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Chronicles of Darkness In Character Information and Various Publications OOC: These news stories are published in various news outlets - TV, Radio, Newspaper etc. If your character does not subscribe to any of these things because they're a hermit or so ancient that these things are still very new to them, then disregard these news stories.

Disclaimer: These news stories are entirely fictional and are written for entertainment purposes only. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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National News [Non Genre Specific]

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News from Adelaide

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Twitter from Geelong


Geelong Twitter View Summary

November 2017

  • @ChanceHappening: Eww Dirty rats down at the port. Don't wear your Louboutin's down there ladies. #disgusting #cleanitup #Geelong
  • @ChanceHappening: Anyone say unfair dismissals at the dock? I smell a rat. #Geelong #sneekybusiness
  • @ChanceHappening: Come on baby lets paint the town red! buty @MariaT not in those shoes! #redcarpetno #premier #Geelong
  • @ChanceHappening: It's time to turn on the lights. Who will be coming to Christmas at the Geelong waterfont tonight? #Geelong #lightitup
  • @ChanceHappening: Talk about disgrunteled postal service - letterboxes being vandalized in Brownbill #Geelong #postie #thugs
  • @ChanceHappening: You spin me right round baby! Victory Productions opens in Geelong. # Geelong #Victory
  • @ChanceHappening: Who else was dressed up and nowhere to go? Concert cancelled due to stalled papework #Geelong #shame #localgovt
  • @ChanceHappening: Iris's eyes are still smiling. Geelong's oldest resident turns 106. #Geelong #centenarian #oldtimer
  • @ChanceHappening: Exciting pop up entertainment and attraction for Barwon Heads- check out Spiegeltent #Geelong #getyourtix #Circuscabaret
  • @ChanceHappening: Cutting through the red tape. Stomp and Sound festival back on! #Geelong #getyourtix
  • @ChanceHappening: @MariaT find your way to 2017 please, that ensemble last night was to die for. Literlly. It was dead. #Geelong #Socialgossip
  • @ChanceHappening: Victory Productions trashing the year with a big NYE party. Be there or be no-one. #Geelong #NYE 2017 #Trashtheyear
  • @ChanceHappening: Meth lab fire at Koolijay Caravan park. 3 dead. Not Cool. #Geelong #drugsarebad #Vicpol

December 2017

  • @ChanceHappening: Illegal Animals Cull says Mayor. Owls and Wild Cats found dead around town. #Geelong #animalcull
  • @ChanceHappening: Stomp the Music tickets sales are throuhgh the roof - Tickets Sold out #Geelong #hottestparty #stompthemusic
  • @ChanceHappening: Surprising all, fake fox fur turns out to be real fox. Another No-No @MariaT #Geelong #notfauxfur #fauxpas
  • @ChanceHappening: Hottest NYE bash in town - Trash the Year tickets selling fast #Geelong #hottestparty #trashtheyear #therise
  • @ChanceHappening: Geelong enters the digital age. Free Wi-fi installed in the CBD. #Geelong #GEELONGFreeWiFi
  • @ChanceHappening: Geelong Mayor attends Melbourne Terror Summit. Will we get terror-warning loudspeakers in Geelong? #Geelong #Terrorsummit.
  • @ChanceHappening: Doughnut-delivering drone is the future of high-tech snacking #Geelong #Dronenut
  • @ChanceHappening: Mystery donation brings smile to children's ward for Christmas #Christmas #giving
  • @ChanceHappening: 3...2...1 welcome to 2018. Hold your nose! Sewerage backup creates a stink in the CBD. #Geelong #Stinkitup #NYE2018
  • @ChanceHappening: Five people overdose in the CBD during NYE Festivities. Police report new designed drug. #Geelong #NYE2018
  • @ChanceHappening: Trash The Year NYE Party goes off with a bang. Hottest gig of the new year. #Geelong #NYE2018
  • @ChanceHappening: Finger licking good. KFC distributed to poor and homeless at Christmas. #Geelong #charity

February 2018

  • Increase in Local Crime: Multiple cased of Grand Theft Auto
  • Free WiFi in the CBD and inner suburbs is now live!
  • Coastguard finds abandoned jetsky in harbour. Search for owner continues

Media release: Following the unprovoked attack upon Into The Looking Glass’s newly opened Geelong store and office the company advises that any custom orders placed in the last month will need to be re ordered. All records, stock and furnishings within the store were destroyed beyond repair in the attack. The owners and staff are today devastated and awaiting Police clearance to begin the clean up. In the meantime, online trading and trading in other stores will continue. We thank our customers for their support through this time.

