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Concept: Femme Fatale
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Consilium: Adelaide
Legacy [[Category: CofD|]]
Cabal: [[]]
Player: Eva Cavallaro
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information

(OOC Note: This information is not common knowledge IC and is here purely for reference and tie-building purposes. Please confirm with myself or my VST if you feel your character would have knowledge about it)

Alysia was born to ambitious, wealthy parents and grew up in the leafy and prestigious neighbourhood of Victoria Avenue in Mitcham, South Australia. She attended Loreto College and when she was considered old enough would accompany her parents to the high society parties and dinners they frequented. Alysia enjoyed these outings and spent most of her allowance on expensive clothes, makeup and jewellery so that she always looked her best.

When Alysia Awakened in 2008 she was absolutely stunned to discover that her parents were, in fact, Mages, but she naively regarded the news with hope that they would be able to help her navigate and make sense of her new abilities. Alysia and her parents planned to take a small holiday after which they said her new-found abilities would make a lot more sense, but before they departed they attended one last ball to ‘celebrate’ and directed her to wear a jewel-encrusted red gown of their choosing. This ball was very different to any other event her parents had taken her to and Alysia listened in horror to the conversations that took place. She excused herself on the pretext of ‘needing some air’ and swiftly left the premises, eventually checking into the Stamford Plaza Hotel on North Terrace. Sleep did not come for her that night however and she spent the entire time laying in the bed staring at the ceiling and feeling very vulnerable and scared.

Alysia eventually took to prostitution to support herself as she was far too proud to return home, especially knowing what she now did about her family. With Life Magic at her disposal she seemed a natural at this profession and soon she was earning enough to be able to enjoy something resembling the lavish lifestyle she had grown up with. She came to the attention of the local Guardians of the Veil who put her through Initiation. Alysia finally passed her White Veil in 2009, but not before her mother managed to track her down and tried to convince her to return home. The outcome of that meeting has been a closely guarded secret, with only Alysia and one other knowing the truth of what happened, but Alysia has lived itinerantly since that night and hardly ever speaks of her family or her past, though she still wears that same gown for most Consilium gatherings.



A shimmering peacock's tail forms behind her, slowly growing until it matches her height and fanning and fluttering behind her. A soft trilling can be heard to fill the area.


Alysia can be very flirtatious and charming and sometimes refers to herself as being the 'nice' Guardian because she will often make a genuine effort to get along with most Mages of other Orders. However she can turn in an instant especially when Guardian works are compromised by those outside the Order.

  • Sex and flirting
  • Parties
  • Fancy clothes and jewellery
  • Peacocks
  • Seduction-based espionage
  • Spirits
  • Seers
  • Mood-swings
  • Regis
  • Academics


Information Known by Awakened Society


  • 2008 - Awakened in Adelaide, SA
  • 2009 - Initiated into the Guardians
  • 2010 - Moved interstate

