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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••••
City: Brisbane
Title: Grand Priestess (Covenant Speaker), Hierophant, High Priestess, Oracle
Sire: N/A
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Ashbury, Domus (Adopted)
Embraced: 1967
Player: Morgen Boulton
Storyteller: [mailto: Brisbane VST]

Personal Information

The Crow and the Serpent, the Wolf and the Moon, the Fury and the Storm
The Reynder Family Crest

"She is the rock to lean on, your shoulder to cry on, the demon whispering thoughts into your ear."


As beautiful as she is enigmatic, Celene treats her appearance like a sculptor would to marble. She takes what she possesses and turns it into a work of splendor, reveling in bright shimmering mosaics of glittering black and silver. Everything she presents sparkles, from her jewelry to her clothes and even her hair. Every inch of her body is covered in something that glows under the pale moon, from her head to her very ankles. Her appearance and very presence is hard to miss for even if one turns their gaze away deliberately, they will find the music resonating from her many coins and trinkets hard to ignore. Celene's crimson eyes are coated in a smokey layer of shadow that accentuates her lids, adjoined by a dark sharpened steeped brow.


Celene is a people pleaser, a social butterfly that enjoys the company of kine and kindred alike. She is polite and affectionate to those she knows well, spending her admiration freely as she does granting gifts. She amplifies what is given to her, whether that be company by inviting others into the conversation, knowledge by adding her insights to the various topics in which she has studied over the years or even combat, by supporting and ensuring those partaking in it, including herself, reach the most desirable outcome. She thrives in the limelight, but knows when it is time for others to shine. However, underlying her presentation and warming smile, Celene's possesses an innate hunger - a challenging predatory aura that rouses itself during seemingly random acts, whether that be conversing with a friend or feeding from her ghouls. Ultimately, she is a polite and warm individual, who enjoys to listen as much as she does talking. She is the rock to lean on, your shoulder to cry on, the demon whispering thoughts into your ear.

Mortal World

  • Mortal Father - Lawrence Kilpatrick. Dairy Farmer, Stockman, Australian Soldier. Died in Papua New Guinea 1942.
  • Mortal Mother - Serena Kilpatrick. Predominant settler and farmer of the Nimbin region.

Celene, formerly known as Celestina was an activist, political campaigner and travelling carny who ventured into the entertainment business to become a successful stakeholder and dancer in Sydney's growing club scene. Her successful career spanned over nearly a decade before she retired to take care of her children. Her mortal identity is considered a missing persons case as all documentation of her ceases when she left for California.

The kindred known as Celene, going under the guise of Theresa Green, is a successful businesswoman and dancer. She frequently socializes and fraternizes, gaining more popularity with each passing month. The clubs in which she entertains ranges from simple humble social clubs to BDSM-driven nightcore nightclubs. Each environment samples its own taste, and she wishes to drink in them all.


Information Known by Kindred Society

"Through the gates of both death and darkness. She is the mother of nite, forbidden desires"