March 2018

  • Cats win in close game. Defeatig Melbourne. Well done. #AFL #gocats #geelong
  • Finally some class @MariaT spotted in a Into the Looking Glass creation at Lara Food and Wine Festival #PirraEstate #Geelong #wine

April 2018

  • Hawrthorn too good for the Cats. Better luck next time. #AFL #gocats #geelong #round2
  • @MariaT were you wearing a GWS chirt at the game on sunday? #AFL #gocats #Geelong
  • Cats need to pick up game. Second consecutive loss. #AFL #gocats #geelong
  • Cats smash St.Kilda. Keep it up boys #AFL #gocats #geelong #round4
  • Cats victorious over Port Adelaide. #AFL #gocats #geelong #round 5
  • A dark day when Swans destory Cats. #AFL #gocats #geelong #round6
  • Get set for edgy art, interactive performnaces, spoken word, projections, illuminations, live music and artistic suprise. Geelong After Dark 4th May 2018 #Geelong #Arts #Geelongaftedark

May 2018

  • Who let the dogs out? PERA releases and steals animals in a lab in North Geelong #PETA #animalrescue #wholetthedogsout
  • Giant sky wheel - Geelong Eye packed up for winter. To return later in the year. #Geelong #EastBeach #GeelongEye
  • It's Time Liander not Mulgrave @TLiander #Geelong #Towncouncil #elections2018
  • A Great vibe exploring Central Geelong with Geelong After DArk. Tell what suprises you discovered. #Geelong #eventsGeelong #GeelongAfterDark
  • GWS Coach describe loss to Cats as "basic fundamental tripe" and "not up to A-Grade Standard". Great A-Grade game Cats! #geeong #GoCats #AFL
  • Canoe has arrived in Johnson Park - part of Mountain to Mouth, Geelong's extreme arts walk #Geelong #EventsGeelong #MountaintoMouth
  • Family ties? Prince's bridge tagged with bright pink. "Brandon's Bridge 4eva" on oneside and "For Grandma. Love V =H" on the other. #Geelong #Vandalism #Familyties
  • Dont miss your chance to be part of White Night Geelong. Expressions of interest for performers close 6 May! White Night Geelong is on 13 October #Geelong #WhiteNight
  • New Geelong Cyber Crime Division lead by Fredrick Harrison. Assistant COmmissioner Lyle Johnson is excited about this new task force. #Geelong #CyberCrime
  • Man's sink filled with Mayonnaise. Some kind of condiment connundrum? #Geelong #Mayo
  • You've tried high tea... but have you experienced tipsy tea? If you're looking for a bit of luxury mixed with cocktails, fancy food and a dose of fun, unlease your inner Alice at Tipsy Tea at White Rabbit Cocktain Room #Geelong #hightea #WhiteRabbit
  • Geelong defender Tom Stewart start as the Cats overcome Collingwood by 21 points at the MCG. #Geelong #AFL #GoCats
  • Brownbill: Free WiFi projects rolls out in the area, more residents mostly students are spending additional time in the cafe's strip as a result of the free wifi Cafe Culture explosion! #Geelong #Free WiFI
  • Geelong coach Chris Scott at loss over 'inexplicable' loss to Essendon. #Geelong #Cats #AFL
  • Geelong Performing Arts Center @gpacgeelong presents "The Bleeding Tree" 23-26 May. Australian murder ballad for the stage. Language and violence warning #Geelong #gpacgeelong #artsgeelong


The Inquisitor [[1]]

