Hine the Hunted

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Hine the Hunted
Concept: Jackalope Man at arms
Seeming: Ogre/Beast
Kith: Hunter-heart
Court: Autumn •••
City: Southern Cross
Title: None
Motley: TBC
Born: Unknown
Player: Guy
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]

Personal Information


Hine appears to be a tall, broad man, with thick limbs, large flat teeth, and a shock of thick hair rising above his head.


Hine stradles the line between Beast and Ogre, his thick-set body appears to be built on a different scale, and is covered in grey fur. His rabbit-like face is crowned by a set of delicate antlers remeniscent of a young deer.


Hine is good-natured and easy going, prefering to gloss over any fears or concerns with a joke and blase attitude towards personal danger. He rarely speaks about his durance, aside from the occaisonal reference to time spent as either a tracker or a man-at-arms.

  • Tales by the fire-light
  • Camping
  • Gambling
  • 'Family' Dinner
  • Running
  • Bullies
  • Being Cooped Up
  • Sleep
  • Tracking
  • Making friends
  • Formation fighting
  • Long distance marathons
  • Overly trusting
  • Vague and distracted
  • Avoiding responsabilities
  • None that you lot know of
  • Marathons
  • Bush walking
  • Proud Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Darts


None currently.


Hine has a mortal name, few changelings know it.

Information Known by Lost Society

Hine escaped from Arcadia some years ago, but disolved his original motley to follow up some unspoken business in the Hedge, only recently reappearing in Lost society.

Hine is old friends with Treedog , and the two remain close.


  • 2018 - Hine only recently reappeared on the scene, slipping in without much fuss or announcement.

Recent Events


Quotes By

"RUN!." - While barreling out of a hedge gate.

"Evn'ning yer lordship, bagged any knickers tonight?" - Cheekily thumbing his nose at the Summer Knight

"I can help you live up to your end of the oath, and I will. But how do I know you won't end up back on my doorstep again in six months time with a different debt to pay off?"

Quotes About

  • "There is no one of that name employed at this embassy" - Office of the U.S. Forign Embassay, in response to local police enquiries.


  • Has one bag full of hedge fruit heal tinctures, and one bag full of poisons.
  • Once went on a double date with a werewolf.
  • Is on a first name basis with his fetch.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Khris Webb
Number: SNA2007049723
Domain: St. Louis