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These locations are for the New World of Darkness games in Brisbane: Awakening, Lost, Requiem. Also see the Brisbane New World of Darkness Historic Timeline.

OOC Note

These details are mostly for coordinating locations between genres, e.g. If an Awakening PC wants a Sanctum in Hamilton Library they need to be aware a Lost NPC already resides there.

Characters may know more details of locations for their genre; see the venue pages for what is commonly known.

For other genres, however, they will know few, if any, details. Due to the Brisbane Concord, they may know "stay away from this area", but won't even necessarily know which other group the area belongs to.


Location Region Genre Notes
Mount Nebo Far North West Awakening Ardent Compass cabal
Commons, Gaythorne North-West Lost safehouse
Nundah North-East Requiem Gangrel and Nosferatu
Camp Ascot Trod, Ascot North-East Lost trod, freehold, Summer Tyrant
The Library, Hamilton North-East Lost
Spring Retreat, Indooroopilly West Lost Former Spring Court (NPC)
Emerald Pearl Boxing Gym, Indooroopilly West Lost Mother Lupa, current Spring Monarch
Quarry House, St Lucia West Awakening Stonemasons cabal
Gaslight Mansion, Toowong West Awakening Lighthouse cabal
Toowong Cemetery West  ?  ?
Old Government House CBD Requiem Elysium
QUT Kelvin Grove Inner City, North Awakening Several Free Council cabals
Transit Centre, Roma St CBD Forsaken
Gotham Tower, City CBD Awakening Archons cabal
Central Railway Station CBD Requiem
Tranquility Apartments, City CBD Lost Sebastian Lund Jazz bar
Archives Fine Books, City CBD Lost Black Rook
Customs House, City CBD Awakening Consilium
Hadegi Watchtower, City CBD Requiem Major corporation
QUT Gardens Point Campus, City CBD Awakening Free Council
Southbank Inner City, South  ? multiple groups claim responsibility for Expo '88
Avanti Books, West End Inner City, South Lost Lizzy Spoons
Mater Hospital, South Brisbane Inner City, South Requiem Volmark
Graceville South Awakening Saints of Grace cabal
Archerfield South Lost Antagonists Trod, changeling freehold, captured by The Others
Amity Trod, North Stradbroke Island East Lost Antagonists Loyalist Trod