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Concept: Grizzled extradimensional PI
Path: Acanthus
Order: Nameless •••••
Consilium: Launceston
Legacy Unknown
Cabal: N/A
Player: Alex S
Storyteller: Launceston VST

OOCly: This character is a Nameless anti-Abyss specialist who assists Pentacle and Nameless mages in learning safe practices and also fighting the Seers, so if you would like character ties please send me a message.

Personal Information

DeWitt is currently a Sentinel for the Launceston Consilium.
This provides him license to take whatever action he deems best to:
  • Protect the Veil
  • Neutralise external supernatural threats to the Consilium
  • Contain or neutralise Abyssal influence, corruption or incursion
  • End any Left-Handed practices occurring within the Consilium

This authority is granted under the ongoing retroactive review of the Council.


Brown hair, brown eyes, late 20s, 180cm tall, 90kg. Work shirt, rolled sleeves, dual empty shoulder holsters, business pants.


DeWitt is someone who is very clearly trying to be an ally to the Pentacle even though there are apparently reasons he doesn't join their Orders. He's got the "seen some shit" vibe of an ex-soldier, but none of the "fall in line behind me soldier" arrogance that usually goes with it.

Where such things are contrasted, he clearly values the best general outcome for everyone over personal gain. He very clearly makes an effort to assist people who need it, but doesn't try to take charge or meddle. He seems to have a thing about not overstepping boundaries that might be the domain of more important mages.



Learning and knowledge.


Seers and the Abyss.


Seers and the Abyss.


A bit socially withdrawn.



Sleeper Alias and Occupation

Don't ask, that's rude.


  • 2007: Is known to have tried to join the Mysterium, was not successful
  • 2007-2016: Has appeared all over the country investigating rumours of artifacts or strange events and mentoring Nameless mages
  • 2017, Jan: Appeared in Launceston after being pulled there by mages of Den Cirque Av Rozor


Quotes by

"A cornerstone of a successful Consilium is proper territorial management and unconditional sovereignty over that territory."

- On the importance of security practices for Consilia

"How do you kill a mage? [...] Either without warning, or from a direction they don't expect, or with their participation. This is true in all cases... and the first two are technically the same thing."

- A homework question for newbie mages

Quotes about

"Like I know the guy is a Seedy Cunt but Jesus. Dewitt was Mentioning Death and Resurrection so his Input probably matters"

- Invar


Things said between your character and other characters


(NB: Please only add stuff that actually constitutes a rumour - general discussion points about the character, not jokes or individual character conversations. This isn't a quotes section.)

  • Is officially an Apostate, not a Nameless - does not appear to want to join any Pentacle Orders
    • Received a tentative invite from the Arrow, turned it down over "not wanting to be typecast"
  • Is a Space Adept with some skill at Prime, Time and Fate
    • Only Adept? Some say more than that...
  • Knows a lot about Seers... maybe too much?
    • Suspected of being a Seer along with the Interfector (if they exist) and former Heirarch
  • Maybe his shadow name is a reference to his past?
    • Baptism/past sins motif?
    • Maybe lost a child?
  • May have been on or near the Nullarbor before being teleported to Launceston by the Cirque
  • Smokes to keep away fae spirits?

OOC Info

Member Information
Player: Alex R
Number: 2013050006
Domain: SC