Lilja Demos

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Lilja Demos
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva
City: St. Louis
Sire: Tristan D'Argent
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: none
Embraced: December 8, 2018
Player: Cynthia Ostuni
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information


5’8, 160 lbs, blue eyes, pale olive, looks early twenties. She’s incredibly pretty, with long dark curls and piercing blue eyes. Dresses usually in a bit of an eclectic new age style with snippets of goth intermixed, but always in good taste for her body and skin. Usually has an instrument case, or some type of art supplies with her. Her casual clothing tends to be a tad paint splattered.


Lilja is a very creative person, mostly centered around the arts. She loves people, and is generally a pretty open minded and happy person. She gets distracted easily by things she finds beautiful or attractive. She’ll often pause mid sentence or action to examine something or someone. A bit naive, and will sometimes try to ‘mother’ people.

Mortal World

Lilja works at an art gallery in central STL, and lives in a studio above said gallery. She's a talented artist but prefers to paint, and is classically trained in music. She's made a modest living by selling her artwork and working in the gallery, and by competing in music competitions.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Not much is known about Lilja yet, unless they follow her art and music career. She's a brand new embrace, and the childe of Tristan d'Argent.


  • Born July 15, 1990
  • Spent the first few years of her childhood bouncing around the homes of various relatives
  • Taken into foster care at the age of 5
  • Placed in her last foster home at the age of 8, where she stayed until she was 18 but was never adopted
  • Teenage pregnancy given up for adoption at 17
  • Graduates high school, and heads to community college for an art degree
  • Spends a couple summers in Europe for college art programs
  • Decides to stay in St. Louis, moves in to the studio above the gallery and gets to work

Recent History

Been promoted and gotten a raise at the gallery Recently had a recital Embraced by Tristan


Known Sire

Tristan d’Argent

Known Siblings/childe


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