News from Perth

Requiem: Terrible Songs by Uncle Gadi

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Terrible songs and and all the Lyrics Terrible songs Lyrics
Songs Dedicated to Characters
  1. My Gangrel Girl dedicated to Nora Quinn to the tune of [My Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison]
  2. I like Big Claws dedicated to Nora Quinn to the tune of [I like Big Butts - Sir Mix ALot]
  3. Poetry in Motion dedicated to Nora Quinn to the tune of [Livin' la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin]
  4. One more Fight dedicated to Nora Quinn to the tune of One More Night, Phil Collins
  5. Barbie Boy Dedicated to Brandon Fitzchambers To the tune of [Barbie Girl - Aqua]
  6. Pink Trouble Dedicated to Brandon Fitzchambers and Gahbrielle Chou to the tune of Double Trouble (Team Rocket) Lyrics John Loeffler
  7. Daeva Girl Dancing dedicated to Meredith Winchester-Roe to the tune of [Porn Star Dancing - My Darkest Days]
  8. Gaspar dedicated to Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca To the tune of [Lumberjack Song- Monty Python]
  9. That Awkward Dance dedicated to Leon Ostrain Largward to the tune of "Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, cover by Halestorm]
  10. She'll be Watching You dedicated to Georgiana Turpin to the tune of 'Every Breath You Take by The Police.
  11. I'll Make A Kindred Out of You as per request of Vlastislav Radev To the tune Mulan I'll Make a Man Out of You" Donny Osmond
  12. Geesed Lightning dedicated to Vlastislav Radev Geese, To the tune of Greased Lightning
  13. Goose Struck dedicated to Vlastislav Radev Geese, To the tune of Thunderstruck - ACDC
  14. Radev's Geese Haiku dedicated to Vlastislav Radev Geese, Haiku
Songs Dedicated to Groups
  1. The All Night Society' dedicated to the All Night Society Brisbane to the tune of [The Piano Man - Billy Joel]
  2. Get Back to the Hedonism dedicated to the Geelong SX Court To the tune of [Get Back] by the Beatles
  3. Strik the Strix dedicated to the Strix, to the tune of "Deck the Halls"
  4. Friends for Dinner dedicated to all the Diabelerists
  5. The Sounds of Violence mostly about bootcamp run with Viktor Reynder [Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkle]
  6. Obs-ters paradise with assistance from Vulture dedicated to all the stalkers To the tune of [Gangsters Paradise’’ by Coolio]
  7. The Birds are coming dedicated to all the Strix, and people with their heads in the sand [Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil]
  8. Dance Macabre on Daddy Sharks Boat dedicated to the Geelong SX Court. To the tune of Rockin' In Rosalie's Boat by Nick Nixon
  9. Daeva Party Night dedicated to all the Daeva, To the tune of Last Friday Night by Katy Perry
  10. I killed a Guy dedicated to all the accidental deaths, to the tune of "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry.
  11. Oops I banged him to death To the tune of Oops I did it again" - Britney Spears
  12. Mothers Army Rising - dedicated to all the seers of the Circle of the Crone - to the tune of Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Songs Dedicated to Places and Misc
  1. Revolution Time in Brisbane 2017 dedicated to the Parliment in Brisbane to the tune of Christmas at Ground Zero - Wierd Al
  2. Christmas Time in Darwin 2018 dedicated to the Strix in Darwin - to the tune of Christmas at Ground Zero - Wierd Al
  3. My Trip to Brisbane dedicated to all visitors to Brisbane By Night to the tune of [My Generation - The Who]
  4. One Night In Geelong dedicated all the Geelong characters 2018 To the tune of One night in Bankok To the tune by Murray Head
  5. Do You Want To Hide A Body - stolen from the internet - To the tune of "Do you want to build a Snowman"
  6. Why cant the Mekhet Maths the tune of “The Fox” by Ylvis
  7. What does the Beast say – To the tune of “The Fox” by Ylvis
  8. It's time to Fly! - to the tune of "Americal Pie" Don McLean
  9. Blood Sympathy to the tune of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
  10. Bite like a Vamp to the tune of "Fight Like a Girl - Minecraft"

Other Songs not attributed IC to anyone

Gaspar Trollin'
By Mick Atwell, To the tune of By Meredith Winchester-Roe To the tune of (Air Raid Vehicle)
dedicated to Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca dedicated to Uncle Gadi
Are you ready kids "Aye Aye Captain"
I Can't hear you "AYE AYE CAPTAIN"
Who lives in a Mountain next to Toowoomba
Piratical with claws, cranky is he
If nautical nonsense be something you wish
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish


