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Concept: Unknown
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder ••
Consilium: Adelaide •••
Legacy N/A
Cabal: N/A
Player: [mailto: Coby]
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
Heirarch Regis

Personal Information

Regis is a family orientated businessman from Sicily who gets things done, you need something looked into? He has a guy. You need a bit of extra muscle? He has some guys. So on so forth.


Regis is a 36 year old looking man who has combed back brown/greying hair, brown eyes, a well kept beard, and is always dressed well, most usually in a suit of some description.


His immediate nimbus is pale green Spectral Weapons glow and float around him, twisting as if asking to be used. All others feel the weight of their power as if Generations before would have wielded them.


Regis is very courteous and well mannered around acquaintances, however around his family he is a kind hearted and loving husband and father.

  • Well mannered people
  • Useful and smart people
  • People who care and love their family
  • Stupidity
  • Lack of manners where they are truly required
  • Fake Italian food
  • Buisness deals
  • Negotiations of any kind
  • Finding people
  • Not very physically strong
  • Golf
  • Fishing with his Son


  • Heirarch of Adelaide
  • Papa


  • 1970 - Details

Not yet alive

  • 1980 - Details

Not yet

  • 1981 - Details

There we go, Born 7/7/1981

  • 1990 - Details

Growing up in Sicily with his brother, mother, and father. At age 18 he was inducted into his families buisness, and it was when he awoke

  • 2000 - Details

Moved to Adelaide with only a few members of his fathers business, sets up an Adelaide branch. once decently set up he lets himself be known to the local Conscilium

  • 2010 - Details

Takes over the business from his father and continues to build upon it in Adelaide, in this time he had joined the Silver Ladder, seeing their ways and their beliefs and knowing they line up to his. He studied under Lumis until he believed he was ready.

  • 2013 - Details

Spends a lot of time building his connections around Adelaide,

Recent Events

Regis has begun scouting for a location of the Silver Tower of Adelaide


Quotes By

  • "Batti Batti le manine, che arriva papa, con tanti biscottini, che (Sons name) mangera" - Regis singing to his son.
  • "Perish in Hell? No, I will rule it." - Regis waking from a nightmare of The Father cursing him to perish in Hell.

Quotes About

  • "Come now Regis, Lets have another go. Another tuff. Another Chance for you to lose" - Lumis
  • “Your wife and son don’t need you to survive, Regis. They need you to LIVE, and you can’t do that if you let this chain you down” - Alysia over a game of Tak
  • “Regis is the cool Mage-Uncle that everyone wishes they had.” - Cassian when asked to describe Regis
  • "It's rare to find a ruler whose sole motivation isn't one born of a desire for power, but instead to protect, lead and guide those under their care .” - Dantalion


"Quote" - reference


  • Is part of the Italian Mafia from Sicily
  • His tortellini recipe was almost featured on MasterChef Australia

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Coby]
Number: AU2015070005
Domain: Adelaide