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The Court of Roxby Downs

Ruling Council

Priscus Council

Court Positions

  • Seneschal:
  • Voivode's Harpy:
  • Sheriff:
  • Hound: Rumours that there could be one...
  • Master of Elysium: Adam
  • Herald:

Primogen Council

  • Circle of the Crone:
  • Lancea Sanctum:
  • Carthian Movement:
  • Invictus:
  • Ordo Dracul:

Defenders of The Crown

An award initiated by Prince Isobel

Ascendance and Eminence

Month The Eminent Clan The Ascendant Covenant Notes
01 January 2017 Daeva Invictus Based off of City Status
01 February 2017 Gangrel Invictus Based off of City Status
01 March 2017 Daeva + Gangrel Invictus Based off of City Status
01 April 2017 Daeva Invictus Based off of City Status
01 May 2017 Daeva + Ventrue Invictus Based off of City Status
01 June 2017 Daeva Ordo Dracul Based off of City Status
01 July 2017 Daeva + Ventrue + Gangrel Ordo Dracul Based off of City Status
01 August 2017 Daeva Ordo Dracul Based off of City Status
01 September 2017  ? Ordo Dracul Based off of City Status


The Elysium of Roxby Downs is the Clyde K. Mitchell Memorial Greenhouse. This was one of the first civil structures built and is surprisingly large for a desert city.

Laws of Elysium

Blatantly adapted from Brisbane's Wiki

1. Elysium is neutral territory for all kindred, regardless of clan, covenant, faith or standing.
1.1 Hindering a kindred's entry or exit, or forcing their entry or exit, is considered an attack on that kindred.
2. Violence of any kind against another kindred is expressly forbidden and is considered a Sin against the City, punishable by the Master of Elysium or the Prince.
3. The location of Elysium is to be protected. Endangering the Masquerade or drawing undue attention in, at, on the way to or from Elysium is a Sin against the City.
4. The carrying of weapons is permitted but:
4.1 the laws of the kine must not be seen to be broken, as doing so draws undue attention to Elysium.
4.2 if the Laws of Elysium are breached with a weapon brought to the location, the breach will be deemed as premeditated.
5. The use of Discipline, Ritual or Devotion without the express consent of the target is considered an attack on that kindred.
5.1 and this extends to powers and abilities implied but not explicitly listed in the Laws of Elysium
6. The Master of Elysium has the final word on what is acceptable at Elysium

The Kindred of Roxby Downs

LogoCovenantCarthianMovement 70x70.png LogoCovenantCircleoftheCrone 70x70.png LogoCovenantInvictus 70x70.png LogoCovenantLanceaSanctum 70x70.png LogoCovenantOrdoDracul 70x70.png LogoCovenantUnaligned 70x70.jpg

Active Kindred

Character Covenant Clan House Position City Status Player
Alec Stryder Lancea Sanctum Ventrue Cain Priscus, Primogen •• Shannon Spanks
Adam Circle of the Crone Nosferatu - Primogen, Master of Elysium, Prince of the Domain of Blood ••• Kyle Brooks
Morgan Kane Unaligned Mekhet - Priscus •• Tom Lake
Toph Miles Circle of the Crone Gangrel - Priscus Harpy •• Nick Wittman
Crow Circle of the Crone Gangrel - - Alex Thomson
Felix Bathory Ordo Dracul Ventrue Bathory Voivode •••• Mark Cole
Saskia Winters Circle of the Crone Gangrel - - •• Alison Young
Rowan Hargreaves Ordo Dracul Ventrue Cain Whip •• Adalyn Lam
Edward Unaligned Mekhet - - Dylan Stephens
Tessa Kelly^ Unaligned Mekhet - - - Ian Humphrey

^ denotes unreleased childer
^^ denotes dual-domain kindred

NPC Kindred

Character Covenant Clan Group Position
Tim Harvey Invictus Ventrue - -
Khan Giles Invictus Ventrue - -
Zachary Ingle Circle of the Crone Nosferatu - -
Martin Cruz Lancea Sanctum Daeva - -
Petra Ziegler Ordo Dracul Mekhet - -
Sara Vernon - Gangrel - -
Justin Hammer Invictus Mekhet Coterie: The Venicians -
Estelle Monroe Unaligned Daeva Carver -
Mercedes Hasburg Lancea Sanctum Daeva - -
Mikhail Torre Ordo Dracul Ventrue Bathory -

