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Pre 1770

  • Ancient Creatures of Legendary descriptions roam the land. Worshiped by the native population they are treated like deities.


Old aust map.jpg
  • 1770 Captain James Cook sailed up Queensland coast with botanist Joseph Banks; names Cape Moreton, Point Lookout and Glass House Mountains. Takes possession of eastern Australia, naming it New South Wales.



  • 1799 Captain Matthew Flinders explores Moreton and Hervey bays; names Red Cliff Point (now Redcliffe), Pumice-stone River (now Pumicestone Passage). Also lands on Coochiemudlo Island.




  • 1820's The first organized group of Kindred arrive in Brisbane, "The Council of Clans."(Refer to National History for more details)
  • 1823 Emancipated convicts John Finnegan, Richard Parsons, and Thomas Pamphlett were shipwrecked off Moreton Island while looking for timber (a fourth person, John Thomson, died at sea). Following a quarrel, Parsons continues north while others stay on the island.
  • 1823 Surveyor-general John Oxley arrives at Bribie Island to evaluate Moreton Bay as a site for penal settlement. Discovers Finnegan and Pamphlett who guide him to the Brisbane River; names Peel Island, Pine River and Deception Bay.
  • The first Trod opens up in Moreton Bay at the seaside.
  • 1824 Oxley discovers Parsons and returns him to Sydney.
  • Native Shifters are discovered.
  • 1824 First commandant Lt. Henry Miller arrives at Red Cliffe Pt from Sydney with soldiers, a storekeeper and their families, John Oxley, botanist Allan Cunningham, stock and seeds.
  • 1825 Shipping channel via South Passage found; settlement moves to Brisbane River; first convict buildings built along William St.
  • 1825 Edmund Lockyer of 57th Regiment explores Brisbane River. Notes flood debris 100 feet above river levels at Mount Crosby, finds first coal deposits. Names Redbank after soil colour.
Captain Patric Logan.jpg
  • 1826 Captain Patrick Logan takes over as commandant of colony. Achieves extensive stone building program using convict labour. Discovers Southport bar and Logan River.
  • 1827 Allan Cunningham leaves Hunter Valley to seek link via New England Tableland to Darling Downs.
  • 1827 Indigenous resistance leader "Napoleon" exiled to St Helena Island. Aborigines raid maize plots, resist advances. Frequent conflict until 1840s. Napoleon is ruhmored to weild the power of the native Gods.
  • 1828 Cunningham discovers gap in Great Dividing Range, providing access from Moreton Bay to Darling Downs. Also explores Esk-Lockyer basin and upper Brisbane Valley in 1829.
  • 1829 Moreton Bay Aborigines seriously affected by smallpox.


Sir John Petrie.jpg
  • 1830 Captain Logan mysteriously murdered near Esk, commemorated in folk song, "The Convict's Lament".
  • 1831 Moreton Bay settlement population reaches 1241, including 1066 convicts.
  • 1833 Ship Stirling Castle wrecked on Swain Reef; first of many ships to wreck on Queensland coast over next 40 years.
  • 1836 Quaker missionaries report Moreton Bay Indigenous population infected with venereal disease from American whalers.
  • 1837 Brisbane's pioneering Petrie family arrives in Moreton Bay. Andrew Petrie (builder and stonemason) is clerk of government works; stays on with wife Mary and five children after penal settlement closes. Son John Petrie becomes Brisbane's first mayor; other son Tom writes sympathetically about local Indigenous people.
  • 1839 Calls to cease convict transportation successful; Moreton Bay is closed as a penal settlement. 2062 men and 150 women served sentences at the settlement, half of them being Irish; 10 percent died, 700 fled, 98 never recaptured. Changeling have since been discovered to be involved in the governing of the penal settlement and as convicts. The deaths and vanishing of the 800 lost are rumored to be the results of the changeling’s actions.


  • 1840 Escaped convict John Baker surrenders after 14 years of living with Indigenous Australians.
  • 1841 Indigenous people Merridio and Neugavil are executed at Wickham Terrace windmill for the murder of surveyor Stapylton and his assistant in Logan.
  • 1842 New South Welsh Governor George Gipps proclaims Moreton Bay a free settlement. Land is offered for sale from Sydney.
  • 1846 Squatter and entrepreneur Evan Mackenzie succeeds in making Brisbane a port independent from Sydney.
  • 1846 Recorded population of Moreton Bay area is 4000 Aborigines and 2257 migrants.
  • 1848 First 240 government-assisted British migrants arrive in Brisbane. First Chinese labourers arrive.
  • The first influence of Western Kindred society begins to make an impact in South East Queensland. Ghouls and retainer start making arangements for the arrival of their Kindred masters.
  • 1849 Rev Dr J.D. Lang, local clergyman and journalist, brings his first English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish migrants with unauthorised promise of land grants. Government rations issued to prevent starvation. Lang envisages a colony of self-sufficient, thrifty and hard-working farmers, workers and artisans.
  • 1849 Brisbane School of Arts established.
  • 1849 William Pettigrew arrives in colony. He later becomes the mayor of Brisbane in 1870 and is a member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland between 1877–94.