alright Kindred keep on trollin' baby you know what time it is
Uncle Gadi keep on trollin' baby
move in, now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe in,
now breathe out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (what)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (come on)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (yeah)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’
Uncle Gadi is right here people in the house put them hands in the air
cause if you don't care, then we don't care 1, 2, 3,
times two to the six jonesin' for your fix of that Boot Camp mix so
where the fuck you at punk, shut the fuck up and back the fuck up,
while we rile you the fuck up,
move in now move out knees up or get down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do
Nozza step in, Nozza step out put your claws up or hands down back up, back up tell me what ya gonna do now
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (what)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (come on)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (yeah)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’
you wanna mess with Uncle Gadi (yeah)
you can't mess with Uncle Gadi (why)
because we push you on every night (oh)
and this Parliament thing right here (uh, huh)
yo we're pushin’ it all the time (what) so you better get some intel
and some better rhymes (dough) we gotta get the gang set so
don't sign that thing yet twenty four seven better take a rain check
old sellout soldiers blastin' out the shit laws
that give you black shit for puttin' blood in your mouth
now move in, now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe in,
now breathe out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (come on)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (what)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (yeah)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ hey ladies,
hey fellas and the all night society, all the lovers,
all the haters and all the people that call themselves shadows
Mama Fitzy, Daddy Fitzy and the people rollin’ up all glitzy
Hey elders, neonate boppers and others in between
now move in, now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now there’s a whale in your pool,
Uncle Gadi moves in, mud on his boots crush the flower petals,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now to keep the troll out
keep trollin’,
trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (yeah)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (what)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ (come on)
keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, trollin’

Requiem: Stories by Old Man Delphi

Of Moon above, and Wolf below

This is a tale, countless ages told
Among the Wolf, to cub from old.
It is a story of true love,
Between Wolf below, and Moon above.
The Wolf and Moon were One they say,
The closest of friends, to this very day.
The sky at night their hunting grounds,
Their depth of love, it knew no bounds.
A Serpent’s tale of righteous pride,
Chased the Moon, who tried to hide.
She fell to Earth, Wolfs' heart grew sore,
The Moon still flew; the Wolf no more.
The faithful Moon shines loving light
To call the Wolf back to their flight.
To light his way back to her side,
Apart, for duty and for pride.
The Wolves tell of a night to come,
When Wolf returns to Moon, his One.
The Wolf at night calls to His Mate,
All alone, cursing Fate.
And to this day the Wolf will cry,
A mournful Howl to the night sky.
This is the story all cubs know,
Of Moon above, and Wolf below.

The Tale of the Cassius the Obscure

It was in Linz, near the turn of the 20th Century. There was a courtier there by the name of Cassius. Cursed by his embrace with the horrors of the Nosferatu. As a neonate he was never happy with his rebirth and had come to visit me for guidance and a prophesy of his future. Now I think on it, it was strange. I thought the gods to be playing a trick, or perhaps some benevelonce was amusing them, but their words were that he would rise above the circumstances of his existence. It seemed to bring him some measure of hope.
He set about trying to find his path, his way to overcome his curse. He delved into all kinds of forbidden knowledge, our conversations were quite interesting and often lasted well into the night. He travelled through Europe visiting ancient sites of significance, gathering what knowledge he could and trying to make sense of it all.
It was just before the first Great War I think... Having exhausted the knowledge he could accumulate in Europe over the previous hundred or so years, he turned his eyes to the African continent. He travelled to Egypt. I do not know exactly what happened there, or what he found, for his grip on sanity more tenuous when he returned. He became more skittish, secretive and obsessed with incorporating these experiences into his knowledge. He would talk about a new aeon of kindred existence.
He became obsessed with the works of Alister Crowley, the Englishman, and his Order of the Golden Dawn. He devoted his study to the precepts of the spiritual philosophy called Thelema.
It was about this time that we noticed a difference.
We could not feel his presence anymore. He did not smell Kindred, though he still most certainly was. It was like his beast, his predatory aura was obscured.
The neonates began to call him Cassius the Obscure.
Many went to him in search of this knowledge. Some tried, but the..processes he subjected them to often left them as broken, half shadows of themselves. The Prince, She decreed that no more of the court could study with him. He became a hermit and retreated to the hills of the city, only coming in a few times a year, and still with that same strange void of aura.
Neonates, eager to learn his tricks would still, in defiance of the law, seek him out. If they learned the trick...well, they never returned to Linz to spread the tale.
I have the diary of one Neonate who went to visit of the poor souls who was so broken, it was deemed merciful to force the torpored sleep on him to let his mind rest. It tells of strangeness and tribulation. The secret of the actual transformation...well It is not contained in that book, and after a few pages, well I think that Pavel went quite mad. It is mostly gibberish. Perhaps some of the songs that were written in the 1960's could have benefited by the visions he described, or maybe that painter Salvador Dali could have made more sense of it.

