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Jakob "Helios" Roe
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva ••••
Covenant: Invictus ••••
City: Southern Cross ••••
Title: Hydra of Australia, Knight Captain of the Iron Tide, Director of the Perth Invictus, Au Pair, Player and Librettist of the First Estate
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Sirens
Group: House Tempest
Embraced: Unknown
Player: Paul Taylor
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST

Personal Information

Jakob was born and raised in London by the Roe and was intended to become the next Head of the Roe Ventrue family. Within the Daeva he has always been quite well-known, having been the European Daeva Whip throughout the 90's and helping establish the underworld scenes in Daeva-heavy cities like Berlin in the 80's. Within the Invictus, he is known to be of good repute and always playing within the rules - even if that means stretching them to the utmost. The vampiric laws are the law, if they don't work in your favour, stretch them, blend them, get rid of them. But don't break them.


Jakob is a late 20's man with dark hair and fair skin, often sporting a well-shaped stubble or going clean shaven for events. Often seen with a strange mix of modern and haute couture clothing, makeup and various hair styles while in Court, he is hard to miss as he gives you a flirtatious wink and smile from across the room. As he rises from the table, you might catch a flash of a pistol holstered under his jacket.

When out and about, he often has his known ghoul Rick Schmidt with him, often tapping away at his phone or rolling his eyes at Jakob's most recent comment. Rick is another late 20's man, lighter haired and blue eyed, often dressed in a well-cut but not outlandish suit.

Note: Jakob is a striking looks 2 male. Rick is striking looks 1.


Jakob would have been an excellent Ventrue but he is truly an even better Daeva. Extravagant and charming, he frustrates those close by but many find it difficult to dislike him despite his sometimes vexing and stubborn temperament. Many see him as capricious, vicarious and self-indulgent, which is completely accurate, but what made him the potential head of the Ventrue Roe was his business and social ability. Passion is his life which he plays like a game, driven to win. When talking to Jakob it becomes obvious that he adores his childer, sweet innocent things that could do no wrong in his eyes. Some say they have seen him in moments when others aren't looking seem hollow, cold and tired, but look again and that charming, mischievous smile is back. His family is his world.

His ability as an Au Pair and the experience of being trained by him is a unique experience for one of the First Estate. Many Au Pairs would have you stand up straight and do not allow themselves to display their personality, but Jakob... Is different. He believes that if you do not enable the passion of the student, they will never strive to be themselves and won't find the pleasure in seeking and finding the success his Covenant craves. For a student to pass Jakob's tests, they will have to learn about themselves and the world around them.

When out, Jakob enjoys things he can throw himself into wholeheartedly. This could be music, reading, languages, learning new skills or meeting new people, his existence at a personal level is about development and taking pleasure in those around him. In doing this he raises those he wants to keep, grooms them with precision and strengthens them, not as pawns but as friends.

Mortal World

Jakob originated in Europe and still has ties to the Family and Underworld there but came to Australia to expand his Underworld influence. Often found in clubs, bars and places where he can enjoy his hedonistic lifestyle, he will take mortals, ghouls and vamps along with him for the ride of death, life and pleasure. Frequently travelling between business ventures and for enjoyment, he knows many people in many places.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Within Europe he is a well-known and respected Daeva and Invictus, easily holding status in most main Courts across the continent. He has taken part in quelling Carthian uprisings in Germany, been the Daeva National Whip for years and is part of the illustrious Roe Family, a power block of Ventrue within the European kindred community. During the 90's, he lost a reasonable amount of humanity in Europe and built himself back up from that. Few know how or why, but for that time he was a dangerous, ruthless individual who saw many mortals and some kindred die by his orders.

Jakob had a long-standing frenemy relationship with Ozymandias of the Carthian Movement in Perth, Australia. For years the two struggled against each other in the club scene, escalating to the point of bombing each others clubs, killing the others people. After years of the changing tides of power, the two came to a begrudging mutual respect and a pact to cease the destruction that helped neither. Since this, Jakob had taunted "Ozy" in public, while Ozy teased Jakob over his education. However in the past, when another gang moved in to start problems for Ozy, Jakob has put them down without his knowledge. For Ozy was his friend and his prey alone. Ozy died prior to the Perth Strix attacks, he was distraught with the loss of his long-time friend and enemy.

While in Perth, he was training up a young Daeva, Sammy, to join the Invictus and potentially be adopted. During the Strix assault that saw Perth crumble in November 2016, Sammy was at the stage of completing her manumission and was killed. Jakob scourged the City to try and find her, for the first time revealing the extent of his Majesty and gun fighting, having never truly used them in front of others before, walking into a Strix filled room and being the one to walk out again, unscratched and smelling of acrid gun smoke. He still mourns for the loss of Sammy. The reports he sent to the Invictus and those by Prince-in-exile Victor Roe indicate he called in numerous bombings across the City, targeting Strix locations, wreathing it in destruction and sowing salt for the Owls for what they had done before vacating the City to lick his wounds.