  • 1850 Areas beyond inner Brisbane suburbs, such as Bulimba, Coorparoo, Enoggera, Nundah, Sherwood and Stafford are used for agriculture and grazing until the 1880s.
  • 1850 Displaced aborigines from Bribie Island, Redcliffe peninsula and Wide Bay make gunyah camps in Breakfast Creek/Eagle Farm region (until 1860s).
  • 1850 Arthur Lyon sends sample of cotton from New Farm to The Great Exhibition in London.
  • 1851 Influenza epidemic hits Brisbane (lasting in 1852).
  • The first Kindred arrive in South East Queensland. Many young Daeva and Ventrue are among them. Among others there are a small coterie of Invictus questing Knights.
  • 1855 Nearly 1000 German migrants arrive in Brisbane after political unrest and the introduction of compulsory military training; most settle in the Nundah area - More Kindred arrive with the German migration. Some Gangrel and Nosferatu are among them.
  • 1855 (5 January) Aboriginal resistance leader Dundalli hanged near current Post Office. Large-scale protests by Indigenous tribes.


Govermant House.jpg
  • 1860 Jonah McNamara, a Silver Ladder and Keeper of the Covenant, arrives in the new municipality.
  • 1862 Old Government House is completed.
  • The First Kindred Court of Brisbane is held, Government House is declared Elysium and the Mekhet are the ascendant clan.
  • 1866 11 September, food riots that were instigated by the recently retrenched workers.
  • 1867 Parliament House opens.
Parlament House.jpg


  • 1872 Jonah and two mystagogues establish Brisbane’s first cabal, the Gaslighters.


  • 1885 Horse drawn tram system commences operation. Kindred benefactors support the project in order to improve the civility of the city.


  • 1893 Brisbane flood.
  • 1893 The Gaslighters deal with a major spirit resulting from the flood who had been disturbed by decades of change.
  • 1897 Electric trams introduced. Kindred are once again involved in the progress of the trams attempting to manage the growing population of Brisbane through the manipulation of its transportation systems.
  • 1899 Queensland Museum leaves the old State Library Building to move into "Exhibition Hall" (later called the Old Museum), at Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills.


  • 1901 Celebrations held to mark Federation, on New Year's Day.
  • 1901 Fire alarms and pillar hydrants introduced to Brisbane city streets- Kindred are almost solely responsible for the instalations.
  • 1902 Central Railway Station in Ann Street, Brisbane completed. Again Kindred manage much of the opperations.
  • 1902 Brisbane officially designated city status by the Government of Queensland.
  • 1903 Zenobia claims Praxis over Brisbane and begins her long and tyrannical rule.
  • 1909 Government House opens at Bardon
  • 1909 University of Queensland opens near Parliament House.


  • 1914 Australia enters World War One
  • 1915-1918 Thousands of Brisbane residents are conscripted and killed in the Middle eastern Campaign. Many of the conscripts who never return are rumored to of been taken.
  • Significant Blood Drought causes Kindred to Fall into Torpor on mass.


  • 1920 Marius, the clan head of the Mekhet attempt to obtain dominace over the Australian Domains. He is pushed back by various Kindred across Australia.
  • 1922 Queensland Government purchases privately owned tram system and establishes the Brisbane Tramways Trust. Kindred relinquish control over the company in favor of other sytems.
  • 1925 Amalgamation of 25 local government areas to form the City of Greater Brisbane.
  • 1925 Queensland Government transfers responsibility for the tram system from the Brisbane Tramways Trust to the Brisbane City Council.
  • With Brisbane a officially recognised as a city, two more cabals move into the city: The Aces and the Black Palms.
  • 1927 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary founded
  • The First Concilium of Brisbane is formed, with Jonah as the first Hierarch.
  • 1928 Sir Charles Kingsford Smith lands in Brisbane, from San Francisco, USA, after the first flight across the Pacific Ocean.
  • 1929 - The Sheriff and The Scourge of the Kindred Court are destroyed by a Shifters at Garden’s Point.


Brisbane City Hall.jpg
  • 1930 Brisbane City Hall opened.
  • First Formal meeting established between the Hierarch, Prince, Alpha and a representative of the Changeling.
  • 1935 First formal treaty is formed by the various supernatural groups. It is known as the Brisbane Concord.
  • 1939 Forgan Smith building completed at the St. Lucia campus of the University of Queensland. (Forgan Smith building was named after the, then, Premier of Queensland)


General Douglas MacArthur.jpg
  • 1940 Story Bridge completed
  • 1942 General Douglas MacArthur arrives in Brisbane and takes offices in the AMP building (later called MacArthur Central) for the Pacific campaign during World War II
  • Spiritual disturbance is provoked by unrest, and leads to the Battle of Brisbane.
  • The Battle of Brisbane breaks out as a result of growing tensions between american and Australian troops.
  • Significant Changeling presence begin to emerge in Brisbane and cause significant emotional provocation during the riots.
  • Second Trod of Brisbane opens up at the Archerfield Airport.
  • Third Trod of Brisbane opens at Camp Ascot, or Eagle Farm Racecourse
  • Prince Zenobia calls in the aid of the young Crone Marcel Duchamp to help deal with the spiritual disturbances. Duchamp manage to deal with much of the disturbance or effectively claims credit for the calming of spiritual activity and is rewarded with Boons.
  • 1946 Following a delay caused by World War II the University of Queensland began its move from George Street, Brisbane, to its St Lucia campus, which it completed in 1972.