** Not known unless told IC or you actually investigate Sydney's history. **

  • 1932 - Born on the backbone of the Great Depression, Celestina grew up in the Northern Rivers on the border of Nimbin in rural New South Wales. Made to work from an early age due to the drought affecting crops and forcing wages thin, she was made to work the family dairy farm whose cattle had suffered from the prolonged heatwaves and shortage of food. The livestock died numerously and so she was taught how to flay, cut and tan leather as well as perform the other duties the farm required of her, such as milking, turning curd into cheese and converting manure into fertilizer. Using what they could however didn't stop the famine that was to come, and shortly after becoming hungry became commonplace among the household. Vermin became daily nuisances, forcing the farm girl to learn how to keep them off both the cattle and herself lest they wake up with torn flesh or worse - dead. It was dirty and trying work, and after the beginning of the Second World War, social, economic and political change urged Australia into a new era of technological advancement. Japanese invasion threatened Australia's borders, urging Celestina's father, Lawrence who enlisted into the army to be sent off to fight in Papua New Guinea, leaving the family dairy farm to be run by his cousin, his wife and his children.
  • 1940s - 1950s - Lawrence died in the Battle of Buna-Gona, 1942. Through his letters he spoke of horrific scenes of finding starving Japanese troops in the jungle where they had turned against their brothers in arms and consumed them. These recounts of violence inspired Celene to take up an interest in reading despite their grisly nature and began her pursuit in human phenomena and supernatural folktales. It was during these years that the young woman dabbled into otherworldly curiosities, spurned by her love of mythology and stories trickled down through the generations of neighbours, townsfolk and regular customers they frequently interacted with.
  • 1950s - 1960s - Her psychic abilities blossomed, and with it came pretense for growth. No longer craving the languid repetitious duty of farm work, Celestina moved to Sydney to find work that suited her talents. She established a small palm-reading and tarot carnival attraction that traveled across the suburbs of Sydney. This however, would not go on to be her lasting career. Having always been enamored in the arts of dancing since her introduction to it at the local country fairs, she used what money she could spare to get lessons with a burlesque mistress who was offering courses for fledgling women who sought to make a living from the craft. After countless hours spent dedicating her time to exceeding her own limitations, Celene managed to master enough of the craft to be granted access to the newly established nighttime entertainment scene of the coastal city. There, among the nightlife she met Viktor Reynder, a club baron and an underworld kingpin that saw promise in her.
  • 1960s - 1970s - The baron and her were quick to find solace in eachother. She saw in him great cunning and intellect, balanced by a powerful presence and brawn that outmatched most men she had met. While he was harsh, she remained gentle, and the two balanced out eachother where they needed to be. Together, they started a family and wed on the harbour in a hand fastening ceremony accompanied by progressives and celebrants from all around. It wasn't long after that the young woman attracted the attention of the society of the shadows; of the world beyond their own. The cacophony saw her, and through them Ljónynja Øringr sought to bring Celestina into their world. The young psychic quickly accepted her promise as a ghoul and together, they frequented the city nightlife and through it, together, she learned and grew. She learned much from the Lioness, both on how to get what she wanted and how to get things done. To influence people and the world around her both. To discover a world beyond what she knew yet had always suspected of being there brought the mortal great relief and yet, its mysteries frightened her with a passion to which only ignited her curiosity further. One of those mysteries happened to be a follower, an individual she saw seldom outside the meetings with her Mistress. But yet, something about them drew her to them. As it turned out, that individual carried a gift, and it was one so close to her own that for upon discovery, the woman mistook it for her own experiences. Delphi was their name, and through them, the ghoul came to better understand her gift. It was the working of the gods, she was told. A rare imprint passed on to women who were once deemed witches. To finally have someone who understood her made Celene truly grateful, and through the two Invictus she began a promising climb into her ascension. Her mortal children were healthy, and with a blossoming career and marriage, nothing could have been better for her. However, the new world she had tapped into was full of intricacies she couldn't fully grasp and one night, she was traded to the Crone as a means of covering past mistakes; an agreement she lamented. The Circle of the Crone however were unlike the Invictus she had grown accustomed to, and though she missed the lioness dearly, she soon felt that the Circle better understood the predicaments she had been dealing with ever since her curiosity into the supernatural grew. Through the Crone, she learned of the Dark Mother's presence and many gifts and came to accept through those trials that it was because of the Goddess she had been granted the Sight. It was later in the decade after she had spent years serving in the chorus of the Crone that her life took another unexpected turn. She was sent as an entourage to the US, to deliver messages and gifts to the Circle on the Californian coast. It was a test and upon return, she was promised what she had been desiring all along; an embrace. Fate however, would not see her fulfill that promise and during the Summer of Love, that embrace was shallowly stolen by a man who saw nothing beyond her appearance and charm. She wasn't the only one, however. Soon, it became clear others had also fallen victim to this sudden attack, and with it, the Prince's wrath forced what should have been a long summer for the afflicted closed.
  • 1970s - 1980s - For the coming years, for Celene and her new blood brother Redfoot, it was a trial of survival. Cut off from her contacts, the woman desperately attempted to seek help, sending letters to her husband across the ocean to which went no reply came. Thinking that he no longer wanted anything to do with her since she had changed or perhaps somehow, he had died, the grief-stricken neonate had no choice but to remain in the US until she was able to formulate contacts to get back to Australia. It was hard enough as a human, but as a vampire, it was almost impossible to find a safe way to get across the sea. Her letters eventually risked the masquerade as she sent them to the vassals and ghouls of her mentors. She loathed asking for help from them, thinking that perhaps she'd failed their teachings; that reaching out was a sign of weakness. She could only hope they cared for her as much as she did for them. Her prayers were finally answered a few months after she sent the second batch of letters with a missive and instructions sent by Delphi to meet up with her contacts on the San Francisco docks. Her and her Brother eventually fled the US and came back to Australia to take refuge there after spending several years in California. They weren't sure how many others were embraced by the same man that Summer two years ago, nor how many still lived. But they were lucky enough to see another night. Upon arriving in Australia, She later found out that viktor had conscripted as a soldier to fight in the Vietnam War. Taking measures to ensure their children were kept safe and out of vampire politics, she sent them away to be housed with family back in rural NSW while she waited for news of her Viktors death.
  • 1980s - 1990s - Celene and her blood brother went seperate ways as a means to lose the heat after staying in Australia for a few short months. Redfoot went off to pursue his newfound spiritual awakening while Celene chose to remain in Sydney in order to track down her former allies and contacts. Apparently the Sydney kindred court had become undone and overturned in the time she had spent overseas, leaving its members scattered and without leadership.
  • 1990s - 2000s - Met with Jakob roe while travelling rural NSW and played host for him and his ghoul. They shared a night of entertainment and parted on good terms, agreeing to become pen pals as the Daeva she'd met in Australia hadn't been as numerous as she thought. Despite their brief meeting, they quickly became allies.
  • 2000s - Present - Celene arrived in Brisbane in early 2017 with Viktor who were invited to partake in a gathering held in Toowoomba.

