Phoebe Gwenllian

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Phoebe Gwenllian
Concept: Matriarch of Lost Souls
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
City: Adelaide
Title: Groom
Sire: Derrik Fuchs [NPC]
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: group
Embraced: 31st August 1858
Player: Roman Hadley-Lund
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information


While she may not be the tallest she holds herself as if she 6’ tall. Grace and elegance hide a playful smile. Her rich brown hair spills around her shoulders and even when down is meticulously groomed and her deep blue eyes see more than she gives away.
She’s fastidiously tidy and meticulous about how she’s put together, often unable to stop herself from fussing over how others present themselves too.



Phoebe is soft spoken, but speaks with precision; she’s generally kind. She always has a safe space for those that need it and will defend her herd viciously if needed.

Mortal World

The proprietor of the all night cafe, Brambles. Known for their in house pastries and huge variety of teas.


Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1831 - Born in Israel and taken from her mother to live with her white father in Ballina, Ireland.
  • 1847 - Meets and marries her first husband, Howard. He's loving, but quick to anger, though never at her.
  • 1848 - Falls pregnant with her first child. She miscarries at five months.
  • 1850 - After two years of trying for another child she gives birth to a son, Edward.
  • 1854 - Edward dies of cholera.
  • 1855 - Howard, destroyed by the loss of another child, finally drinks himself to death.
  • 1856 - Destitute, she is taken in by a charming and beautiful older gentleman, Derrik, who puts her to work as a servant, travelling around the UK with him. She becomes addicted to opium.
  • 1858 - She overdoses in an opium den in London. Derrik embraces her out of pity.
  • 1858 - Derrik and Phoebe travel all over Europe and Asia.
  • 1864 - 1866 - Phoebe and Derrik remain in Russia until social upheaval after a student attacks the Tsar urges them to leave.
  • 1892 - While back in England Derrik embraces a young man named Abraham Rigsdale.
  • 1939 - 1945 - During the second World War Phoebe escorts children away form the cities and to the countryside, keeping them safe from the war.
  • 1987 - Phoebe returns to Russia.
  • 2007 - Returning to Ireland for a long time to be close to her Sire once more she begins to cultivate relationships with other supernaturals.
  • 2010 - They part ways with Derrik going to America and Phoebe going to Australia.
  • 2012 - After moving around Australia a little she settles in Adelaide and opens her cafe, Brambles. She begins taking in lost souls and starts creating her true business.

Recent History




Known Sire

  • Derrik Fuchs [NPC]

Known Siblings

  • Abraham Rigsdale [NPC]



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