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Concept: Unknown
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy --
Cabal: --
Player: Shannon Spanks
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
Upload Naoki Nightingale AKA: Dragon.

Personal Information


Dragon is a small boy looking around the age of 14 with short black hair and a light purple-seeming eyes. He stands at a whole 149cm or 4'9ft, with a slim body type, however he usually has a scratch or two.


Dragon wears whatever is comfortable and good for the weather. He tends to wear full or three-quarter pants with a loose long-sleeve shirt, long dark socks with boots. In cooler months he bundles up wearing many layers, scarves and gloves. In warmer months he still tends to be mostly covered, but in light breathable materials.


Dragon is extremely clumsy in nature, he will trip over literally nothing and walks into things frequently. What he lacks in physical ability he more than makes up with mental capacity, being considered a child genius due to his quick progression in his studies. He is loyal to a tee, willing to do anything for those he deems worthy of effort, but because he does not know how to talk to others he usually takes things a little too literal. This means that if someone claims they want something, it might randomly show up at their home, so be careful of what you say around him.


Assumed asexual or demisexual. He looks 14, it doesn't make a difference who he is interested in.



  • Learning, it doesn't matter how useful the piece of information is, it is always precious to Dragon.
  • Reading.
  • Small places to sit in. If I fits, I sits.
  • Small Animals.


  • Too much social interaction, he does not know how to communicate with people and becomes overloaded and overwhelmed easily.
  • People who are indecisive.
  • People who look down on him because he looks young and is small.


  • If you want an object, Dragon can likely get it. If you want information, Dragon can likely find it.


  • Physical activities. Clumsy and weak.
  • Social interactions with others. He doesn't know how to engage with others properly.


  • Fear of abandonment. After his parents died in a car crash, he was always afraid of being left alone so before anyone could leave him, he withdrew himself from everyone around him.


  • Archaeology and Historian research / work at and for the museum and archive.
  • Trying to figure out how to communicate with others.
  • Focusing too much on a book or research to the point of not hearing anyone around him, or noticing his surroundings. Sometimes he forgets to eat because of it.

Mortal World

Naoki Nightingale is the sole inheritor of his family's archaeology museum and historian archives as well as the estate.


Nimbus Characteristics

Known Information

Explain what of the above is known, and what markers separate the known from unknown information.
Dragon isn't always a constant figure at the Consilium, if he is there he is surrounded by books and likely his next research experiment or off managing the background side of the Archaeology Museum and Historian Archives. It isn't uncommon for him to disappear for a few days and turn up asleep under an avalanche of books.


Necromancer of the Mysterium

Nicknames or Aliases

Family History

  • Mother: Sara Nightingale
  • Father: Darren Nightingale
    • Naoki Nightingale

Sara and Darren Nightingale both died in a car accident on the 25th of September 2012. They were on their way to a gala when their car aquaplaned and struck a wall at a high speed killing them both instantly. Miraculously, the 12 year old child in the backseat of the car survived the ordeal.


Date of Birth: 18/05/2000.
Was there anything that was unique about their childhood? What was their family like? Did they go to school or get homeschooled?
Awakening: 25/09/2012 7:45pm.
How did they awaken? What it was like?
Who was their initial master? How long did it take before they were found and introduced to the world of mage? How were they introduced to this new world? Did they change mentors at some point? What arcarna did they go after/learn first? Did they go after many others? What rank did they learn their known aracna to?

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  • Dragon not lizard, he doesn't do that tongue thing.
  • Is actually a person, not a dragon.
  • Has green eyes.
    • No, purple eyes.
      • No, orange eyes.
        • No, technicolour robotic eyes.
  • Why do his parents have normal names and he has an anime name?
    • Weebo.
  • Take him seriously guys. Come onnnnnn. He just looks 14.
  • He's an anime character. I bet his past is super tragic.

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Member Information
Player: Shannon Spanks
Number: 2015020003
Domain: Southern Cross