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* Mireti al-Narha
* Mireti al-Narha
* Mahyar al-Sahand
* Mahyar al-Sahand (DECEASED)
==OOC Info==
==OOC Info==

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The Mae'r Ceiswyr are not your normal kindred family lineage. They would be better described as a family based research group. They are all scholar's of some variety and depth. They assist each other in scholarly pursuits and share information to increase their knowledge of all things.

Origins and Progenitor

  • The founding of the Mae'r Ceiswyr is not known as it was never a conscious action
  • The first recognized meeting of the members occurred in 1718 in Carmarthen, Wales. Though members of the family had met and shared idea's before then. This is the first meeting where they were called together specifically for the purpose.
  • For centuries the family maintained a network of couriers and copyist's to share their knowledge.
  • In modern nights the family has started to establish secured networks and datastores to share information.
    • Older members are still coming up to speed with this
    • Some information is considered too dangerous to be 'digitized'

Clans and Covenant

  • The family is descended from Yr Ysgolhaig
    • Not all descendants have joined the group
    • This just seems to be a natural growth and those that attract the groups attention could be offered a place
  • No restrictions on Covenants
  • Membership are required to build and store caches of knowledge on their subjects
    • Library Merit should reflect this
    • Members also often act as backup locations for the research of other family members



  • Yr Ysgolhaig is the nominal head of the Family though this does not mean he can tell others what to do
  • Other members will propose a study topic and lead the efforts on that topic




  • Mireti al-Narha
  • Mahyar al-Sahand (DECEASED)

OOC Info

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