Recent Events


  • JANUARY - Receives a number of blank business cards in the mail. Each one is suspiciously timed to coincide with rumours from Adelaide about prostitute's safehouses being bought out.
  • FEBRUARY - Alysia suspects that Seers are behind the mysterious mail she's been receiving and travels down to Adelaide hoping for answers. She's reunited with fellow Guardians Dantalion and Johnny Whisper and explains to them what has been happening before the rest of the Consilium turns up. She's mortified to learn that a local Mage calling himself Guy Incognito has not only found video footage of a Seer torturing someone but has given that footage to the police and seems completely oblivious to the recklessness of such an action. With help from a visiting Vampire 'friend' of Guy's, Alysia manages to track down her stalker and confronts him over the phone. Alysia, Johnny and Dantalion talk privately and come up with a plan to deal with the Seers.
  • MARCH - An emergency Consilium meeting is called by Regis after all the mages wake up to find their Mana completely drained. Together the mages trace the source of the problem to a shop in Gawler where Alysia and Regis distract the shop assistant while the others locate the device. Everyone heads to a so-called "no magic zone" where Hephaestus and Johnny manage to stop it. The backlash seriously injures a young Moros called Susan and Alysia steps in to help but many of the injuries are too severe for Alysia to successfully heal them. Later Alysia finds herself talking to a relatively new mage called Cheshyre and encourages him to consider applying to join the Guardians.
  • APRIL - Alysia is frustrated as her mission with the Seers seems to be yielding nothing more than unsolicited photographs of Seer Marcus O'Connell's genitalia. She's also worried about the possibility that the Seers might have a planted agent amongst the Consilium. She discusses these concerns with Johnny and Dantalion and suggests a way they might be able to figure out if any Consilium members have had up-close-and-personal dealings with the Seers. Johnny agrees to give Alysia his True Name to pass on to the Seers in the hope that this will further the mission.
  • MAY - During a Consilium gathering at Susan's gym, the Guardians steal away into a private room to discuss a few things. Johnny is attacked by the bookshelf and Alysia does her best to heal the injuries before racing downstairs to alert Regis to the attack. A worried Alysia watches on as Johnny is examined by Regis and Aon until she receives a text message from Marcus confirming that he was behind the attack. When Regis comes back to her to ask questions, she telepathically reminds him that she's in the middle of a mission with the Seers and she knows they're responsible for the attack. She begs Regis not to tell anyone what's going on and to try to encourage everyone to be on their guard just in case. A short time later while discussing Spirit matters with visiting werewolf Beth, Alysia panics when she sees Aon bringing an unconscious man whom she recognises as one of Marcus' minions into the room. She insists that the unconscious man be removed immediately and that everyone leave the building. When no one moves to do so Alysia grabs the body and urges Johnny to help her carry it out. She and Dantalion then head to Club 109 and Alysia approaches Faith, asking her to pass on a message to "a mutual friend". After they leave Dantalion informs her that he spotted Sugar in the club; Alysia urges him to call Johnny and tell him. Minutes later Alysia receives an electric shock from her phone and realises her undercover mission is probably blown. She's furious when Dantalion informs her that Aon has gone into the club and extracted Sugar. When Johnny receives a phone call asking for the Guardians to go to the Buddhist Temple to meet with Sugar, Regis, Aon and Hephaestus to "answer a few questions" both Alysia and Dantalion refuse and Dantalion orders Johnny to refuse as well, and the pair inform Johnny that Aon has been eavesdropping and has probably blown the mission and put them all at risk. Dantalion takes Alysia out for a few drinks to try to get her to relax but in the morning she is still fuming and warns the Adamantine Arrow and Hephaestus that there will be consequences for their reckless actions. Later in the month she attends a Gala at Marcus' invitation where she is finally officially introduced to the other Seers, including the notorious Kefka whom she is shocked to recognise, however while going through the 'pleasantries' with him he is pulled aside by Marcus who whispers something in his ear. Alysia watches, unable to move, as Kefka begins throwing magic around. Marcus orders Alysia to run as the Abyss begins pouring into the room and she does, bumping into Aon on the way out and pulling him with her. Alysia brings Aon to a safehouse in Kent Town and once she's done checking to make sure he's not injured she calls Dantalion for help. The three of them come up with a plan to hopefully preserve Alysia's cover as well as figure out if any of the Seers made it out alive. Alysia stresses that, for everyone's safety, Kefka's true identity needs to remain a closely-guarded secret until a plan can be formed to take him out.
  • JUNE - The Guardians having agreed that Alysia's presence at the Gala should not be known, Alysia formulates a story and arranges her memories to be altered to reflect what she will be saying if asked about that night. She offers the same to Aon but he assures her he is capable of protecting himself from Mind Magic and seems confident that he can pull of his own version of what happened. Alysia takes some time to bond with Sugar, taking her into the Shadow where Alysia does her best to fill Sugar in on some of the events of the past few months and share frustrations and concerns about the current state of relations between the Guardians and the Mysterium. Alysia also confides what she has discovered about Kefka's identity, urging Sugar to keep it secret but also petitioning her help keeping an eye on those Mages closest to him to make sure they're safe. Sugar agrees and the pair return to the gathering, bantering with each other and some of the others until Oz suddenly blurts out that Johnny has 'fucked things up for the Mysterium'. Alysia demands that he explain what he means but Oz refuses to answer and handballs to Hephaestus who claims Johnny has broken Gold Law but refuses to say anything more than that his supposed 'crimes' have been reported to the Hierarch. Barely able to