Frank Withchester

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Frank Withchester
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian Movement •••
City: Toowoomba ••
Title: Title
Sire: Virginia Blanchard
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: around 1962
Player: Rod Austin
Storyteller: Toowoomba VST
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Personal Information

Frank is a 4rd generation grease monkey. He was born in 'large town' California in the 1920's, working on cars, tractors and anything with his Pop and Grandpa since around the age of 4. Wasn't so good in school, but went to trade school to continue on working with his Pops, and then World War 2 happened. Pops has helped back in WWI, but due to the US not getting involved until the end, never left Stateside, but this one was gonna be different. Enlisting with the USN (Navy) was soon a Machinist's Mate, 2nd class, contributing to the Pacific Fleet. While based in Australia, he set his roots and started what would later become his home. His Embrace was in early 1960, with him joining the Carthian Movement and leaving on more than one occasion, last joining in the early 1990's.


Frank strikes an imposing image when you first encounter him. He is very muscular, and walks like a bodybuilder or gym junkie, with big chest and arms, crossed with something like a 'greaser' out of the American 1950's. His usual 'casual' attire, will typically be a pair of jeans, with the cuffs turned up, a t-shirt under a shop work shirt, or even a leather jacket, in a pair of boots. Often, his hair will be slicked, and he wears a a silver chain around his neck. The smell of grease or oil will often be on his hands, a rag hanging from a rear pocket. He also bears a tattoo of a 3 bladed fan or propeller on his neck, from his mortal days.


Frank is generally a calm figure and quiet. He is mad keen on vehicles, or anything mechanical. You will find his passion is in the creation or evolution of something plain to something unique, something to stop you in your tracks, take your words from you. He has strong opinions and as an artist, is seldom appreciate of a critique. He's reliable, dependable and no nonsense. He is a man of integrity, and a straight shooter, all be it not that approachable. He's been here a while and is aware the all important Elders want someone to do their fetchin' and messin' about, and he's moved on from his time in service.

Mortal World

Frank Withchester was a Machinist's Mate second class, in the US Navy, WWII, part of MacArthur's Pacific Fleet. He was decorated with service medals, married a lovely local lass, but after his father passed, his marriage fell apart without children and the story pretty much came to an end. Since the 60's, Frank has moved on, or more likely passed away.

"Frankies Autoshop" was set up by Frank Snr, and taken over by Frank sometime after the war, until he moved on. In keeping tradition of coach building and vehicle restoration, it is a shop keeping hold of lost art of classic automotive restoration and preservation, with children and grandchildren from the original guys that worked the shop once it first opened, keeping the craft and artistry alive. A recent growth to the business has been Liquid Metal Design, which is all about customisation and radical changes to already expensive cars, which can sometimes be seen at charity events, classic car shows or school formal and weddings.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Frank arrived in the Danse Macabre in the early 1960's, and hasn't been particularly interested in elevating his power within the court political system. He's done good things, proved himself invaluable more than once, but has avoided the top job, in favour of keeping his head down and busy with work. It's better he not spend a lot of time at Court, as he is inclined to share his opposition to decisions, to rules, and to authority in general. Perhaps it's the Carthian in him, or just the trend of these rebellious young people.


  • 1960's - First arrived at court as a recent embrace. Known as someone who can can provide quality mechanical or automotive work.
  • 1970's - Started to publically be known as a Carthian within the city.
  • 1980's - Open Conflict with Ilsa, resulted in Frank walking away from the Freedom's of the Carthian Movement, so he could be free of their restrictions and demands, well of Ilsaa's anyway.
  • 1990's - Rumour started to circulate that he may be the childe of Ginny, childe of the Quartermaster, Louie de Fleur. Never mentioned, due to a perhaps strained relationship.
  • 2000's - Joined once again as a member of the movement, allowing past indiscretions to be forgotten, looking to a future.
  • 2010's - As time moves to the latter part of the decade, he enjoys the minimal need to attend social court gatherings for any period of significant time. Might pop by, early or late in the evening, as whim takes him. Best way to not become angered at politics is to avoid it.
  • 2015 - Embrace of Veronica. She was a local fashion designer.
  • 2016 - Embrace of another Childe (pending player confirmation)
  • 2018 - Embrace of a third Childe (pending player confirmation)

Recent History

Frank is known partially to most members that regularly attend court. He seems somewhat aloof, perhaps disrespectful or some may even think him wasteful of the opportunities presented to him. He always steps up when required, but tries not to be around enough for that need to arise. His focus on 'things' more than political manoeuvrings is somewhat unusual, but if you don't want to speak to him about your car, you probably find he has little to talk to you about.

He has undertaken works with a number of current court members, for those that can afford and might appreciate having 'nice' things.


  • OCT - Frank slides by the court meeting location. It had less to do with the invitation, and more to do with the whispers he'd heard about town that a great looking custom Cobra was rolling the streets, and was seen as the same location. Knowing the car, he thought it worth his time to pay it a visit. Had a yack with the Captain and Quartermaster, and let the Captain grind the gears, taking Black Eight for a spin up to the range.


  • AUG - Veronica invited along to Court, to show the new serpent to the gaggle.
  • SEP - Arranges and performs Retirement or Coming Ashore ceremony for Gaspar de Blanca.
  • OCT - Travels to Adelaide for the first time. All Night Society, or some BS.