Jakob was Recognised in the City of Perth and has been for years, renewing his Status whenever he returned from Europe. Within Europe he considered nationally Valued. Having never taken a Liege amongst the Invictus to directly promote him, he has earned his Recognition and in the past Valued Status amongst the First and if he should ever start displaying his manners properly he would easily rise.

Amongst the Roe Family many do not know exactly where he stands. He was extremely close to Grandfather and was meant to be in training to take over as a Ventrue, but even after his stolen embrace his loyalty did not change. Many years later, he awaits for Grandfather to rise so he may take his position as his right hand again.


  • Jakob Roe
- Isabelle "Menadora" Barone (Secret, NPC)
- Chantilly Lace Roe (Ex-PC, NPC)
- Crystal Jade (PC)
- Meredith Black (PC)
- Starr Rose (Adopted, PC)
- Harper Jones (PC)


  • 7th February 1945 - Born to Henry Roe and Annabelle Wagner-Roe in London toward the end of World War II. Raised in the Roe family to become a new Dynastic leader of kindred and men.
  • 1960 to '69 - Usurped the local schoolyard and university rackets and took his first step into the Underworld, was noticed by Grandfather, the current head of the Roe family, for his ability and hand picked to have his education furthered.
  • '64 to '69 - After tutelage from Grandfather he was pushed into university life where he thrived. While studying he travelled abroad to further his education with Grandfather on business trips to other countries.
  • 1969 - Had completed his schooling and education at Oxford where he studied business management and law and was permitted by Grandfather to act as the Roe Family Second in Command as his test. He was to be embraced into the Ventrue Main Family line.
  • 21st July, 1974 - Jakob was embraced, though became the first Daeva of the Roe Family.
  • August 1974 - Joined the First Estate through the Family.
  • 1975 - Was raised in the First for his successful Underworld campaigning, crushing an upstart Carthian Underworld pusher in Danzig. When he came back from Danzig he brought a young Englishman called Richard with him, the mind of the Carthian operations. Rick went on to continue the operations on Jakob's behalf.
  • 1977 - Meets the young Treselda, a seventeen year-old girl that displays a brilliant mind and love of history. Jakob continues to nurture Treselda, grooming her to be embraced when she is older.
  • 1979 - Jakob is elevated within the Daeva to Recognised for his continued good service to the Clan.
  • 1980 - Meets Chantilly Lace and employs her in his businesses.
  • 1988 - Jakob is raised to Valued among the First Estate for good service.
  • 1981 - Continues to chat with Treselda and meets her again, only to find someone has stolen his groomed project. He calls upon Lyonynja to help train her and provide a proper education, once again taking Treselda under his wing.
  • 1982 - He takes some personal time away from the Family for a short period as he travelled Europe, further developing his status and dominion of the Underworld.
  • 1986 - Jakob, Grandfather and Richard go to Venice for business. Judging by business it must have gone well.
  • 1988 - Jakob is promoted within the Invictus to Valued for his continued excellent service. He takes the position of London's Daeva Priscus, raised to Valued for service.
  • 1992 - Was sent by the family to quash Ozymandias in Perth. He goes to Perth, starts what will be a long campaign, but has to leave urgently. He travels to Milan, where another group have attacked his operations and he in return crushes their operations without mercy. On return he seems... Different.
  • 1992 - Embraces Lacey Euthalia Roe in Nice, France. Treselda assists in teaching Lacey.
  • 1995 - Became the European Daeva Whip.
  • 1996 to current - Bounced between Europe and Australia, for business and to hit back against Ozymandias.
  • 2010 to 2014 - Assisted in the training of Meredith.
  • 2014 to 2015 - Appears to have fell from grace within the Invictus and was stripped of status, knocked down to Recognised. He still retains his titles of Lord, Linguist and Au Pair, and performs the basic tasks, but has stepped back from the First to a large degree.

Recent History

  • March 2016 - Meets Sammy, effectively adopts her and sponsors her when he finds she doesn't have a sire or family around her.
  • September 2016 - Jakob embraces both Crystal and Meredith this month, both Chase and Victor Roe give their blessings. Trained Sammy in the Invictus ways as part of her Manumission and entry into the First Estate.
  • October 2016 - Spent training his daughters and enjoying the feeling of increasing his family. Trained Sammy in the Invictus ways as part of her Manumission and entry into the First Estate.
  • November 2016 - The Strix assaults start. Works with the Princes to use his influence to cover up incidents and cause others. Sends out frequent event updates to other Invictus.
  • December 2016 - Sammy is lost in the assaults and Jakob runs hot with fury, taking it to the streets to find her. Unable to do so, he starts to move to the front lines with Meredith and Treselda, in this time he walks into a room with four Strix and walks back out safe and untouched. Shortly after, he helps Victor Roe evacuate kindred from Perth and moves to Europe, plotting their return to Australia.

Quotes By

"I don't get it. Let go, have fun, take control, whatever you want, just have it and make it yours. You could be so much more, just let me make you into it, be mine." To Meredith sensing her potential as a Daeva.

"Don't touch Ozy. We whinge, we burn, we crush each other. But I'll crush you before you so much as look at him and his ever again." To the gangster who looked the wrong way at Ozy. He didn't try it again.

