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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
City: Southern Cross ••
Title: Sheriff
Sire: Luke Goodman
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Embraced: 1987
Player: Morgen Boulton
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]

Personal Information


Olive-skinned and dark haired, Valentina stands at approximately 5’7 with dark brown eyes and reddened pouted lips. She appears to be between the ages of 18 and 25 and has long straight hair tied back into a high ponytail as well as pierced ears. Her build is athletic yet thin with well-toned arms, calves and upper back, suggesting at the time she was embraced she was a competitor in sports. She has a few distinct moles on her neck that spread across her shoulder blades and her hands still bare the callouses and scars she has carried over from the time she was alive to this day.

Still dressing like she's from the 80's, Valentina wears a noticeable red and white varsity sports jacket with the number 86’ stitched onto the back. Underneath she wears a casual shirt, accompanied by a pair of tight jeans with a hole torn at the left knee. She wears a pair of red and white converse sneakers and is accessorized by a single cross pendant hanging around her neck which she normally keeps it tucked under her shirt. She's almost always accompanied by a barbed baseball bat whose pattern has long since faded and turned a slight shade of red.


Valentina is a young-at-heart neonate who has never really progressed past the 80's in terms of mentality and behaviour. She still believes that the people have much to learn and that despite the changes in technology, culture and global relations, the world at large and the people within it have remained much the same. An adrenaline junkie and fighter for downtrodden and forgotten, she boasts a presence of a calm yet expressive young woman whose mannerisms make her seem quick to temper. However, anything could be further from the truth. While she may seem and look angry, at her core she only becomes tempered when there is actual proper cause for it. When her patience has reached its end or provoked to frenzy, she becomes unrelenting and physically violent until she no longer has reason to.

She is happiest when she is surrounded by sport, people who enjoy life's greater pleasures and the rush and peace she feels when at the head of the wheel. Being a motor enthusiast and tinkerer, Valentina is remarkably crafty when it comes to her hobbies and through her passion she is able to express her desire for freedom. Spiritually concerned, believes she is playing part in God's plan but doesn't believe in shoving her religious views down other's throats. While she doesn't agree with how the Crone operate, she only becomes defensive when someone openly makes an issue out of it or flaunts an evil deed in public without concern for others.

Ambitious, risk-taking, protective, yearning - these are the words that define who she is. A girl out of time, the neonate has yet to fully embrace the new millennia and what it stands for and hopes that one day, she will be able to settle down and call a city of her own "home".

Mortal World

Rumors speak of a young woman leading a youth militant group going by the name of "Judgement." A newly formed youth group that travels across the rural parts of the continent, they hunt down, chase out and punish the wrongdoers of society. Pedophiles, murderers, rapists, fraudsters, even animal abusers are not safe. The gang is made up of homeless youth, former drug pushers, vagabonds, and the unlucky and have been constantly on the move, going from town to city to town and flushing out the rats as they go. They travel as a convoy and often times modify their cars so that it makes it difficult to identify and track them.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1965 - Born into the mortal world in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
  • 1978 - Joined her highschool baseball team called "Miami Power".
  • 1980 - Family business was destroyed in the riots.
  • 1981 - Successfully lead her highschool baseball team to 2nd place in the National Baseball Championships.
  • 1982 - Graduated highschool.
  • 1987 - Killed and turned into a revenant. Chased after her killer and got embraced against her will as punishment to her Sire for breaking the Masquerade and to cover up his mistake.
  • 1987 - 1998 - Was kept mostly against her will while she learned of the traditions and how to function as a kindred. She fled many times, only to be recaptured and disciplined again. However, as time went on and the years went by, her patience thinned. She passed the time learning and honing her skills with modifying cars and going out for the occasional drive. She aided her Sire when she could but found his overbearing ways to be too much. Eventually in 1998 she chose to take her Sire's abused lover Keisha and flee with her to Australia. The woman went with her willingly, and together they sailed across the ocean with a stolen car and what few bags of money she was able to steal away in order to get away from him as far as possible.
  • 1999 - Arrives in Sydney, Australia. Having no contacts makes it difficult and so spends her time mostly in the city outskirts, using her powers to gain a small posse of humans she can feed from. Keisha is cared for by her and despite being given permission to leave, Keisha chooses to stay with her. She creates her first ghoul from a street urchin.
  • 2000 - Attends the Sydney Olympics and meets Daniel Bergamont where they bond over being former revenants and their love of sport. She introduces him to cars and the passion of racing.
  • 2001 - 2016 - Travels around Australia, constantly on the move with her ever-growing band of misfits. She meets a few kindred including Hyena who preemptively plans an assault on her convoy. The gangrel teaches her what it means to be kindred and the two end up as short-term lovers. Eventually their free-spirited nature causes them to split and drift apart. Valentina also meets with Isaac Foxe on the open road where the two spend a couple of nights driving across the open plains of rural Australia before dropping him off near Melbourne. She attempts to convince him to come back to the Lance.
  • 2016 - Valentina heads down to Adelaide on the account of helping set up the city due to a call out by the Invictus. She assists in setting up connections with the transport industry and shortly leaves once it appears any prospects of business have either dried up or were frozen as Invictus assets.

Recent History


  • Arrives in Geelong.
  • Has her haven torched and vandalized after taking measures to make her new home safe.
  • Meets up with Jakob roe and together they start organizing events around the city such as racing tracks for future court gatherings.


  • Her haven becomes torched and vandalized and sets her off on a road toward revenge.
  • Getting a tip off from her allies, she heads out into the outback to collect a bounty, not realizing that the convoy is loaded with the bodies of torpored Elders. She rescues one and starts the action needed in order to rescue all of them.
  • Valentina is recognized for her efforts and heroism and is rewarded the title of Sheriff.


Known Sire

Luke Goodman - Valentina regards him with fear, distaste and pity. They have very few things in common and the few hobbies they could share together formed the basis of a very fractured and troubled relationship. She ran away from his custody without being released.

Known Siblings

Known Childer


Quotes By

Quotes About

"This 'ere was Pup before she went back to normal. Treat her well or she'll stick it where ya don't like." - Hyena

"That ain't even takin into account where she'll stick that car of 'ers! Somewhere it's gunna cost a lot to fix, mostly like." - Vulture, with a leer.

"Hey look, I didn't know her that well before we wound up co-Sheriffs together, but she's solid as. Knows what she's about and doesn't take herself too seriously - best kind of combo for getting things done. Got decent taste in guys too" - Meredith Winchester-Roe

“Is a farking wizard with fixing up cars to make them kindred safe... seriously if ever need yer wheels fixed or modified then Val is the one to hit up.” - Uncle Gadi

"I'm not sure when exactly I started noticing her, but when I did I couldn't stop." - Jakob Roe


"Listen up kid, one day, someone's gonna take away that stick. And you'll still wanna stick it to 'em. So let's get on teaching ya how to do that." - In regards to teaching Valentina fisticuffs.


  • Cooks some mean ass Italian-American food. Pizza, pasta, meatballs, you name it.
  • Has a crush on Jakob.
  • Likes Rex Manning music
    • Who the hell likes Rick Manning music?

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