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The History of the Armidale Concillium

IC information available to all Mages resident in/visiting Armidale. Further details must be obtained IC. There are plotlines for you to discover inside.

"You can call me Herald4, I'm a friend of S7. I've obtained permission for you to view the historical records of the concillium. Enjoy."

Prior to 1807: Unaffiliated cabals of mages war for territory with each other. Conflicts are said to spill into the Shadow, the Astral and the twilight. Rumoured archmage 'Eclipse' steps in to mediate between factions, supposedly interposing himself in the conflict and unravelling all lesser spells in some feat of arch mastery. A conclave is called under threat of death.

1807: The resident cabals of the New England area gather together at the Conclave of the Painted Dream. Independent cabals agree to accept the Atlantean traditions and form a concillium. Representatives of all warring cabals come together to sign a treaty, promising nonviolent resolution to conflict between the mages of New England. The document is then magically transmuted into a Tapestry to hide the signatures of the mages involved. The Tapestry was hidden in the vault of the concillium for reference. Hierarch Warrens is elected as a neutral party.

1812: Hierarch Warren deposed in a vote of no confidence from previously opposed cabals 'Winter Night' and 'Wheel of Morality'. Warren vows revenge but is believed to have left the country shortly afterwards. Hierarch Solemn leaves Winter Night to become Hierarch.

1821: Wheel of Morality members disappear from the domain over the course of the year.

1831: Hierarch Solemn steps down and re-joins Winter Night. Winter Night formally step down from concillium politics, taking on Order responsibilities. Hierarch Woven (no cabal) elected.

1850: The scelestus Fahrenheit calls up demonic spirits to blight the New England Area. Records of Hierarch redacted for this period. Refer to your local Mysterium representative to apply for access.

1850-1872 REDACTED

1872: Demonic spirits bound with tribal magic. Acting Hierarch Pious brought in by executive decision.

1873: Hierarch Pious steps down as Hierarch Shapiro is elected.

1888: The Era of Providence is created by the Scions of Reason cabal.

1912: A violent disagreement with the Scions of Reason and the Atlantean Orders cause them to formally reject Atlantean ideals and leave New England.

1919: Hierarch Shapiro steps down as Hierarch Caudacus is elected.

1928: The Era of Providence predicts the need for scientific advancement in the New England area. Armidale Teachers College is founded as part of a long term plan.

1938: The New England University College is formed, as predicted by the EoP, and the concillium donate land to the institution.

1939: The concillium move in to their first permanent meeting place in university buildings after hours.

1940: The Scions of Reason return to Armidale to request an audience with the highest levels of the Atlantean Orders. Their request is denied and they leave. Two weeks later the EoP predicts an attack by the Seers of The Throne. The attack comes four days early, catching the concillium off-guard, and resulting in four deaths. The EoP is decommissioned consigned to the Vault. Acting Hierarch Nickel appointed.

1941: Acting Hierarch Nickel elected full Hierarch. Advisory council formally established in the New England concillium.

1943: The Adamantine Arrow determines the Seers responsible and murders them. Mage Ducat banished from the domain on pain of death for alleged espionage.

1948: 'Year of the Fox and the Wolf'. Japanese kitsune spirits are discovered to be causing problems for the New England area. Thyrsus mages collaborate with REDACTED guardians of the Shadow to banish them. Contact your local Mysterium representative to request access.

1955: Hierarch Andrews elected, maintains the same advisory council structure.

1962: 'Season of Illusion'. New England area blighted with mysterious mental illusions of people and scenery that do not exist. Fox spirits thought to be responsible, but no cause is discovered as the phenomenon fades after several months.

1975: Seer cabal 'Static Shock' move into Armidale "To observe". No action is taken.

1978: The Tapestry is recorded to have been stolen from the Vault. It is not known how many years it has been stolen for. A no-confidence vote against Hierarch Andrews fails by a wide margin.

1984: The 'Evening Wake' cabal accuse the Seer cabal of theft and espionage. The Seers do not turn up to any scheduled meetings; citing extraordinary circumstances prevented them attending each meeting. Hierarch Andrews retires for personal research. Hierarch Icarus is elected by a narrow margin.

Three months later the Seers all die in unrelated incidents.

1990: 'Rise of the Robots'. Strange robotic/clockwork facsimiles of living creatures are discovered. Other creatures show evidence of Awakened magic but the spells animating them unravel when scrutinised. Once the investigation starts, no more creatures are discovered.

1992: The gold mine on the outskirts of Armidale is discovered to be a massive source of Tass.

1998: Scions of Reason return to Armidale under the alias 'The Age of Reason'. They claim new leadership and a commitment to the principles expressed by the Guardians of the Veil.

2002: The Age of Reason offer to fix the 'broken' Era of Providence. Hierarch Icarus denies this request.

2003: The Age of Reason gives a lecture on Paradox to the concillium. Hierarch Icarus throws the Age of Reason out during the Q&A session for "subversion".

2004: Hierarch Icarus resigns to accept a promotion within the Adamantine Arrow. Hierarch Helena is elected and is recorded as the first female Hierarch of New England.

2007: The Age of Reason formally demands all vulgar magic be stopped. The concillium formally deny the demand.

2009: 'Rise of the Robots II'. More robot entities, more advanced than the last encounter, are discovered once more. Without magic these entities were almost impossible to detect from what they resembled. Once again, they fell apart when investigated. Records also note they appear to be spontaneously created in isolated areas.

2010-present RECORDS MISSING

Uploader's note H4: So there's a lot of missing details here. Having a look through you might be able to infer some of the deleted events, but I don't have the time or inclination to find out more. It's your city, deal with it.

Places of note

The Library The seat of concillium power. On the bottom floor of the library, at the base of the stairs, is scribed the Atlantean symbol for 'Prime'. An awakened creature touching this symbol will cause the stairs to extend into the ground, revealing a lower basement floor. This floor is a copy of the floor above, but with the concillium's arcane library lining the bookshelves. There is a hidden escape route to the outside known only to few.

The Library Vault Inside the hidden escape route is a trapdoor with a golden lock. Down the ladder below is the concillium vault, now empty. There is no guardian, only the wards preventing teleportation remain.

The Business Park Public home of the Order of Reason cabal, an extended non-Atlantean cabal who believe in global Ascension of all mankind by introducing Supernal concepts to the world as advanced technology. They take a dim view on ANY public displays of supernatural power and are prepared to use snipers to shoot anyone who breaks their mandate. This location has a series of University-quality labs under the front "Daedalus Biotechnology". They are also known to have large holdings in the investment company "Ophelia Group", who own a controlling interest in the security company that administrates 70% of Armidale's CCTV cameras.

Hospital mortuary The mortuary of Armidale. The Coroner was killed by a corpse that got off the slab and ripped out his throat. Mort has now taken over the mortuary.

The Cathedral Armidale Cathedral has been noteworthy only because the Abyssal Mirror was found in the basement there. The history behind this has not been investigated. Next to the mirror were the words "Wish for death", written in blood.

The Nuclear Power Plant "It's off limits for a reason, don't even think about going there. Just looking at it makes my hair ache." - Seeker7 Seems to drain mana from Mages and essence from spirits.

The Dark House Carter's was home to shadow spirits. The shadows in the area occasionally flicker unnaturally on moonless nights.

Consilii of Australia

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