control her anger, Alysia insists on a private meeting with Regis immediately and brings him into the Shadow before demanding to know what charges are being brought against her Order-mate. Regis shows her the list Hephaestus has given him and spends the following twenty minutes trying to calm her down and stop her from running after Hephaestus and attacking him right there and then. The pair teleport to meet the others who by now have gone to track down a supposed Atlantean Temple, however upon getting inside Alysia and Regis quickly realise it might actually be an Exarch's Demense, a theory that is confirmed after each member of the Consilium goes through a 'trial' and is later brought before the Exarch who commands and then magically forces everyone to kneel. Alysia defiantly quotes one of the Guardian's Exoteric Tenets at him, at the time giving little thought to the reprimand she will likely receive later. Alysia later finds herself disturbed that she managed to pass what was essentially a Seer Initiation ritual and after updating the rest of the Guardians on the events of the night she tells them she will be going off-grid for a bit to clear her head.
  • JULY - Alysia sets in motion the first steps of a plan to remove Kefka from the equation. Playing to the Seers' and Guardians' mutual hatred of Scelesti and buttering up Marcus' ego, she convinces him that if they could only get rid of Kefka the Seer cell would be much better off under Marcus' leadership. At the same time Alysia approaches a select group of Mages she trusts and tells them Kefka's true identity, enlisting their help. Alysia also takes some time out to visit the Werewolves, providing valuable information about the Spirits responsible for the intense stormy weather Adelaide had been receiving and offering to help deal with them once and for all. Later Alysia visits GeeGee at the older lady's request where she is given an unexpected gift. During the visit GeeGee's health takes a disastrous turn and though Alysia is able to heal the damage and calls for an Ambulance, she leaves the house feeling rather worried for the kindly old lady
  • AUGUST - Alarmed to discover that at least two members of the Generations Cabal appear to have lost their powers, Alysia calls a meeting in the upstairs bar of a Hindley Street pub, somewhat reluctantly allowing a werewolf named Victor to attend. Despite only a handful of mages turning up, they attempt to investigate the mysterious letters they received a few days before, taking them to a Tax Accountant's office in North Adelaide where they're shocked to find an extremely long list of names and addresses across the country. However their attempt to investigate further is hampered when Guy, despite being previously warned, attempts to cast a spell on everyone in the room including the visiting werewolf. A few days later Alysia contacts Bethany to explain what happened and ask if she can meet with the werewolves to try to clear the matter up before any of them decide to go after the Mages as well as to warn the werewolves about the letters. She's shocked when vampire JD McDonald is also there and tells her that the vampires were targeted by the same group months ago, moreso because JD tells her that he had told the Mages when it first happened. Much of the rest of the night is spent with JD and Bethany arguing with Guy and Alysia over their refusal to hand over the list of names. Finally, Alysia asks to speak to JD in private where he pressures her to give him a 'plan' before the vampires' deadline a week later. Alysia explains that she has only just found out about this and has been tasked with trying to investigate, and promises to contact him if her investigations turn up anything useful but concedes that she is unlikely to get anything solid within a week. A few days later, following a tip from one of her girls, Alysia meets a man named Isaiah Willoughby at the Old Spot Hotel but freezes when, in conversation with someone else, Isaiah mentions a name she sincerely hoped she would never hear and upon realising that she is not the only mage in the room she does her best to get Regis's attention and pleads with him to get everyone out. Minutes later she watches from the relative safety of the Shadow as Isaiah is burned alive in a frightening battle between creatures she's never seen before. Alysia realises this particular case may be hitting too close to home for her and she decides to visit Umbra Regis to ask his advice.
  • SEPTEMBER - Alysia attempts to work with JD MacDonald to investigate the AISO issue but her efforts are somewhat hampered by the frustrating number of dead ends she encounters. She attends a Werewolf meeting, hoping to compare notes on both this and an unusually large Spirit she encountered in a gym locker room, however the werewolves are clearly not interested and instead she finds herself going with them to locate a suspect in the Surgeon Slasher case. She's horrified to discover that the victims were all members of a pedophilia ring targeting mental health patients and when she learns that several perpetrators are still alive, she helps the werewolves convince the murderer to let them live so they can face the judicial system. She offers to help elicit confessions from the surviving members of the ring but finds JD has beaten her to the punch, so instead asks for their names so she can try to track down other victims, hoping that extra testimony will help ensure they stay locked up for good.
  • OCTOBER - Alysia attends the national Convocation in Brisbane. She’s surprised to run into JD while there but tries to help him investigate the recently-released Reality 2.0 game and offers to help a group of werewolves deal with a Spirit that seems to be possessing the game. She also meets representatives from the Launceston Guardians and tries as best she can to fill them in on events in Adelaide. Towards the end of the Convocation she helps apprehend a Launceston-based Mage accused of being a Scelesti and is horrified that they are insisting on not killing him. She leaves abruptly, deciding to let them learn for themselves and leaves Brisbane looking forward to her upcoming trip to Vanuatu. Alysia is hoping for a relaxing week where she can recharge and refocus, however her enjoyment is somewhat disturbed by the realisation that she is being stalked again. Her fears are confirmed when she returns home to find that her passport has been seemingly magically switched, confirming not only the identity of her stalker but the presence of a second Seer cell in Adelaide.

