Sweet Alyssum

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Sweet Alyssum
Concept: Unknown
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder --
Consilium: Adelaide --
Legacy N/A
Cabal: N/A
Player: Nikita Boston
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information


A short, chubby woman, Alyssum has all the physical presence of her mother, a warm, bright woman who had the capacity to both smother you with love and throw kitchen implements at you. Unfortunately, Alyssum lacks the latter, finding herself to just be the short, chubby woman with shoulder length mousy brown hair, hazel eyes and freckled skin.
She appears at first glance, to be mid-20’s, but that could just be attributed to her haircut. Closer you can see the beginnings of wrinkles around her eyes, creases from smiling, across her brow, lines from worry.
Her nails are chewed short, and often painted with chipped color. Her hands usually have small scratches, stained in color from various flowers arranged and rearranged until her fingers are cut almost permanently, causing tiny scars all made by thorns.

Alyssum’s style can be described in simple words: Frumpy, sweet, old lady clothes. She tends to wear a lot of flowing skirts and peasant shirts, flowers in her hair, sandals or bare feet. She is often seen in sweaters or jumpers knitted and beaded, but at least they look warm. She wears a pin on her sweater, a small dried flow-er in a vial; and necklaces around her neck, gems and crystals hanging off them, clanging together softly.



Alyssum fidgets a lot. She’ll play with the hem of her clothing, or with her bracelet, running the beads through her fingers. She’s recently picked up a fidget spinner in the hopes it will calm her hands.
She stutters. This has been the case since she was young. Her shyness caused a stutter that has never seemed to leave, causing her to be even more timid.
She does not handle stressful situations or confrontation very well, crying at the drop of a hat.
Alyssum is fiercely loyal to her family, to her friends. She will go out of her way to help people, even to her own detriment.


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