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Venue Details

Date of VSS:
Genre: Changeling: The Lost CofD
Venue Name: F.R.E.E: Fae Related Escapee Environment
Venue Code:
Venue Location: Discord
Venue Times:
Domain Name: Southern Cross
Domain Number: AUD000

Story Teller Chain

Venue Story Teller (VST): Cameron Stewart
BTS mem#: 2014070013

Coordinator Chain

Venue Coordinator (VC): Adalyn Lam
BTS mem#: 2016030003

Game Information


The region that would become Mildura was originally settled by Europeans in 1857. Following a major drought from 1877-1884 a Canadian-American irrigator by the name of George Chaffey came to the area and selected the derelict sheep station, known as Mildura, as the site for the first irrigation settlement in Australia. The settlement of Mildura was officially recognised in 1887. Fast forward to the present and the Mildura region is well known for its irrigated horticulture, the region produces 80% of Victoria’s wine grapes.
Our chronicle starts in the 40th year of the Mildura Freehold as they are enjoying a 5th year of stability after the Treaty of 2013 in which the North bank of the Murray River was ceded to the loyalists in exchange for protection.
After hearing of the mass escape of October in Brisbane, Queen Mirabel has extended an invitation for the newly free changelings to take up residence in the city of Mildura and enjoy the safety and stability they have.

Themes and Moods

Solidarity and Suspicion– We must stand together to be able to resist those that chase us. We only have each other to rely upon. However, my friends may crack and take an offer for their freedom over mine. We must be ever vigilant.
Juxtaposition – Without light there is no darkness. Whilst we are playing a game in a darker version of reality it is the lighter elements that give the appropriate contrast for this.
Escapism – You have suffered extreme trauma before your escape it hurts to remember what you went through so you seek to escape these memories.

Territory Covered


Chronicles of Darkness Riverland

Mildura has a real-world population of 30 thousand. In the Chronicles of Darkness the population has boomed to about 45 thousand. There is a thriving nightlife with an underworld to supply the vices of the population. The police force is under-staffed and over-worked, the local government is corrupt and serves to stifle the police’s effort to enforce laws.

The Hedge

The Hedge that roughly corresponds to the town of Mildura appears to be well cultivated with a maze-like tangle of ‘streets’ criss-crossing between buildings of solid Hedge reaching into the sky. The Murray River is represented by a deep trench filled with flowing thorny vines with a single safe crossing, The George Chaffey Bridge, a trod that soars over the deep gully of the river. Beyond this barrier the hedge is wild and dangerous.
The denizens of the Mildura side are generally peaceful though trickery still abounds. The George Chaffey Trod is controlled by Jattleloth, a troll. Beyond the Murray River barrier the denizens are cruel and delight in causing suffering.


Mildura can be reached overland via the A20 highway from Adelaide and the A79 from Melbourne via Bendigo. There is also a rail route that services Mildura. Whilst not common Mildura can be reached by boat via the Murray River.
Mildura airport has been upgraded to allow regular commercial flights to use it, Mildura is now the gateway to the River lands.
A Trod exists between the Indooroopilly Goblin Market and the Mildura Goblin Market. Travel costs one Goblin Debt each way. [Pending Approval and Negotiations}

Preferred Character Types and Restrictions

Player character types that we are looking for

Hedge Knight, Goblin Marketeer, Dream Weaver
Seasonal Courts

Age Concepts

As per the addenda.


We will allow 50% of the player characters to be from Mildura however the monarch’s are NPCs.

Concepts we would rather not see

First Peoples Spirit Shaman/Witch Doctor
Perfect characters with no flaws
Doomed Mary Sue (self destructive as a concept)

External Factors Information


All aVST’s will receive an additional 2 beats per game they assist with.

Character Creation

All primary characters receive 150 + their MC x 5 in beats as per the universal addenda.
In addition, characters may also receive beats at creation for the following at the discretion of the VST –
- Character Creation Document (CDD): 20 beats for the completion of a Character Creation Document (can only be claimed once per character.
- Character Ties: 1 beat per character tie at Character creation (Max 5).
- Wiki Pages: 15 beats for the creation of a detailed Wiki page for your character (can only be claimed once per character).
- Game Materials: 1 beat for creating or maintaining game materials that benefit the majority of character; such as maps NPCs, plots, places of interest, world building items etc. (at discretion of VST)
Note: These XP bonuses are considered creation XP and are not subject to the Incremental Maximum.

