Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca

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Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca
Concept: The Pirate King
Clan: Ventrue ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••
City: Toowoomba ••••
Title: Father of the Circle, Bane of the Church Eternal, Slayer of the First
Sire: Dominic Lucius Roe
Bloodline: Rotgräfen
Group: House Roe, House of the White Shore
Embraced: 1712
Player: Nick Wittman
Storyteller: Toowoomba VST
Gaspar and Decimus

Personal Information

Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca is a kindred of dual natures, often mistaken for a Gangrel but once time is spent with him, undeniably a Ventrue he commands the respect of everything around him, even while dressed in little more than dirty clothes

Childe and Sire


Gaspar has a mediterranean look to him, but it is hard to distinguish under the pale tone of his dead flesh. He has short black hair and has tattoos down both his arms, he walks slowly and purposefully. Gaspar appears to be no older than 20.


Gaspar is an Elder and acts as such, but for one so close to his beast he does try his best to blend in with the younger echelons of society, being as progressive as he is (for an Elder), he is often popular amongst neonates, who he enjoys nurturing and teaching. He is known to make jokes, even if they are sometimes nonsensical to those of a younger age.

Mortal World

About 15 minutes drive east of Toowoomba there is a small village off of the highway, this village is populated by a cult who worships the Nordic Gods and follows the old ways. To these people, Gaspar is a leader and a figurehead of the gods, this is the only time his name is spoken amongst mortal society.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Gaspar is an Elder of Clan Ventrue and was involved in the founding of the Circle of the Crone, he is known to have mastered both Animalism and Protean and command several other disciplines. He also has a public distaste for the Lancea Et Sanctum and is close to the Carthian Movement.


1690 – Born in Cartagena, Spain to Louis and Henrietta Acosta Da Blanca.
1695 – Younger brother, Javier born. Gaspar reacts with jealousy and contempt, but as they get older the brothers become closer.
1701 – Henrietta dies of unknown causes. Gaspar tries to run away but is found by one of his father’s men.
1708 – Gaspar is given command of a ship, fighting within the War of the Spanish Succession Not long after, there is a mutiny that through sheer force of personality, Gaspar manages to stave off.
1711 – Gaspar convinces crew of his ship to flee during a fight, instead leading his men to the life of pirates.
1712 – Gaspar and his Crew attack the a sizeable port and Gaspar kills the Lord of the Port in front of his wife, Ilsadora. Unknown to Gaspar, the Lord of the Port was a ghoul of a powerful kindred with in the area. He embraces Gaspar and ghouls Ilsadora.
1713 – Gaspar undergoes his manumission and for his and is quickly Knighted. Gaspar’s position as a pirate is of great use to the Invictus and he is quickly made the vassal of a very powerful lord and begins sailing back and forth between Spain and the Americas.
1715 – Gaspar forms alliances with the unaligned running Nassau, bonding over their mutual mortal arrangements.
1718-1735 – Gaspar is sent on various missions, each more monstrous then the last. As his Liege Lord becomes closer and closer to his beast, the missions he sends Gaspar on become more and more vile. It is early on in these years that he meets Ljónynja Øringr
1740 - Gaspar's mortal brother, Javier is kidnapped by the Lancea Et Sanctum in an attempt to punish Gaspar for his sins. Gaspar and Ilsadora recover Javier and take him back to the family estate. Where, in a further act of spite, their Sire embraces Javier. It is not long before Javier, refusing to join the Invictus, leaves for Northern Europe.
1752 - Sensing Gaspar's quickly deteriorating humanity. Ljónynja speaks to him on the need for a period of torpor, or to reconnect with the world. Gaspar refuses to weaken himself so she drops the point.
1770 - Thanks to Ljónynja's teachings and his sire's teachings. Gaspar begins to worship the Old Norse Gods and is inducted into his sire's bloodline, the Rotgrafen
1778 - For fear of her brother falling to the beast, Ilsadora torpors Gaspar, fleeing the Invictus, hoping that she can find a more stable place for him.
1798 - Gaspar awakes from Torpor, his siblings give him a stable place to come to know the world and what has passed. In his torpor, Gaspar suffered nightmares of his ancestors, Ragnarok and a hooded female figure who was fighting and granting power to his family during Ragnarok. His sister has joined the newly formed Carthian Movement. He and Javier bond over the gods and their faith.
1800’s - Word reaches northern Europe of several Lancea Et Sanctum cities being attacked and raided by Pagans. The family, at the urging of Javier go to investigate and stumbles into the middle of the birth of the Circle of the Crone throughout Scotland and Ireland. They are involved in a ruthless military campaign. In this time they have a hand in the export of 'freemen' from America as well during the Civil War as well as being involved in the sack of Galway, leading to it's burning in 1869. In the later half of the century, Gaspar and his siblings head to Africa spreading the word of the Circle. Gaspar falls into torpor in the late 1800s.
1905 - Gaspar awakens and the family head to Europe once more.
1914 - WW1 breaks out and the family prepare to fight another war. Once seeing what war has become in this new century the family flee, heading further east then they had before and heading to Australia. They head to Brisbane and spend some time there before Ilsadora and Gaspar move to Toowoomba.
1956 - Gaspar is torpored by Ilsadoara and left to recover his sanity.
1972 - Gaspar wakes from torpor and within a few years, Ilsadora steps down from leadership of Toowoomba and Gaspar takes the role of Captain within the city, moulding the court structure to what it is today.
2012 - Gaspar visits Perth, meeting some of the younger members of House Roe

Recent History


  • MAY - Announces to those assembled in Toowoomba that he will not be able to sustain himself on kine blood much longer and is looking for willing volunteers to feed him.
  • JUN - Holds court in Toowoomba, embraces Sophie, a former ghoul of Celene. Attends court in Brisbane with Sophie, guiding the court futher towards revolution in Brisbane
  • JUL - Announces his intent to stand down from Praxis, deliberations are interrupted by the arrival of House Roe to Elysium.


