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Vampire: the Requiem VSS

VST Approved Date: 9th September 2014.
DST Approved Date: 9th September 2014.
GST Approved Date: 30th September 2013.
NST Approved Date: 6th December 2014.


1: Venue Name, Number, Domain Name, Number

Venue Name: Armidale Requiem
Venue Number: VTRVSS-1305-Armidale
Domain Name: Paraskeuê to Alpha Phaeos
Domain Number: PTAPAU032

2: VST & VC Names and membership numbers

VST: Conrad White, AU2002100383 (
VC: James Greaves, AU2014060007 (

3: Game Location, Time and Fees

Address: Chandelier Ballroom, Upstairs, 174 Beardy St, Armidale NSW, 2350
Time: 6:30pm
Date: 1st full weekend Saturday each Month
Fees: $4 (or $10 for all Armidale's games)

4: Mailing lists, websites and other online resources used

IC Mailing List (unofficial):
Venue Website:
Venue Wiki:
Domain Headlines:


1: Genre: Vampire: the Requiem

Barely controlled predators who hide from humanity by playing nice with each other in a regular meeting to avoid open antagonism with complex machiavellian dance of tradition and politics among their own organizations of family, clan, ideology, religion and mysticism.

2: Setting:

Armidale Requiem is set in a vastly expanded and industrialised Armidale that has had a long history of compartmentalisation of information and secrets in efforts to achieve, control and maintain power over others. The city is a built up light of false hope in the encompassing darkness of isolated, untamed and unknown countryside colonised by Kindred in the rush of opportunity. Information on the folowing are linked to below:

3: Themes:

Themes will change over the course of the story as it unfolds and a also reliant on the players, so has been separated into two measures and displayed externally to dynamically change as the game progresses.

Player themes are what the players believe the themes expressed by the general player base to be. Plot themes are what the story is meant to portray, and while driven by the Storyteller and while less changeable, are still subject to interpretation by the players as they progress.

The most recent summary of how the players feel the game is thematically in both themselves and the story can be found on the Armidale Requiem Themes page.

4: Mood (Listed and described)

Mood will change over the course of the story as it unfolds and is also reliant on the players, so has been separated into two measures that will change as the game progresses.

Player mood is what the players believe the moods expressed by the general player base to be. Plot mood is what the story is meant to evoke, and while driven by the Storyteller and less changeable, is still subject to interpretation by the players as it progresses.

The most recent summary of how the players feel the game has conveyed emotions is on the Armidale Requiem Mood page.

5: Preferred character types, and restrictions:

Players are encouraged to make long lasting characters that are involved within the structure, drama, and action of the various games. 'Throw-away' or 'once-off' characters not be approved.

Players are encouraged to have one character and to play this character consistently until its death or retirement.

Statistics by themselves will not be approved, all characters require more than just ‘dots-on-sheet’ to be approved, be this a written background, a detailed wiki, a completed CCD or something else.

Second Primary Characters will not be approved.

Secondary Characters are strongly discouraged and will only be approved under exceptional circumstances. Wanting to “try something different” or simply wanting a range of occasional characters at your disposal is not a valid justification.

Instead, players will be able to request a particular style of NPC to fulfil the role of what would be a secondary PC. If the player is consistent in their portrayal of the NPC, then the character is likely to be considered for Custodial Player Character status, or transferral to PC status if the player's current PC is retired or destroyed.

This process is to assist the Storytellers in creating a stronger universe of Non-Player Characters, and to ensure that Player Characters are developed and interesting, rather than two dimensional cardboard cut-outs.

6: Location of Venue history information

Recent events: Game Events

Previous events: Historical Timeline

7: Transport In/Out Information


  • Air - most flights are during daylight hours, with others often booked out due to those travelling in and out at the beginnings and ends of the day, and pre-dawn flights are subject to the time of year, some months the sun rises early.
  • Road - the highways are dangerous at the best of times given the wilderness they travel through and the recklessness of drivers and truckers, but at night it is more risky and entire vehicles have disappeared without a trace. Half of the buses travel in the night, but may start or conclude during the daytime in other origins or destinations.
  • Rail - similar to Road however for some reason the overnight trains are not affected by disappearances, but there are other reports of strange happenings on the trains themselves at those times.


  • Air -All major cities have flights to and from Armidale. Flights normally land at Armidale Airport between 5am and 10pm. There are however a number of small private airstrips, the most known is shared by Sumarez and Moore Park.
  • Road - highway is the method of travel for those wishing to be more circumspect. Buses travel from Melbourne to Brisbane and back again via Armidale twice every 24 hours, meaning at least two buses arrive in hours of darkness.
  • Rail - The All-Stops, Sydney to Brisbane train, does overnight in Armidale. However there is also a non-stop express.


