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Concept: Inspiring Actress
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Nameless --
Consilium: Launceston --
Legacy [[Category: CofD|]]
Cabal: Gatekeepers
Player: [mailto: ]
Storyteller: Launceston VST

Personal Information


Delilah Jones2.jpg

Light, fluffy, bubbly, Angel appeared as soft and caring as she was inside. Blonde ruffles of hair framed her pale face, bringing out the sky in her blue eyes and the blush of her pink lips. Her gaze settled on a person as though she saw all they were and loved them despite their flaws. Her aesthetic remained soft and grounding colours of whites, pastels, and warm earthy browns and greens. Clothes were never tight and always flowing with her as she moved around, as though floating on a cloud.


Immediate Nimbus: When flaring her immediate nimbus a dark mist of unknown origins representing the forbidden desires and regrets gathers around her as though drawing from those who notice to be destroyed.
Signature Nimbus: Characters who witness this aftereffect of the mage’s magic find themselves feeling lighter as though a weight has been lifted from their conscience temporarily.


Angel was always the type to attract the limelight, even if it was to draw it to others on the stage or to relish in it by herself. She always seemed to find the right words dripping off of her honeyed tongue that made you feel like you could do anything and wanted to share anything with her, but the most important thing to her was always the wellbeing of others. Whether it was in acting or hearing out the woes of her friends, she always looked for ways to reach out to those around her and heal them in any way she could. Angel was the type to see the good in everything, to persevere through any hardship and put trust in others even if they didn’t feel like they could trust themselves. Every time this worked out to be in good faith.

Likes [Expandable]

  • The stage.
  • Lively environments where one can feel the energy of life itself around them.

Dislikes [Expandable]

  • Setbacks.
  • People not believing in themselves.

Specialties [Expandable]

  • Acting and personal expression.
  • Reading others.
  • The brighter side of life.

Downfalls [Expandable]

  • Too trusting.

Phobias [Expandable]

  • Abandonment.
  • Claustrophobia.
  • Water.

Hobbies [Expandable]

  • Acting and inspiring others.


  • Angel
  • Delilah Jones
Information Known by Awakened Society

Years Awakened: 9, going on 10 in 2018. Identity: Delilah Jones. Aged 26. Employed as a theatre actress after finishing her tertiary education in the field.


  • 1991 – Born
  • 2008 – Awakened.
  • 2010 - Went off the radar for a while.
  • Area between: Travel between Australia and America here for studies.
  • 2018, August – Moved to Launceston, Tasmania.

Recent Events

The Year of 2018 [Expandable]

The Month of August in 2018 [Expandable]

Arrival - Angel arrives in Launceston with her cabalmates after a long drive and ferry ride from Melbourne. While Lanceolate went about finalising the little details, she goes to meet up with her old friend Raw.
11/08/2018 - Super keen for the housewarming that Raw said was the gathering for the consilium that month, Angel rocks up and gets to know some of the members. Introductions quickly turn into answering questions about what her cabal did as "Gatekeepers" and their shared knowledge of the Oneiros. After lights flicker and people go home, she chats with Kushiel before Raw takes the two of them to their homes.

The Month of September in 2018 [Expandable]

The Month of October in 2018 [Expandable]

The Month of November in 2018 [Expandable]

The Month of December in 2018 [Expandable]

The Month of January in 2019 [Expandable]



Name: Gatekeepers
Members: Lanceolate, Angel, Dark.
Purpose: Guard the Temenos of their local areas as "Gatekeepers", protecting the Oneiros of its inhabitants from corruption be it from abyssal entities, negative energy, or negative influence of other mages.


Quotes By

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Quotes About

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  • Became awakened after dying and god wanting another angel on the earth.
  • Has a kinky dark side.
  • Fucking terrifying when she finally snaps.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Beautiful Girl by Broken Iris.
  • Dance Dance Christa Paffgen by Anberlin.
  • Cola by CamelPhat & Elderbrook.
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Chase Holfelder.
  • Faceclaim: Candice Accola King