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This is the Main page for the Brisbane Vampire: the Masquerade - Camarilla game.

Venue and Game Details

Brisbane's Camarilla Vampire games take place on the night of the second Saturday of the month.

Game details will be announced on the ooc.brisbane mailing list and Brisbane Domain Facebook group.

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Downtime Template

Downtime Template

History of the Camarilla in Brisbane

For context see 'the mundane history of Brisbane

A brief history of Australia: Wanting to get away from the oppression of the Elders of the Camarilla and inspired by the Sabbat’s successes in the America’s, the Anarchs funded a venture to find somewhere else to set up. Cook found them a country ripe for the taking. They pulled some strings called in boons and got it set up as a penal colony. As the Anarchs started to make head way the Camarilla took notice and sent a reluctant kindred known as Oda to get a coterie of trusted kindred to secure a foot hold in the new colony.

He failed to take control of Victoria or NSW so in 1824 he had a penal colony started in Redcliffe.

Brisbane History: Over the years he made sure the settlement grew and on 11/2/1842 Oda declared himself Daimyo of Brisbane.

Daimo Oda promoted brisbane as a good place for asian immigrate to. Many asians started immigrating soon after.

Daimyo Oda’s Laws: “ I have but five laws in my city. As long as you obey them strictly, I shall not harm you, nor allow others to do so.

None in my city shall kill and leave behind evidence of their feasting. If your slaying shall cause an investigation among the Police, or worse, among the Press, then I shall track you down and extinguish you or if others speak for you, exile you. You must lick all wounds, and dispose of all those you kill. I hold the fourth tradition in strong regard and do not take such violations of the Masquerade lightly.

None but the Eldest amongst us has the right to kill Kindred. Those who kill our kind shall be blood hunted, those helping the murderer shall be exiled.

Keep the sanctity of Elysium, for that is our place of rest and recreation. No act of violence or struggle shall be tolerated. You may attend my court there, as all in my city are free to do, but you must not carry your conflicts into the sanctity of its ground.

Do not hold commerce with my enemies or those who seek to usurp my rightful authority. I shall repay treachery with treachery, rebellion with iron might. Let me caution you. I know all that happens within my realm. Do not think you can keep secrets from me. Heed these words, and do not attempt to disobey my laws.

Highgate Hill, Gumdale and Wishart are not to be entered at any time, for any reason, unless invited. Those entering without permission risk the quality of the unlife and my wrath.” UQ since the early 1900's has been at the forefront of humanities studies. Supporting studies into alternate religions, philosophies and life.

Sabbat War

Between 1950 and 1962 The Sabbat waged war against the Camarilla and Anarchs. Brisbane's Camarilla fought hard but were losing ground to the invading forces. Eventually the Sabbat made the mistake of invading Anarch territories while fighting the Camarilla.

For Stories from the war: Brisbane Sabbat War

Modern Nights 1993

The last census put the religions at: Christian 25% Muslim 22% Buddhism 18% Atheist 15% Pagan/Wiccan 10% Hindu 5% Other 5% including approximately 1000 Zoroastrianists

Plans to open a casino in the treasury building has been scrapped, at this time there will be no casino in Brisbane.

Brisbane has a London style underground Train System