The Tale of the Ravens

"There one was a Lord in the Isle of Italia. He had grown fat on the land, and worked many a slave to an early death. He had several strong sons, but what he wished for was a daughter. So he and his wife would make offerings to the gods and pray that they would be blessed with a girl child. The gods are fickle creatures, and a blessing is sometimes a curse, and so it pleased them to test the Lord. They indeed granted his wife fecundity and she soon bore him a girl child, but the child was sickly and grew weaker by the day. The Lord was distraught, and so he sent his 4 sons off to find a cure for the child, telling them not to return unless they had a cure. They boys left and began their search, travelling first to the nearest town. Finding no cure there, they searched further. Still no cure to be found. Finally, they had a lead. It was told that on the slopes of Gran Sasso d'Italia, a plant with a flower white as snow would be the remedy they sought. The brothers had hope for the first time. They made their way across the treacherous countryside, avoiding bandits and creatures alike. There on the slopes, after a long climb they found the plant they were searching for. Taking the single bloom, they carefully made their way back over the precipitous rocky slopes. Half way down the slope, they began to fatigue and sought shelter. One spotted a cave just meters from their location. It was a short, but hazardous climb from their location, but offered the only source of shelter. They crowded into the mouth of the cave and huddled together for warmth. A deep growl emanated from further in the cave. The brothers startled awake as glowing amber eyes emerged from the darkness. Overcome with fear, they scrambled from the cave and out onto the ledge, the creature snapping at their heels. As they climbed over the narrow ledge, one slipped on the unstable ground, falling over the edge. Only the quickness of his older brother prevented his falling to the sharp stones far below. The bloom however, slipped from his pack, tumbling over the edge and picked up by the wind and taken far from their grasp. Scrabbling to escape the creature on their heels, they made their way back down the mountain disheartened as their mission seemed beyond hope. Defeated, they returned home. The lord, their father was not sympathetic to their plight. Their sister, his beloved girl was sicker still, and the boys had failed him. He disavowed them, saying that no sons of his would return in such disgrace and banished them from his sight.

The boys were not seen again After they left, the girl’s health improved and she grew into a beautiful and happy child. She never knew of her brothers, and her life was happy with her parents, who doted on her and gave her everything she wanted. As she grew to adulthood, she began to hear rumours about her brothers from people in the town. Always in shadows and spoken of in whispers, lest the Lord discover. She was a strong willed and spoilt child, used to getting her way, and do she determined to leave her father’s house and find her missing brothers. She first went to the nearest town, asking about her brothers, and if they may have passed this way many years ago. The old wise woman remembered a take of 4 brothers looking for a cure for their sister, and how they travelled the country looking for it. The girl thanked her, and moved to the next town. On and on she went, until at in a town at the foot of Gran Sasso d'Italia. She heard a story. Four brothers looking for a cure foolishly went up the mountain to looks for a cure. Foolish, because all knew that the mountain was the lair of a wild beast, who preyed on animals and townsfolk alike. They had come twice she was told. The second time, they did not return. Not deterred from her mission, they girl determined to climb the mountain to search for the fate of her brothers. Climbing the mountain was perilous, but she persevered. As she climbed, 4 Ravens circled overhead watching her progress, waiting for her to slip that they might take advantage of her situation. The climb was more exhaustive than she had predicted, and soon, she sought shelter from the battering winds. She found a cave along a narrow and uneven path, but it was the only hope of shelter. Carefully she made her way into the mouth of the cave and took her rest. A deep growl emanated from further in the cave. She startled awake as glowing amber eyes emerged from the darkness. The ravens flew into the cave, surrounding her, screeching at the creature in the cave. The Lord was troubled by his daughter’s absence. He had given her everything that she had ever wanted and was angry at her demands to find her brothers, the very brothers who had failed her as an infant. He gathered his men and sent them off in search of her. They did not return. He levied more from the town to search for his missing child. Still none returned. The townsfolk defied him. They would no longer send their husbands and sons on his missions. Rumour of the cursed family spread. A darkness had befallen them it was whispered. That was when 6 Ravens were seen flying over the town, heading towards the Keep. None could say what happened in the Keep that night. The Lord’s wife was never able to say for sure. Her eyes grew wild whenever she was asked about it. The Ravens were spotted again, once, leaving the keep. The Lord was never seen again."

Cross Genre Brisbane Publications

Vampire Neurobiology - Proc. Aca Para SciBNE 82 (2016)


Left Right

Brisbane Academy for Advanced Science

2018 03 Coroners Report Page 1.jpg

Left Right