  • OCT - Join a gathering in Brisbane, an Elder Summit. Shares the story of his embrace with his Childe, Veronica.


The de Fleur line. How far back it goes, we are not sure. Louis de Fleur, Daeva and apprentice to the Ordo Dracul, when he travelled to Australia in the late 1800's. He was a merchant and a farmer as a man, before building that empire, with trade between Europe and Britannia. Opportunities were seized, and come the mid 1800's, Louis had estates, ports, trading houses, and a small fleet of merchant vessels, transporting around France, Spain, Greece, Turkey as well as Great Britain. He was the consummate host. He was philanthropic as well, supporting local communities, that continued to further his investments. He would fund new constructions, political campaigns and the armies that settled them.

His Child, the glorious and glamorous Virginia, was the penultimate accessory. She would speak and beguile Louis guests, encourage further investments, and facilitate more favourable outcomes to the dry topics of business. She was a social butterfly, with expensive tastes who never wanted for anything. Louis hip pocket was never the same.

An associate of Louis, was Lucien. Lucien was of a soldier's background, and the two entered into arrangements during the nautical engagements. There was likely was more to their relationship prior to the business dealings, is between them both. They stayed and travelled together. As much as Virginia was the social weapon of Louis, Lucian was the guardian. His temperament for violence, and his, what some may consider, blood lust, made him an equally valuable asset to Louis. The one problem with someone like Lucian, is that violence is a slippery slope, and the risk at times is all too realised.

While Louis continued to expand, take risk for reward, that success would not have been the same without those assets by his side, to complement and round out the Tycoon. Word had reached across the seas, of rich farming lands in the new continent, on the other side of the world. A small region of the Darling Downs had made London press, which garnered the interest of Louis. Staff were dispatched to travel and investigate the reports, and if suitable, were given instruction to make some acquisitions. Meanwhile, after following Lucien off to another war, the Daeva felt there was a need for a change of environment, allow time for excitement to subside, and so after receiving favourable letters of the region, and profitable initial figures, the coterie set sail for Australia. It was now around 1870.

Arriving in Australia, they headed to his holdings on the Downs. After some trips abroad, they settled into the township, as had others come to settle, as the community started to cautiously grow. The great war was unkind to Lucien, as he developed a hunger for Kindred vitae to sustain him. Louis and Virginia, looked at each other, concerned for their well being and survival, suggested that Lucien, their mentor in the Ordo Dracul, rest for a small period, to give his beast time to refresh, and bring him back to a state that can be sustained. During that time, other distractions came along. Numbers of vampires continued to grow, and the human population was starting to grow to quickly, and order needed to be maintained, so Louis focussed on the city growth, and Lucian, was.. well not forgotten. They had decided that with the world moving quickly, the quiet might be best for him, and so he slept, and slept.

As the city moved into the 21st century, Loius started to pull back. Perhaps there was too much happening too quickly. Perhaps it was the direction the danse was going, with a city dominated by Circle of the Crone members. What ever the reason, Loius was awoken in 2016. The struggle to comprehend the new world has been a beneficial distraction. Louis and Virginia retreated to their chateau, and asked not to be disturbed, leaving behind their young family... with no guidance or support. It is thought that now, they have returned to Europe, leaving it to be run in their extended absence.

Known Sire

Virginia Blanchard [Calista]. I am, to this day, not convinced I have been told the truth of my creation. I had seen Virginia from afar, not that I knew her name. I did some work for Mister de Fleur, and would occasionally visit his home, in regards to some of his classic automobiles. Our shop used to take care of them, so I'd sometimes have to make a house call. Anyway, one night, Ginny took me by the hand, and next thing I know, I'm dead, and still not knowing her name. I wasn't mad mind ya, just hella confused. Maybe I still am. I was after all, just the 'help'. The smelly, dirty help. Maybe I didn't deserve more than to be left on the cold dark floor of the garage to finish my death, alone.

Known Siblings

  • No brood at this time.

Known Childer

  • Veronica [Aislyn]. She caught my eye, sometime 2011, 2012. She was excitable, and passionate, but it was her talent, her skill that compelled my attentions. It was an encounter of chance, but one that has now intertwined us, for the rest of our nights, with her Embrace in 2015. She is strong of will, independent and talented. She is a lady, that will not compromise.

Known Grand-childer

  • None at this time


Quotes By

"Who was that guy getting on Jeff's Bike. He didn't "pick up" did he?" - Speaking as a gathering wrapped up, to the Captain and Quartermaster, to which it was answered that it was Lucien, a former member of the court that has recently returned.. I knew Jeff wasn't able to pick up.

Quotes About

"Quote" - reference


Captain Mikhail: "If you work with metal, can you fix my sword?"
Frank: "I probably have more iron in my veins than blood, so yes, I should be able to fix your sword. Do you want me just to fix it, or do you want me to make it better?"
Mikhail: "Just fix it as it was. It is of sentimental importance."

"Quote" - reference


Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • 1950's and 60's Rock and Roll, Elvis.
  • Hotrods, chopped, dropped and fully custom.


OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Rod Austin
Number: 1997100188
Domain: Toowoomba