Recent History


  • February - Arrived in Brisbane
  • May - Opened her first business in Brisbane, to which was received with positive acclaim.
  • June - Gave away her most prized ghoul, Sophie, to Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca.
  • July - Lead the Crone on a successful hunt and became Hierophant of Brisbane.
  • August / September - Assisted in the creation of the Brisbane Shadow Council and assisted delegating a speaker for the upcoming Conclave. Gave aid to the werewolves and started to make arrangements to shelter them.
  • October - Finds evidence of the Bishop threatening to start a war and promptly accuses him and has him ashed. She helps rescue her fallen Crone ally and begins their treatment / recovery.
  • November / December - Conducts several business arrangements and gains the trust of the Werewolves and several of the Mages.


  • Started ensuring plans were put in place to remove certain individuals from the court. Unfortunately the plans work out too well and end up backfiring exponentially. One of the clubs she purchases is condemned and is given the task of assisting in cleaning up the Invictus' mess.



  • Viktor Reynder - Club Baron and Underworld Kingpin. Married in mortal life. Their marriage has extended over decades and has carried over into their undeath where it has become an open relationship. Celene and the Baron live separate lives but continue to be together as partners in business and love.


  • Ljónynja Øringr - Matriarch, Alder Lord and Lioness. The first kindred Celene ever met. She became enthralled with the world in which she lived and served proudly as her ghoul for several years before leaving her service. She's regards the Lioness with the utmost loyalty and respect, and although she is not part of her direct family, she will go out of her way to be available to her should the Matriarch need something.
  • Delphi - Surrogate Parent, Oracle and Alder Lord. Learned much from them while as a ghoul and shared a common fate in regards to being tested by the gods. She was named by them, and after the incursion of the mass embrace, was given safe passage and shelter till she learned what it meant to be kindred. Celene regards them with awe and respect, and although they see eachother on the rare occasion, they keep mostly in contact through letters. She still considers herself a student and continues to learn what she can from them to this night.


  • Jakob roe - Alliance was forged out of mutual arrangement and exchange of hobbies. Celene aided him when he called his allies to Perth to aid in the mass evacuation of the kindred court.

Known Siblings

  • Redfoot - Brother in blood. Embraced by the same sire while she was in the USA. A surfer/cowboy/hippy/guru/cult-leader, he’s from a Californian Summer of Love that never ended and was never about love. He drives an old school bus, repurposed to a mobile home, painted with flowers and psychedelia and filled with his barefoot, hippy cult.

Known Childer

  • Alice - (Role Open) - Daeva Model. Currently based in Chicago, America. Clarevoyant, able to speak to spirits and also take them into possession.


