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Concept: Unknown
Path: Moros
Order: Silver Ladder •••
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy Unknown
Cabal: Scions of Prometheus
Player: Duncan Hadley-Harris
Storyteller: VST Email Southern Cross VST

Personal Information


White blonde hair, pulled back tight most of the time, heavy freckles. Lithe muscles that are exposed most of the warmer months, and hidden under light layers during the colder ones. 183 cm tall, blue eyes.


Her clothes always cling tight when she is working, nothing dangling whether jewelery or fabric. When her day finishes however, she is found in oversized wollen jumpers, and leggings mostly. She is known to wear a dress when going out on the town. But all her clothes tend to hide her midsection.


Work Hard, Play Hard. When at work, whatever that might be, it's entirely her focus. When her day ends (Which might be some 35 hours later) it's time to live it up. White wine coolers and watching the stars, or dancing out the night in style.


Sex-Positive Pansexual Feminist, with no time to date, who is clear about intentions. Aromantic.



Her studies, both of Awakened Law, and Perfected Gems. White wine. Trance music. Sunny days.


MRAs. Children, like babies. Dumb people, and people who assume she is dumb.


Enchanting and Perfecting Gems. Awakened Law, specifically trial law and punishments.


Relationships. Keeping track of time when working.


None publicly known. Intimacy perhaps?


Hobby: An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. Dancing, barefoot bowls, and photography are strong candidates.

The Important Stuff

Hogwarts House

Slytherin: Cunning, resourcefulness, ambitious


White-tailed deer

Disney Princess


Divergent Faction

Candor, obviously. Though with better clothes.

Mortal World

Sleeper Alias: Brooke Cole
Sleeper Occupation: Magistrate


Crucible's skin appears to take the form of a finely cut gem. Anything she is holding or wearing seems like a treasure, and anyone who meets her gaze feels compelled to look away. Animals, even inanimate objects, seem to defer to her, and, with powerful magic, even shadows stay below her gaze. Tilt: +1 Craft, -1 Resolve, -1 Composure

Known Information

Explain what of the above is known, and what markers separate the known from unknown information.

Clubs, Societies and Organisations

Founding member, Launceston transcendental bowls club

Member, Law Council of Australia

Principal Member, Law Society of Tasmania

UTAS Alumni committee


Necromancer of the Vox Draconis

Nicknames and Aliases

Brooke is a nickname. Cru is a common one as well.



Date of Birth: 30/October/1987.
Childhood: Was there anything that was unique about their childhood? What was their family like? Did they go to school or get homeschooled?
Awakening: 18th December 2004.
Tutelage: Who was their initial master? How long did it take before they were found and introduced to the world of mage? How were they introduced to this new world? Did they change mentors at some point? What arcarna did they go after/learn first? Did they go after many others? What rank did they learn their known aracna to?

Recent events

Start of Domain Chron

dd/mm/yyyy - Updates on things that affect your character.


Quotes by

Quotes about

“Cru’s is amazing, handles all the messy things for the Cabal, so we can focus on the work, all the time doing some amazing work.”
- Rifling
"She's just really not my type. She's to uptight like bitch levels uptight when workin', but that's kind of just who she is and that's not necessarily a bad thing. She's who she is and she sticks to her guns which is probably a positive trait, but since we conflict a fair bit cause of our.... political differences, I don't find it endearing."
- Thrills when asked why they don't really ever hit on Cru.



  • Medea has worked with Crucible on certain matters

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Info

Member Information
Player: Duncan Hadley-Harris
Number: 2006080004
Domain: Southern Cross