Deceased or Inactive Kindred

Character Covenant Clan House Position Status Player
Rex Giles Invictus Ventrue - Prince Deceased NPC
Bones Circle of the Crone Daeva Children of the Rose - Unknown Evan Johnston
Gervais Thibault Invictus Daeva dynastie du Libellule Priscus Harpy BLOODHUNTED Duncan Hadley-Harris
Angus Deakin Carthian Movement Mekhet - - Vanished Brett Symons
Belle Lancea Sanctum Gangrel - -  ? Charlie Kay
Jean Bonhomme Lancea Sanctum Gangrel - -  ? Mathew Gailey
Michael Proht Carthian Movement Daeva - - Inactive Andrew Browner
Soran Reyes Carthian Movement Mekhet - - Inactive Lee Candy
Riley Cordova Unaligned Daeva - - Inactive Marlee McDougall
Bjarngrímr Valdyr Unaligned Gangrel Valdyr - Inactive Opie Doig
Sarah Lake Lancea Sanctum Gangrel - - Left town Ishtar Dawe
Sebastian Kage Carthian Movement Gangrel - - Deceased Dylan Stephens
Pyotr Mokhov Carthian Movement  ? - - Left town after Praxis Claim Duncan Hadley
Harriet B. Rousseau Invictus Daeva dynastie du Libellule - Inactive Lea Hadley-Jeges
Isobel Bryce-Ashmore Invictus Ventrue Bathory Mad Queen Deposed and fled town Ali Lawrie
Alana Green Carthian Movement Daeva - - Deceased - Rite of Destruction given NPC
Doctor Roland Masters Ordo Dracul Nosferatu - - Left town to pursue own goals Mathew Gailey
Marcus Halifax Carthian Movement Ventrue Bathory Primogen Left town to pursue own goals Brett Symons
Tatiana Miasnivena Ordo Dracul Gangrel - Keeper of Elysium Left town to claim Praxis in Adelaide Vanessa Lamb
Conner McIntire Ordo Dracul Nosferatu - Hound Returned to Albany Michael Atwell
Giovanni Romano III Ordo Dracul Daeva Carver Whip, Herald Ascended to another plane of existence Caleb Prince Brotherton
Maddalena Palma Carthian Movement Daeva - - Left town after the events of Conclave 2017 Alex Mackenzie
Ashelynne Lindemann Carthian Movement Daeva - - Left town after the events of Conclave 2017 Gage Hunter
Rasmus Laursen Invictus Gangrel - Seneschal Returned to Finland with his family Roman Hadley-Lund
Morgan Johansen^ Invictus Gangrel - - Moved to Finland with Sire Tayla Gaedicke
Honey James Carthian Movement Daeva - - Returned to Finland with her family Ali Lawrie
Alexander Smith Lancea Sanctum Nosferatu - - Disappeared Gage Hunter
Fulltür Ordo Dracul Nosferatu - Primogen Moved to the Domain of Blood Ishtar Dawe
Aisha^^ Ordo Dracul Mekhet - - Moved to Finland with Rasmus Claire Atwell
Shroud^^ Ordo Dracul Mekhet - - Returned to Albany Paul Taylor
Nicholas Kingsley Unaligned Mekhet - - Disappeared Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Holly Grant Unaligned Daeva - Priscus Left town after Guy Fawkes Night celebrations Nikita Boston
Terry Dunston Ordo Dracul Nosferatu - Priscus, Sheriff Left town with Holly Bronte Wood

LogoDaeva 70x70.png LogoGangrel 70x70.png LogoNosferatu 70x70.png LogoMekhet 70x70.png LogoVentrue 70x70.png

The History of Roxby Downs

1979-1988: Elder Invictus Earl Giles helps push for the construction of a new city to aid in his mining interests. On the official founding he declares himself Prince of Roxby Downs.
1982: The first shaft of the mine is completed.
1990: Zachary Ingle walks out of the desert north of the city. Claims to have foreseen the cities construction and built a temple to the dark mother in a series of caves beneath the desert in preparation.
1990: Martin Cruz arrives in city at the request of Prince Giles. Begins construction of a large church.
1990: Prince Giles turns Tim Harvey to aid in the improvement of Prince Giles’ holdings.
1992: Bishop Cruz burns down the partially constructed church, declaring it unworthy. Begins construction on a new church.
1993: Alana Green arrives in city. Sets up a night schools. Tries to push for workers rights in face of their use by the Invictus.
1994: A series of ritualistic killings of sex workers leads Kindred of the city to hunt and destroy an unidentified supernatural killer. The Kindred were forced to withdraw without being as thorough as they would like to protect the Masquerade.
1994: While hunting an unknown supernatural killer the Kindred of Roxby Downs encounter a group of monster hunting kine known as The Axehead Society. Having now met vampires the Axehead Society begins to hunt them.
1994: Bishop Cruz’s church is complete. Our Lady of Virtue is lavish and contained much artwork. Attached to the building is a small art gallery. Both buildings are out sync with the rest of the town, however due to the number of industrial accidents the church is always busy.
1995: The Axehead Society is destroyed en mass after being lured into a trap by Prince Giles.
1997: A series of protests start. The union representatives sat down for a meeting with the mine owners and their 'representative'. By the end of the meeting the union reps had conceded on all but the most tokenistic points. A week later Alana Green's night school burned down. From this point Alana works as a probono lawyer.
1998: Petra Ziegler arrives, seeking isolation for her research.
2002: The Woomera Three go missing somewhere north of Woomera. A large manhunt is started to find the three French Girls or their campervan but they are never found.
2004: With the increasing size of the mine and airport is built to cater for FiFo staff.
2009: Train line connecting to Adelaide/ Darwin line completed.
2014: 27 miners die in the worst accident so far. It is found that the foreman was using meth and a crackdown on drugs in the city takes place. Many doors are kicked down but little product found. The Mayor claims that the results show the manufacturers were scared away. In doesn’t take long for things to return to normal.
2015: A swarm of lights in the sky relatively near the city brings UFO watchers. After a few months they leave having seen no more.