Known Sire

Dominic Lucius Roe - Gaspar very rarely speaks of his sire, it is easy to guess they have a strained relationship

Known Siblings

  • Ilsadora Da Blanca
  • Javier Acosta Da Blanca

Known Childer

Known Grand-childer

  • Josh (Embraced 2010)
  • Open to ties here!


Quotes By

"While we may be eternal, the waves always win and the sea always changes the rock. You have to know how to adapt" "

- Gaspar explaining the kindred condition to a neonate

"Murder is fine as long as it is not personal. I learnt that during the founding of our Covenant. War is War and Soldiers die. We are the Mother's Army and all that stand before us are but soldiers in this war"

- Gaspar discussing murder with the Circle
"You're lucky there's a revolution to join, back when I was a neonate, being a rebel just meant being a shitty Invictus"
- Gaspar ranting about the start of the Revolution.

"You remind me, of me as a Neonate. I was an ass"

- A Highly Amused Gaspar to Vic

Quotes About

"You are here Gaspar, but this is not where you are destined to be. There is something coming, the birth of something new, and you are in the midst of it. You will have to risk much, and leave behind the known. You will endure the scorn of some for this, but have faith, the Gods know your path and will guide your steps"

- Delphi, 1775 predicting Gaspar leaving the Invictus.

"You have turned on the Invictus and I am disappointed in you my young Ventrue. But pleased too, to know that even after so many years, I can still be surprised."

- Ljónynja Øringr, circa 1800's

"Why is there always fire? You come raiding from the sea and I understand that but why do you need to set fires too? You do remember the effect fire has on us? Yes? And yet you still burn things down."

- Yr Ysgolhaig, 1869 - after the raid on Galway, Ireland.

"Uncle Gaspar's real fun to play with under the right circumstances. I mean it's more fun watching people get uncomfortable watching us, but c'est la vie."

- Lacey

"He put the biggest stir among the Nonna's I have ever seen - I'm not sure if it was that Grandfather brought the "filthy pagan pirate" to church for Mass or that he brought him home afterwards"

- Meredith Winchester-Roe to Crystal on hearing they would be visiting "Uncle" Gaspar

"We as kindred are the ocean to which all rivers flow. Humanity pours itself into us, feeds us, and in return, we shed the rain upon their lands so that they may be plentiful and grow. Gaspar is as much like the ocean he has conquered. Beneath the calm looming waves is a vast endless darkness, a stormy void that would drown without hesitation the unwary and foolish who thought they could best him. The sea is a cruel and fickle mistress, and only he and he alone has the wild heart to tame her."

- Celene in regards to his association with the seas.

"He's rad. Don't discount him just because he's not up on all the pop culture references yet. This guy has seen some shit and lived to tell the tale. Also? Best. Sire. Ever."

- Sophie

"Gaspar Acosta whata-anca? Nah nah nah. Waaaaaaay too long. Imma just call 'im G-man. He's betta than tha other G dude anyways."

- Hyena

"First time we met, he broke my fuckin' neck and ruptured my eardrum. That was a fuckin' wakeup call. He's been wakin' me up ever since, and has earned his Uncle-hood."

- Vulture

"It's not that he's evil. He just lacks empathy and he goes into a disassociative state and commits atrocities."

- Sophie

"One day that Damned Pirate will stick his neck out too far and someone will cut off his fool head. I look forward to it"

- Justinian

"Fuck, just... I saw the sea in him, and thought I knew all that was war and joy in his life. Then I saw him dance with Chakori, and I realised I knew nothin, an' I never would. An' fuck it was hot. Haven't been that moved by a dick in years. Fuckin ay."

- Vulture


Sophie enters the room and drapes herself around Gaspar.
Uncle Gadi - "Oh look Uncle Gaspar, youse accessory is here"
Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca - "RRAAAWWWWWWWWWAAAWWWW."
Several minutes of shouting later*
Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca - "Okay I'm calm now, no longer in frenzy..."
punches Gadi
Uncle Gadi - "Okay I probably deserved that..."
- Dec 2017.

Person 1 - "quote."
Person 2 - "quote."
Person 1 - "quote."
Person 2 - "quote."
- reference.


  • Takes part in human sacrifice
  • Has committed diablerie
  • Once proposed to a porpoise
  • Gaspar Entry from Urban Dictionary:

1. To make little or no effort to find a job

2. To be power hungry or on a power trip

3. One who flirts with underaged girls

4. One who doesn't share his/her chicken

    • (if by chicken you mean the Roe girls...word is he's a little jealous of them)
  • Is actually the god Baldur

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • 1741 (Battle of Cartagena) - by Alestorm
  • Really most Alestorm or Lagerstein
  • Black Sails

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Nick Wittman
Number: 2011070005
Domain: Toowoomba