-- Overview of the characters recent history, just prior to chronicle or the present day -->

== Quotes ==
<!-- What the characters and others have said -->

==== Quotes By ====
<!-- Quotes by the character, often about other characters -->

"Quote" - reference

==== Quotes About ====
<!-- Quotes about the character, often by other characters -->

"Quote" - reference

==== Conversations ====
<!-- Conversations of note involving the character -->

"Quote" - reference

== Rumours ==

== Inspirations and Soundtrack ==

== OOC Information ==
<!-- References for the character, special OOC notes and data for future development -->

<!-- Player OOC information -->
{{OOC Info