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Tahlia Khangura (Lake)
Concept: Motherly protector, Librarian, Spirit Speaker
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Adelaide
Lodge: Loge of the Chronicle
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Glory ••
Honor --
Purity --
Player: Katherine Atkins
Storyteller: [mailto: Adelaide VST]
Mama Tahli in the Hisil

Personal Information


Hishu Form -
Ethnicity: Indian
Height: 151.9 cm
Hair: black beyond shoulder length
Eyes: Dark brown.
Skin: light brown
Apparent age: 27
Distinguishing features: she wears a thin copper coated silver chain around her throat which holds a golden wedding ring
Clothing style:when dressing for interaction with humans she wears long skirts and scarves, for werewolf gatherings where she does not expect combat she wears jeans and loose bright colored shirts and usual jewelry. For werewolf gatherings where a hunt or fight is expected she wears old clothes usually with a few tares and rips hand sewn closed and know jewelry except her chain sans wedding ring.

Dalu Form -
Height: 190cm

Her eyes turn gold, her canine teeth extend into fangs her nails into short claws, her pants begin to tear and rip the purposefully selected loose shirt holds solid at least at this point. Her ears become pointed and move towards the top of her head her hair begins to receded slightly sitting just bellow her cheek bones fur extends down her neck and back. She raises onto the balls of her feet her legs shifting towards digitigrade.

Garou Form -
Garu Form

Height: 230cm

Her clothes shred to pieces. Black fur with hints of brown covers her entire body, growing longer between the shoulder blades and at the back of her head where there was fur already in Dalu Form. The sclarea of her eyes begin to reduce showing more gold iris and black pupil, the fur around her eyes is grey fading into black, her muzzle extends with growing teeth bared, Her claws grow longer and sharper, and a short tail extends from the base of her spine. The earrings remain as does the copper plated necklace now pressing tightly into the flesh of her throat.

Urshul Form-


Her form leans forward going to all fours. Her teeth shrink slightly so they fit easily in her mouth. Still looking rather wolf like the hair at the back of her skull remains long falling over her shoulders and giving her the appearance of a thin and wispy mane.the fur on her chest turns grey.

Urhan Form-

Height: 60 cm

Her form shrinks her fur receding into her form and covering her whole body her eyes are a darker gold tending towards brown and she has a white marking on her chest. She appears like a dingo and is often mistaken for a kelpie in this form.


A woman fascinated by lore and spirits half of her life is devoted to the study of spirits their weaknesses and strengths. In this role she is studious respectful and calm, following the creed of her tribe to a T she treats each spirit in kind and so a spirit that is helpful, respectful and generous finds itself receiving rewards far beyond what it expected whilst one that is actively hostile and aggressive finds itself facing not the sweet mother but the vengeful werewolf and can likely expect to spend at least some time damaged for its behavior. She is logical and understands that every spirit acts according to its nature, she takes this into account but will not suffer lightly the illogical or those that threaten children.

The other half of her life is devoted to her family her role as a mother and her love for her children. in this role she again shows a duel nature caring and gentle to those she loves and a terror to those who would seek to harm them. She always carries a pocket of candy and sweets and will give them willingly to any person who displays intelligence or wisdom things that she values very highly especially from children.

She plays the devils advocate well and will always try to guide the pack towards considering their actions. Cautionary tales are her specialty and she dispenses them almost as liberally as her lollies. She will always advocate for thinking through a plan before flying into battle, knowing both sides of the battle field their strengths and their weaknesses. But she is also a fierce protector of pack and of family and she will back them to hilt when push comes to shove, ready and willing to dive into battle when the situation calls for it or to support them in any other way she can.




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