Within hours of her plane touching down in Adelaide Alysia attends a meeting hosted by Regis and later persuades the Consilium, along with Marcus, to lure Kefka into a trap and kill him. Marcus makes an attempt to leave the scene of the attack but is attacked by Oz and forces Alysia to swear a Geas to kill Oz if given the chance. Alysia is angry and terrified and confides to Regis and Dantalion about what has happened, begging them to make sure she is restrained if she is ever in a position to fulfill the oath.

  • NOVEMBER - Alysia grows increasingly worried at the persistence of her stalker. She contacts Regis and asks for his help to remove her Connections to him. She attends the Consilium gathering in disguise, using the identity Berenice, and watches the proceedings in anxious silence. Regis teleports everyone to a new location; when they arrive Alysia is frightened to realise she is suddenly holding a box in her hand. She very gingerly opens it and lets out a small scream at the sight of Marcus' severed head inside. Regis severs its Connections and is able to describe the Nimbus of its sender, causing Alysia to start to panic as she realises exactly who it is. She warns everyone that they need to leave the location immediately but instead Regis and Dantalion attempt to pull the sender through, unsuccessfully, and ignoring Alysia's warning that their target will do everything he can to resist any attempt to use magic on him. Alysia sneaks out and decides to call him, and is very disturbed and frightened by the conversation that ensues. The night ends with her and Regis warning everyone to be extra careful, that this individual has threatened the entire Consilium and is powerful enough to be able to act on that threat.
  • DECEMBER - Alysia agrees to help one of the Werewolf packs deal with a Spirit of Death that is causing havoc in the Lyell McEwan Hospital, and is torn when she finds out that her older brother is a patient at Glenside Hospital.


  • JANUARY - Alysia takes some time to herself to reflect on the previous twelve months.
  • FEBRUARY - Alysia helps the werewolves to recruit a small ‘army’ of Healing Spirits to help deal with the Death Spirit at the Lyell McEwan Hospital and finds time to confide in the werewolf Erica about some of her past. She urges the werewolves to try to fix the Shadow at Glenside and explains that she won’t be able to help them do so, but that she has a very personal reason for being anxious about the current state of the Shadow there.
  • APRIL - Alysia has mixed feelings as her birthday comes and goes. She largely spends time by herself as she reflects on her past and tries to figure out the best path for her future
  • MAY - When Wolfblooded Anders Dahl is captured by a group of Pure, Alysia volunteers to help retrieve him but the mission ends in tragedy despite her best efforts.
  • JULY - Alysia lectures Erica about how not to deal with Spirits that are problematic and finally starts taking a hands-on approach to the issues at Glenside.
  • SEPTEMBER - Alysia finally bites the bullet and asks JD to help her track her brother down and he searches Glenside only to find out the brother was discharged about five months earlier. Out of frustration she tries to bribe a Spirit to give her his location.
  • OCTOBER - Alysia receives a solemn reminder of her own mortality on a trip to the West Coast when she reluctantly agrees to help the Perth werewolves deal with what she thinks is an Abyssal Spirit and is almost killed in the battle. She later runs into a disguised Thoth and after verifying his identity asks for his advice with some Mage-related issues back home. Thoth offers to visit Adelaide to help. Alysia is exasperated when JD outs her to another vampire without asking. After returning home she becomes obsessed with finding her brother and begins to suspect that he’s involved in a series of murders. When her suspicions are confirmed she enlists the Protectorate’s help to deal with him once and for all but they express frustration at her continued reluctance to divulge certain information
  • NOVEMBER - Alysia convinces the werewolves to help hunt down and kill her brother and considers changing her Shadow Name