General Monthly Beats

- Game attendance: 3 beats at conclusion of the game.
- Downtime submission: 2 beats for submission when received on or before cut-off time.
- Downtime Actions: 1 beat when performing actions that are dedicated to resolving aspiration at discretion of VST.
- Training actions: 1 beat for using an action to train another PC.
- RTR’s: 1 beat for participating in a scene with a supervising storyteller, or for submitting a report to the VST, at discretion of the VST.
- Online activity: 1 beat for updating and maintaining online resources (SPI forums, Online Diary, etc) of your character, at the discretion of the VST.
- Needle and Thread: 1 beat when refilling Willpower from fully indulging your Mask or Dirge.
- Aspirations: 1 beat for completing a Short Term Aspiration (STA) or for taking significant steps towards achieving a Long Term Aspiration (LTA).
- Conditions: 1 beat for resolving a condition. Some conditions reward an additional beat for resolving them in a specific manner.
- Dramatic Failure: 1 beat for opting to turn a rolled failure into a dramatic one.
- Surrendering: 1 beat for surrendering in a fight.
- Damage: 1 beat for taking damage in your last Health box.
- Clarity: 1 beat for taking any Clarity damage.
- Bedlam: 1 beat for involuntarily unleashing Bedlam.

Downtime Handling Procedure

A player receives downtime actions equal to their unmodified Resolve + 1. Downtimes are due 1 week after the Online game session and will be returning at least a week before each session.
The online downtime form may be accessed HERE (insert link later)

Crossover Limitations

We will not be accepting Cross-Genre Proxies or Concepts at this time (in either direction)

Custom Rules

Starting Willpower: Characters will start with a full pool of Willpower each game unless under the influence of a condition or power that prevents them from holding maximum Willpower.
Starting Glamour: At the start of each Game/RTR, you will begin with 1d10 glamour (10s explode but give a -1 to the exploding dice), + relevant merits, minus other factors.
Harvesting: Appropriate pool, including modifiers, is determined by the VST on a case by case basis.
Beaten Down & Surrender (as per pg. 183 CTL)
Down and Dirty Combat (as per pg. 183 CTL)

New Characters

New characters will not be approved on the spot.
The VST reserves a minimum of one week to study the character prior to approval. Characters must be submitted by the Friday a week before the first game you would like to play at. Characters must be submitted in an electronic format (Excel format is preferred).
The VST may approve character concepts, allowing play without a character sheet. In this case, any challenges in scenes will be narrated and negotiated for outcomes without an approved mechanical sheet.
The VST may deny character concepts or sheets. This is their prerogative. If your character does not suit the venue then it is up to the VST whether you are allowed to participate.

Players creating a secondary character in this venue are not permitted to have the same Court or Motley as their other characters.

Players creating a new character after loss of a previous character (either via character death or retirement) may not be part of the same Court or Motley as their previous character.

New/Interstate Players

New Players

Talk to the VC, or VST via Discord
New players to the Southern Cross Domain are required to speak to the Storyteller regarding character creation should they be interested in this game. New players are given a ‘white lanyard’ status which effectively means that the need not worry about tests being performed on them. They will also start with an additional 3 XP after the first game to help get them started.

Transferring Players

For characters transferring VSS, please forward character sheets, CDD, and any Approvals to the DST and VST for clarification and integration into the local domain and venue. Please also submit the last three months of downtimes and responses from your previous domain where possible to understand more about the character and how they act in their between periods. Also, note that transferring characters may be subject to some alterations to their sheets to account for the change in VSS or to make them more consistent with the new VSS, all alterations will be done after consultations with the player.


All proxy requests are to be submitted to the VST at least one week before the game and must include travel instructions and rest locations. Proxy rules are as per the BTS Addenda.
It is highly recommended that any proxy form includes where the character is staying, how they get into the state, what they bring, who they bring with them and where they will be staying. All external players must contact both the VST and the VC to confirm their attendance to the game prior to arrival as per the Australian Addenda.

Due to being an online domain proxy forms are absolutely required even if a player intends to play their character themselves.