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|title=Lord James Rainsford, Serpent of the Conspiracy and Commissioner of the Adelaide All-Night Society.
|title=Lord James Rainsford, Serpent of the Conspiracy and Commissioner of the Adelaide All-Night Society.
|sire=[[Duke Arthur Reid]]
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==== Known Sire ====
==== Known Sire ====
<!-- Details of sire with relation and thoughts -->
<!-- Details of sire with relation and thoughts -->
[[Duke Arthur Reid]]
==== Known Siblings ====
==== Known Siblings ====
<!-- List of siblings/broodmates with relation and thoughts on each -->
<!-- List of siblings/broodmates with relation and thoughts on each -->
[[Lady Marie Davenport]]
==== Adopted Siblings ====
==== Adopted Siblings ====

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James Rainsford
Concept: Cultured Financier
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Invictus •••
City: Adelaide
Title: Lord James Rainsford, Serpent of the Conspiracy and Commissioner of the Adelaide All-Night Society.
Bloodline: -
Embraced: 1852
Player: Mark Cole
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information


James Rainsford is a Caucasian male standing approximately 1.85m tall and weighing around 85kg. He has short dark brown hair and very dark brown eyes. He tends to dress in stylish, yet somewhat conservative fashion. Sweaters, coats and collared shirts are the usual customs, though he is known to go all out on occasions and don very expensive tailored suits.
Faceclaim: Ben Barnes


Usually smiling, laughing and making profitable deals with just about everyone, James likes to present himself as a playful, philanthropistic playboy. Though at the flick of a switch, he's all business and the rigid Invictus doctrine one would expect from an experienced Ancillae presents itself.

Mortal World

To the Mortal World, James aka William Hawthorne is a successful businessman, playboy and philanthropist with a strong interest in the Arts; particularly music. He is the distant and usually absent Chairman of the Board for Encore Incorporated; a group of businesses which include an investment company, accounting firm and recruitment agency.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1820 - James is born in Reading, England.
  • 1838 - He begins studying Business, Economics and Finance at Oxford University.
  • 1843 - James successfully graduates from Oxford. Later that year, he moves back to Reading and begins working at his father's bank as an accountant.
  • 1847 - After his father falls ill and is unable to work, James is tasked with running the business.
  • 1848 - His father dies of pneumonia.
  • 1849 - James' mother is murdered. James falls into a spiral of depression, sells his father's business and purchases a ticket to Australia in order to re-invent himself.
  • 1850 - James arrives in Adelaide, South Australia. Later that year, he becomes a Ghoul and is brought into the service of the Invictus.
  • 1852 - As a reward for his service, James is granted the Embrace.
  • 1893 - ‘James Rainsford’, age 73 dies in a horrific house fire. The body, badly burned and beyond recognition, is privately cremated and his ashes spread across the River Torrens. His identity concealed, James takes on the new alias of Elias Hawke.
  • 1901 - Adelaide becomes a State Capital upon the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Duke and Duchess of York visit. James is present at the celebrations.
  • 1905 – As tensions continue to rise as a possible war between Kindred looms, James works tirelessly to maintain his standing within the Court of Adelaide.
  • 1914 – At the outbreak of World War I, James (as Elias) becomes reclusive and leaves his Ghouls to direct his fledgeling business, Adelaide Trusted Finance.
  • 1918 – The War ends, and James sets up a small charity in Adelaide in order to provide relief for widows and fatherless children.
  • 1920 – James meets Matthew Beaufort for the first time. He is impressed with his decorum, loyalty and dedication towards protecting the Masquerade.
  • 1921 – James takes a short, private trip to Europe where he tours the battlefields of France and Belgium. He returns a changed man.
  • 1926 - For his service to the Invictus, James receives the title of Lord.
  • 1935 - In light of his accomplishments and financial ambition, James is named Commissioner of the Adelaide All-Night Society.
  • 1939 – 1945 – The World once again finds itself in conflict. James contributes to the citizens of Adelaide as best he can, once again setting up a small anonymous relief fund and organizing uplifting musical performances for the poor through his company.
  • 1946 - 1977 - James focuses on expanding the company. It undergoes a rebranding and emerges as Encore Investments. Deals are made, and a new alias, Anthony Smith, is created.
  • 1972 - James meets Georgiana Turpin and arranges the enrollment of several prospective Ghouls into her school.
  • 1979 – James enters Torpor after falling languid following the loss of a touchstone.
  • 1995 - Encore Investments acquires the family-owned Greenhill Accounting Firm, rebranding it as Greenhill Financial Services later that year.
  • 2007 - In the midst of the recession, Encore Investments purchases Headstart Recruitment after it goes into receivership, adding it to James' already successful portfolio. Headstart is relaunched later that year with increased government funding and subsidies for skilled job seekers.

Recent History


  • August - James wakes from Torpor. He takes on a new look and another new alias, reborn as William Hawthorne.


Known Sire

Known Siblings

Adopted Siblings


Quotes By


- reference.

Quotes About



  • Witnessed the horrors of war and decided to become a pacifist.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Mark Cole
Number: 2016030008
Domain: Adelaide