John Rivers

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John Benjamin Rivers
Concept: Detective of Balance
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Elodoth
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: Lodge of the Shield
Pack: Packless
Spirit Rank ••
Glory --
Honor •••
Purity •••
Wisdom --
Player: Braddles
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
John Rivers

John Rivers

Name: John Benjamin Rivers

Deed Name: Price-of-Balance

First Change:

Age: 30 Pack: None

Nicknames/Aliases: JR, Jnr (Junior)

Appearance: 5'9 grey blue eyes, short mouse brown and occasionally blonde, Stubble. Either shirt and vest with loosely pulled tie or long tan jacket and black and white shirt. (Striking looks 1)

Notable Traits: Phases of the moon tattoo across his collar bone and upper chest, with the oath of the moon tattooed in first tongue across his chest, his trade mark charming smirk. Often seen with a box of chinese food, or shuffling a deck of cards.

IC Stuff


  • 1988 - Born
  • 1998
  • 2000
  • 2004
  • 2008
  • 2008
  • 2016
  • 2016
John Rivers

Recent History

Renown deed synopses

For those that see John's Renown:


Honor 1: Changed under the Half Moon's light.
Honor 2: Honor 3:


Purity 1: Killed a human to fulfil the oath, the herd must not know.
Purity 2: Sacrificed Prey to Luna, gave the kill to Luna.
Purity 3: Tattooed the Oath of the Moon on his chest, with silver infused ink.


Cunning 1:
There are full stories behind each of these, of course. John is generally reluctant to tell them.

Favourite Shows

  • Action Movies
  • UFC
  • Law and Order: SVU
John Rivers

The girl he grew up with

The Rivers Family

A Partner, Mentor and Friend

A man and his car

John can't explain why he feels so passionately about his car, he just does. If it is spending so many hours on the road, or sitting in the car for long stake outs, he describes his car like one would describe a lover, his current squeeze is his beautiful Jacqueline; a Puce coloured 1998 BMW E3.

Quotes about

"If you only saw that perpetual smirk of his you'd be setting yourself up to be completely fooled. Sure he likes a good time and has some fun ways of finding it, but get him Elodothing (shut up it's totally a word) and you'll see he doesn't just talk about the Oath, he lives it and believes in it. Can't help but respect that" - Tabitha Kelly

"He's an Honorable man, you don't ever have to worry about him being corrupt." - Bram Kelly

"Offer him gourmet cooking, to sweat in the kitchen for hours, what does he ask for? Reconstituted processed homogenised meatsticks." - Bjorn Jansen

"Carry honor like fur." - Tahl

"You're my brother, Jboy. We pinkie swore it, so you gotta stick around now or Luna will smack you across the face." - Lena, with a wicked smirk.


  • Has a few notches on his belt
  • Maybe more than a few