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Path: Mastigos
Order: Nameless --
Consilium: Adelaide
Legacy -
Cabal: -
Player: Morgan Petrie
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information

Cheshyre is a thief reasonably new to the life of being Awakened.



Consilium of Adelaide:


Cheshyre, or Chesh as he may come to be known, is kinda tallish, lanky, with messy, chin length blonde hair. His eyes are a steely grey, and he has a smattering of light freckles. He has a tattoo down the inside of his right forearm - messy script that reads 'we're all mad here', and if he's not wearing anything collared you might be able to spot the crest of a larger tattoo poking out of his t-shirt.

Generally, he's wearing dark, loose clothing, sneakers, and often also a beanie. If he's specifically dressed for work, he's sure not to wear anything with a logo and often throws on a pair of sunglasses.


Anyone looking on him gets the feeling that he's upside down... or maybe they are? It's a little weird and disorienting, especially given it's accompanied by a strange rumbling you can't put your finger on...


Chesh is relatively easygoing. A little prideful, perhaps, but who isn't? He's not the type to rough people up without reason, and if something's taken him by surprise, a lot of the time he's more inclined to go with it and see what happens than he is to walk away. He's generally agreeable, but if you're making a dick of yourself he's generally one of the first people to pipe up about it, and he doesn't hesitate with his words.


I'll fill this in later, I do have it prepared, though.

  • 2017:

Recent Events


Quotes By

  • "Do you reckon Hephaestus would be more likely to laugh or attempt to murder me if I started nicknaming him 'Festy'?" - To Oz.
  • "Two small wheels of Camembert is not going to take up an entire shelf in the fridge. I don't need a seperate fridge for cheese. Stop making like that's a good idea. It's funny, but- GOD DAMMIT YOU GUYS I DON'T NEED A CHEESE FRIDGE" - At Invar's house, after eating a wheel of Brie nobody was helping him with.

Quotes About

  • "Honour among thieves. As a child, for me that phrase means support each other to the bitter end. Chesh, he was my protégé turned rival and ally now I could call him a brother. He reminds me there were some good things while in the Liberi." - Oz
  • "On the surface, one might look at Cheshyre and simply dismiss him as simply another naive youth with no concern for the world around them. If one looks past it, they'll soon discover just how wrong they are. - Dantalion


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  • Lives on an all-cheese diet

Inspirations and Soundtrack

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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Morgan Petrie
Number: Incomplete
Domain: Adelaide