Erica Murakami

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Erica Murakami
Concept: Former Track Star
Tribe: N/A
Auspice: Irraka
City: Adelaide
Lodge: N/A
Pack: Black Bands
Spirit Rank
Cunning ••
Player: Alison Young
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information


Erica is a young white woman standing at 5'4” and of slim, wiry build. She keeps her fallow hair tied back in a tight ponytail and out of her storm-grey eyes. Her right arm is covered in a sleeve tattoo of a stylised black carp surrounded by red camellias.

Erica almost exclusively wears comfortable branded running gear and a good pair of sneakers, but has been known to dress up for special occasions. She keeps a green stone charm of a cat on her person to represent her totem, typically hanging it from her waist.


Erica is a reclusive young woman, quiet, and with an aloofness that belies her sensitivity. She speaks with sincerity, but is known to be temperamental. Erica won't give up anything easily, and she likes to challenge those around her to do their best and make good use of their potential. She always warms up before a hunt, and occasionally mutters to herself in Japanese.

  • Wind Runner - for her first kill, a yokai that rode the frigid Northern winds
Information Known by Forsaken Society


  • 1993 - Born 17th February at Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia to River Fisher and Mark Brookes
  • 1994 - Moved to Nagano, Japan with River
  • 1996 - River married Souta Murakami, changed her and Erica's surname
  • 2000 - Became interested in running
  • 2011 - Placed 3rd in the 4x100m sprint at the Nagano Prefecture school Summer championships, the highlight of her sporting career
  • 2013 - Moved to Port Adelaide, South Australia with River and Souta
  • 2014 - Moved to Elizabeth Vale, South Australia
  • 2018 - First Change

Recent Events


  • April - Erica attends her first Protectorate gathering, and joins a hunt on her Auspice moon, sparking a chain of Wasu-im.
  • May - When a spirit of pestilence threatens innocent lives, Erica joins the Protectorate to help solve its riddles and rescue its prisoners.


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"Quote" - reference


Inspirations and Soundtrack


  • Mari Asai, After Dark - Haruki Murakami
  • Masami Aomame, 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami
  • Spirited Away
  • When Marnie Was There
  • Princess Mononoke


OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Alison Young
Number: 2014020034
Domain: Adelaide