Jamie Mahina

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Jamie Mahina
Concept: Free Spirited Rebel
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian Movement
City: City
Title: none
Sire: Delphi
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: house
Embraced: 5th December 1922
Player: NPC
Storyteller: City VST

Personal Information


Jamie has always been thin, a bit willowy, and covered in freckles. Her long mousy hair and sad eyes are at odds with her big smile and adventurous spirit. She loves to try out the latest fashions and is adoring hipster culture because it blends all her favourite styles of the last 90 years



Jamie is friendly and bright, and a little bit sassy. She always ready to help, but can always be found at protests and riots, getting involved in urban warfare. Fuck the government!
She loves her family dearly and shows it by sending them a letter every Christmas detailing the events of her year. She always includes a detailed sketch of something important that happened that year. The letter includes a PO Box return address in Sydney, but no other contact info.

Mortal World

Known as the drunk girls’ best Uber, she drives an Uber around on Friday and Saturday nights, picking up drunk girls and making sure they’re delivered home safely. Has been known to start fights with dude bros trying to stop girls getting into her car. She also owns a small boutique hotel in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1899 – Born in Dublin, Ireland, to wealthy parents
  • 1919 – Moves to America after stealing some money from her parents
  • 1922 – Embraced by Delphi
  • 1939 – Abandons her family and her roles within the Invictus to move to Australia and join the Carthian Movement
  • 1945 – Meets Chakori for the first time at a post-war celebration
  • 1966 – Finds Kori again and begins travelling with her
  • 1971 – Meets Isaac Foxe at a bar and watches Kori embrace him. Takes him under her wing when Kori leaves. Buys a home in Sydney
  • 1985 – Meets up with Kori again and explains that Isaac joined the Lance. Spends a week trying to calm her down
  • 1986 – Marries Chakori in Byron Bay
  • 1989 – Parts ways with Kori again, knowing she can’t tie her down to a single place. Settles back to her life in Sydney
  • 2016 – Came down to visit Isaac in Melbourne just before he joined the Crone

Recent History



Known Sire

  • Delphi – What can I say when someone has already said it all <3

Known Siblings

  • Margarete Wulfhild – So strong, both of body and heart, I wish she’d respond to my letters. I haven’t heard from her in so long…
  • NPC Childe

Known Childer

  • Isaac Foxe [Adoptive] – I don't think I could ever have chosen a better brat to embrace.


Quotes By

"Family is just as much love as it is blood; and you don’t have to agree with each other 100% of the time to still love each other…"

Quotes About

"Her free spirit reminded me of something I had lost. She reminded me of my youth in Corsica. She has found her place, in this Danse and in my heart" - Delphi
"Her face is made of nostalgia, and her tongue of honey and fire. I shouldn't call her baby-girl- she's like three times my age- but in my heart of hearts, I do." - Vulture


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