Quotes By

"The only thing that is constant in this world is change."
"People learn to grow when they are faced with hardship."
"Never mix business with pleasure. Always keep them separate. Your job from your hobbies. Or you'll grow disdain for the things you once loved."

Quotes About

"Celene is an Oracle, and we owe her our respect for that craft. She sups with gods and gives us their tidings."

- Ljónynja Øringr, chiding a vassal.

"Ah, Celene, my wife. She has been the centre of my world since I first saw her dance. Watching her is like watching a storm, enchanting, beautiful, dangerous if you're caught unprepared. As cunning as I can be, Celene is the true mastermind in this relationship, always looking forward. But while she may smile and agree, and make you feel like you may have her where you want her, just remember, I didn't just choose her for her beauty. Her temper and viciousness are a match for my own. So watch yourself, I'll just tear you apart if you look at her wrong, she will make you suffer before you die, and I'll hold you down while she does it."

- Viktor Reynder

"As the years stretch out behind you, there are many people you encounter. Some are fleeting encounters, some are lasting, and some go so deep as to defy explanation. Some believe the deepest connection is that between a sire and a childe. It is the blood that does this that calls us each to your own. Celene is my childe but not by blood, The Gods had another plan. Despite this we have a deep and abiding connection as if she were actually the childe of my blood. This connection cannot be understood, nor examined. It exists because on a deeply spiritual level, we are connected. This is the way it is and this is the way it has always been."


"As the years stretch out behind you, there are many people you encounter. Some are fleeting encounters, some are lasting, and some go so deep as to defy explanation. Some believe the deepest connection is that between a sire and a childe. It is the blood that does this that calls us each to your own. Celene is my childe but not by blood, The Gods had another plan. Despite this we have a deep and abiding connection as if she were actually the childe of my blood. This connection cannot be understood, nor examined. It exists because on a deeply spiritual level, we are connected. This is the way it is and this is the way it has always been."


"I have seen her now. I know the depth of her faith, the strength of her blood, the taste of her on my lips. She is truly the Mother's servant, and thus I accept her leadership. Also, if she weren't Vik's wife, I'd let her do some really fucking kinky shit to me, let me tell you."


"The High Priestess has me digging holes again this month for her magic. Whole field full of holes, then I need to fill them in again..... why?? How the Fark would I know why? But if High Priestess wants them then there must be a reason but farked if I know why ...."

-Uncle Gadi

"Celene is more than a beautiful face and body, though she's definitely that. She's full of life and wisdom and deeper still, the knowledge of the Darkness and the weight it demands. She and Viktor brought me into the world of Kindred first, and something tells me that she still has an important role in where I go moving forward."

- Sophie, on her beloved former regnant.

" My high Priestess, has wisdom abound far beyond what one would expect for her age. I have seen her guide those among her, birth a god and stand by her husband all in a single night. The mother above and below has a path for her a path I will walk with her if asked without hesitation."

- Decimus


Ljónynja Øringr - You understand why that is no longer possible, do you not?"
Lirriana, Messenger of the Crone - "Of course. But this will not please my covenant. Surely as a member of the Invictus you would understand that, my Lady."
Ljónynja Øringr - That is not my title, and it does you no favours to insult me with it. Tell me what it is you seek from me."
*The Vampire points to Ljónynja's ghoul, Celene*
Lirriana, Messenger of the Crone - "The circle wants her. That is the only price they will accept."
Ljónynja Øringr - So be it. Consider the debt paid. I do not doubt that she will serve the Circle as well as she has my own."
- Ljónynja cleaning up mistakes, 1960's.


  • Harbors the title of 'Oracle of the Bracing Wind', given by the Witchking of Perth as a token for her service and guidance.
  • Enjoys the taste of young blood.
  • Sympathizes with other supernaturals.
  • Should have been a Carthian but should have also been an Invicitus.
  • Has terrible ancient Cruac that non other know given to her by the Dark Mother herself.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Debts (Boons)

  • Aided the Carthians in a matter they were unable to fix themselves. She reminded them to keep the Crone in the forefront of their mind and that they helped them when they didn't need to.
  • Assisted in the cover up of not one but two masquerade breaches done by the local Invictus.

OOC Information

Member Information
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