  • JANUARY - Alysia decides to revert back to her original Shadow Name, Berenice
  • FEBRUARY - After being shot multiple times and left for dead helping the Protectorate investigate a possible drug ring, Berenice snaps and decides not to indulge their blatant recklessness any longer. The experience leaves her shaken especially when, thinking her to be dead, the werewolves offer her corpse to JD
  • MARCH - Berenice is horrified when Anders visits her and confides that he has to deal with a Hunter Cell in order to join his chosen Tribe and counsels him as best she can, but she's inwardly furious that the existence of the Cell was apparently kept secret. Though she can't help him in the way that he had hoped, she tags along to at least try to prevent him getting killed. At the end of the month she sits down with JD and, among other things, makes the decision to initiate him into the first stages of Guardian of the Veil induction in an attempt to protect them both from punishment over his discovery of Guardian secrets.
  • MAY - Berenice helps the Protectorate investigate a series of kidnappings and plays a risky game with the local Ivory Claw tribe
  • JUN - an AISO agent invites themselves to the Protectorate meeting but not before Erica attempts to bully Berenice into disregarding the very Mage laws that she is supposed to be enforcing and attempting to gaslight Berenice’s objections. She finally reaches a breaking point when Erica, despite having been previously told that Berenice has very specific beliefs regarding death and funerary rites, tries not once but twice to talk Berenice into disregarding them.
  • JUL - Berenice is shocked to find out there might be Mages in Perth and at long last is finally able to go ahead with her brother’s funeral. She decides to try again to tackle the issue of how to safely retrieve a Daimonikon from the basement of a shopping centre


Quotes By

  • "Boys, can we stop the dick-measuring please?" - Alysia trying to break up an argument between fellow Guardian Johnny Whisper and Mysterium mage Hephaestus
  • "So it's perfectly fine for our rights under Gold Law to be violated but when we try to do our jobs we're the ones who get hauled up for it?" - A furious Alysia venting her frustrations at Hierarch Regis upon learning that Hephaestus is bringing a load of trumped-up charges against Johnny
  • "All thrones are false!" - Alysia defying an Exarch trying to force the Consilium to kneel before him.
  • “Of course darling” - Alysia whenever anyone asks if she can keep a secret

Quotes About

  • “Extremely proficient at the Spirit arts and also stunningly beautiful. What more could you ask for?” - Dantalion
  • "There's fuckin Peacock Wizards now? What the Fuck!" - Buzz


  • Regis - "I can get you to Sicily; you can hide there"
    • Alysia - "He's already followed me to Vanuatu! How would Sicily be any different?"
  • Regis - "Well what do you want me to do?"
    • Alysia - crying "I don't know"

- Alysia and Regis discussing the realisation of one of her greatest fears


  • She's one of Regis's 'guys'
    • But not in 'that' way; his wife would kill him!
  • Actually a planted Seer agent
  • Has a Seer boyfriend
    • She doesn’t do boyfriends though
      • A Seer ‘client’ then
        • I hope she at least charges him extra
  • Supposedly a Thyrsus but notice how she seems to be good at protecting her mind?
    • I heard she's actually a Mastigos but pretends not to know any Mind magic so no one will suspect
  • Got married in secret recently
    • Not really; it’s not exactly a secret when you don’t change out of your wedding dress before attending a gathering

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Eva Cavallaro]
Number: 2012060018
Domain: Adelaide