  • 1952 Tybalt is made Keeper of Elysium and Cloudland is established as Elysium.
  • 1954 The first formalised Changeling Freehold is formed with an extensive court structure and european seasonal monarchs.
  • 1959 After years of growing antagonism, the scourge of Brisbane threatens of kill Marcel Duchamp for a breach of territory. Duchamp attempts to call in his Boon over Zenobia for protection and to have the Scourge cast out. Zenobia refuses and Duchamp is almost killed.


  • 1960 Kindred Prince Zenobia beheads Gerome Star, the People's Harpy, in Elysium, in a depute over boons. She is removed from her position as Prince. She continues to rule the city despite others not recognising her claim.
  • 1962 The doors of Cloudland are locked declaring it no longer Elysium.
  • 1963 Zenobia The Prince of the Vampire Court is forced out of Bribane and exiled from the city.
  • Ulric Volmark of the Sanctum claims Praxis in an attempt to stop the city from falling apart and to defuse tension caused by Zenobia between Brisbane and Toowoomba.
  • 1964 Adoption of first Brisbane Town Plan
  • 1965 Two cabals of Councillors succeed in opening the Queensland Institute of Technology(later Queensland University of Technology).
  • 1968 Brisbane City Council announces conversion of tram and trolley-bus systems to all-bus operations.
  • Tensions continue to rise between Brisbane and Toowoomba. Prince Malic of Toowoomba claims that under the Lancea Sanctum Brisbane is still suffering from the corruption instituted by Zenobia. He threatens all out war with the Domain of Brisbane.
  • 1969 Tram and trolley bus systems close, new Victoria Bridge opened
  • Ulric Volmark of the Sanctum steps down from the position of Prince in order to avoid war with Toowoomba. Sebastian Volmark of the 1st Estate takes his place.
  • The position of Viceroy is established to keep the peace between Toowoomba and Brisbane. Lothar Volmark is chosen as the Brisbane representative.


  • 1974 Brisbane River flooding, the result of continual heavy rain from "Cyclone Wanda", causes major damage across city


  • 1982 Commonwealth Games
  • The first Concilium collapses without a trace. Though some survivors maintain the former Mage territories without any formal political sturcture.
  • 1984 Queensland Performing Arts Centre opened at the Queensland Cultural Centre
  • 1985 Jupiters Casino opens on the Gold Coast
  • 1985 A new cabal of Mystagogues arrives in the city from Ipswich with connections to UQ.
  • 1986 Queensland Museum moves to the Queensland Cultural Centre
  • 1986 Tennyson and Bulimba coal-fired power station closed down
  • 1986 Gateway Bridge completed.
  • 1987 The long-standing Premier of two decades, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, resigns after a series of damaging findings from a royal commission into police corruption and its links with state government ministers.
  • 1988 State Library of Queensland leaves the old State Library Building to move to the Queensland Cultural Centre
Expo 88.jpg
  • 1988 World Expo 88 held at reclaimed industrial land at South Brisbane
  • Carthain groups of the current court are directly responsible for the organisation of the Expo.
  • Current Changeling Freehold are also responsible for bringing in tourism.
  • Free Council also maintain responsibility for organising and contributing to the success of Expo 88.
  • 1989 Queensland Institute of Technology changed status to Queensland University of Technology. - This is a result of Free Councilors rebuilding their presence.


New Brisbane.jpg
  • 1990 The Second Concilium of Brisbane is formed, with Harp as the Hierarch.
  • 1991 In response to the new Concilium, three libertine cabals attached to QUT form an Assembly.
  • 1994 Use of the renovated Customs House is given to the recently formed Consilium as a gift.
  • After years of tension the Concilium and Assembly come to a peace and sign the Pax Brisbanesis.
  • 1995 Treasury Casino opens.
  • After Years of vacancy the Mages return to the fold of the current Brisbane Concord


  • 2001 Goodwill Games
  • 2007 After growing tenssion between the Valdyr and the Volmark Sebastian Volmark steps down from Praxis and Tybalt becomes the new Prince of Brisbane.
  • Ulric Volmark is selected to represent Brisbane as the Viceroy of Queensland.


  • 2010 A crisis is triggered when some mages attack and kill group of vampires in Queen St Mall. The werewolf alpha invokes the Concord and steps in to mediate. The surviving mage is dealt with harshly by the Consilium, averting wider conflict.
  • 2011 Brisbane River flooding