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The Help pages are to provide help on the creation and development of pages on the Beyond the Sunset wiki. Please note that all pages are currently under development.

Policy on Character Bio Wikis

Character Pages

NAMING: Consideration should be made for other characters, so the full name (with title, first name and/or last name) should be used when available. Creating a page for a character called John Smith named 'John' may not be available or would restrict others, so 'John Smith' or 'Brother John' may be a better option.

Chronicles of Darkness
World of Darkness (By Night Studios)

Temporary Character Pages (Development)

Genre Pages

Chronicles of Darkness

Awakening Cabal Template CofD

Forsaken Pack Template CofD

Lost Motley Template CofD

Requiem Coterie Template CofD

Position Report Template Pages

Venue Reports

Venue Coordinator Report Template

Venue Storyteller Report Template

Domain Reports

Domain Coordinator Report Template

Domain Storyteller Report Template

National Reports

Lead Event Coordinator Report Template

Lead Event Storyteller Report Template

Genre Storyteller Report Template

National Council Reports

Deputy National Coordinator Report Template

National Coordinator Report Template

National Communications Coordinator Report Template

National Finance Coordinator Report Template

National Membership Coordinator Report Template

National Promotions Coordinator Report Template

National Rewards Coordinator Report Template

Deputy National Storyteller Report Template

National Storyteller Report Template