1: Experience Awards

See the See the SPI Global Addenda and Settings Documents for the current XP Incremental Maximum.

Creation Activities (Not subject to Incremental Maximum)

  • 8 - Character Development Document (Over over-cap)
  • 3 - Player Developed Wiki
  • 3 - Character Background Beyond Wiki Information
  • 1 - Per Character Tie (Max 5 XP, no max ties)

Game Activities (Max 5/ Game)

  • 3 - Game Attendance (includes AVSTs)
  • 1 - Circle of Love Mention (includes AVSTs)
  • 1 - Circle of Love Winner (includes AVSTs)
  • 1 - New Player First Game Attendance
  • 2 - New Player Second Game Attendance
  • 3 - New Player Third Game Attendance (Over-cap)

Non-game Activities (Max 5/ Month)

  • 2 - Downtime Submission
  • 1 - Downtime Involving Another Player’s Character
  • 1 - New Player First Month Downtime
  • 2 - New Player Second Month Downtime
  • 3 - New Player Third Month Downtime (Over-cap)
  • 2 - Report On Local Clan/Covenant/Coterie Between Game Meeting
  • 2 - PC Driven News Articles & Allies/Contact Information Write-ups

After A Story Activities All XP in this category are awarded with VST discretion. A plot must be documented by the VST prior to achieving these awards. A documented long term character goal is one that is lodged with the VST prior to achieving these awards.

  • 1 - Success - Successful completion of a Plot or a documented long term character goal.
  • 1 - Danger - Being reduced to would penalties with lethal damage in pursuit of plot or a documented long term character goal.
  • 1- Wisdom - Coming up with a plan for a Plot or or a documented long term character goal that allowed you to succeed where you otherwise would have failed.

Miscellaneous Activities

  • 1 - Wiki Updated Quarterly (Over-cap)

2: Custom Rules

Testing may be performed without a VST/AVST/Narrator between characters is a mutually agreed on third party is present to adjudicate.

Character Vitae Pool for game is calculated using the Bloody Lands Territories system.

Carthian Law if meeting conditions to be implemented will be found on the Carthian Law wiki page.

3: Downtime Handling Procedure

All downtimes are due on 14 days before Game.

Downtimes sent in after this date will only be processed in lieu of an absent downtime for the month after.

Submit Downtimes at the PtAP Online Downtime Form.

Players may receive downtime replies even if they have not submitted a downtime, or for actions they did not do if plot or actions of other players and that player’s allies/contacts/status would give them such information.

If no reply is given by the VST before the game and the downtime action is low approval and did not involve other players, that action goes ahead as stated.

4: Crossover limitations and expectations

Crossover will mostly occur through the effects on the shared World of Darkness in consultation with the other Genre VSTs - as such expect to hear that something happened in broad terms, but not that it was caused by another supernatural. Downtime crossover is a distinct possibility caused by the shared merits such as allies, contacts and others, again in consultation with other Genre VSTs. Antagonism between genres is discouraged.


1: Information for New Beyond The Sunset Players

Vampire is a game of barely controlled predators making nice with each other in a structured and uptight way so as to not tear each other’s throats out - as such it is good not to arrive unannounced.It would be good to talk to some other players before the game to see if someone will at least accompany you in. A good port of call is to contact your Clan or Covenant representative in the area and be introduced that way.

Be prepared to offer a couple of trivial boons (currency) for your first game to grease palms and get the right introductions - after all, anyone vouching for you is taking your actions as their responsibility - but any more than that and you may have acted badly, or are being ripped off.

The current prince assigns feeding territory (which you will need) by your Covenant, so if you are unaligned, consider getting one of the Covenant leaders to lie that you are one of them (may cost more than a trivial), lie yourself (risky) or consider paying lip-service to one of the least objectionable Covenants to your character.

When creating a new character, players new to the club would be advised to create a character specialised in one or at the most two things. Many others have been at this longer than you and will have achieved more - but if you specialise then you will be better and more useful at one thing, rather than be simply competent at a few things.

2: Information for External Players

Character Sheets for character outside of Armidale should be sent to the including at least three days before a game.

Character sheets for character outside Australia should be sent to the aforementioned at least one week before game in case any conversions or plot information needs to be distributed.

Proxy Play is via the method prescribed in the DSS.