Quotes About

"Jakob? Try not to get mixed up with that one, he'll give you the night of your life, you'll want it and it will feel amazing like you never knew it could feel that good, but when that night is over he'll move on to someone else and you'll go back to Chase, only it'll never quite feel the same, never quite be enough somehow..."

- Meredith Winchester-Roe talking to Crystal Jade Roe

"He is precisely as dangerous as my other blade. Jakob is a much desired beauty, and rumoured to taste as good. But I have seen his smile break, and it was magnifique, for despair is grand on Jakob. But if you seek to bring out that beauty, be prepared for the destruction that accompanies it. My other vassal may be cold, delicate, and precise. But this one is hot, wild, and sharp."

- Ljónynja Øringr when asked why he was her vassal.

"Jakob is family, just because no one understands how a Deava and a Gangrel could be so close doesn't make it any less true. You are to respect that he is my family and the reasons behind that detail is really none of your business. And dont let his lack of standing fool you, you piss off Jakob and you will find yourself stripped of everything. Then you will beg for death." - "

- Tresalda when questioned by pack members regarding her relationship with the Deava

"Jakob is as a mermaid to sailors. A tempter and the truest form of a Daeva. You play at games currently. But as he whispers sweet nothings you'll fall deeper. If you stray, you'll be lost."

- Ljónynja Øringr to Margarete Wulfhild after her return from Perth

"you wish to know about Jakob? These old eyes first saw him when he was but a fledgeling, and we did impart on him knowledge we held on many things. We have enjoyed watching the Kindred he has become. So alluring, so dangeous, so beautifully Daeva."

- Delphi

"He's a mover and a shaker and when he does, the whole world moves and shakes with him. "

- Celene

"Fuckin' tease. But also, the lacrima is delish so I forgive him."

- Sophie White Roe

"Just like Puck that one; when trouble finds him, he embraces it and dances a merry jig across a crumbling bridge."

- Tresalda talking to Helena

"Jakob's the kind of guy your parents warned you about when you were a kid."

- Tobias Nathaniel Hayes

"Some people the world can't afford to be without."

- Valentina

"HEY PAPA J! Spin us some more music, your taste is gnarly!!!!"

- Vulture, imparting more of her opinion than she realises.

"What happens in Cairo.... stays on YouTube..." "Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo Daddy shark!" "You use to be fun once Jakob, how long is this mid life responsibility crisis going to last?"

- Uncle Gadi

"Jakob is one of the few kindred I feel safe alone with. I trust his advice." - Inga Heilig

Jakob deserves to be immortalised in song.. so I have.... - Uncle Gadi

  1. Get Back to the Hedonism
  2. Dance Macabre on Daddy Sharks Boat
  3. One Night in Geelong


Uncle Gadi: "Most number of cars, run 10 red lights af 100km/h in a set period. Have to lap the middle ages foggy daeva sitting sipping his soy skinny latte... up for it?."
Starr Rose: "Bikes! They are faster, and more maneuverable"
Jakob Roe: "Middle ages foggy Daeva?""
Uncle Gadi: ".." whatcha call a party boy who sheds the wild parties, endless orgies and wanton life for ....students and keeping track of tradition.... R e s p o n s i b l e."
Jakob Roe "Eyes Narrow..'"Ex party boy, so ruuuuuude. Now go and win, Starr. Anything less than a crushing victory over this old man isn't enough."
Starr Rose: "She has a huge grin on her face "You are on Gadi!""
- August 2018

Jakob- "So Vic, this is my new Childer, Harper Jones, Harper, this is Vic, my Nephew.
Vic - "New Child. What the Fuck Jakob. Do the Girls know? They'll kill her!"
- June 2019


  • Has had many Childer in many places, used them for a night before ending their Requiems.
  • He isn't all the kindness he lets on, it is a facade. But for what reason?
  • Was at the centre of a burgeoning political push within Perth, somehow having secured agreements from both the outgoing Prince, Chase Dawson and the incoming Victor Aurelius Roe regarding the Embrace of Meredith and Crystal
  • Walked into a room with a couple of Strix, walked back out shortly after with no Strix and no markings, smelling of gunpowder.
  • Is really not that good an Invictus.
  • Had met Jimi Hendrix and jammed with him.
  • Went treasure hunting with Tresalda, almost killing her and Rick multiple times. When he got to the treasures he picked the cursed item "because he liked it".
  • Takes revenge way too seriously, and had some "interesting" items the once had a home on his mantle.
  • Is a true man of the world, and to spend one night with him is to be sated for eternity.
  • His real name is Lucifer.
  • Had his wings stolen.
  • Admitted to wearing frilly silk undies because they are flame retardant.
  • Holds the office/title of 'Cunning Linguist' of the Conspiracy.
  • Is actually a decent man.
  • Has many names amongst various gangs, the most notable being "Hot Mess"
  • Taking on students...giving up his wild partying ways...is Jakob becoming responsible?
  • Has to be some Ventrue mind trick. The real Jakob rages inside still, longing for release
  • Is actually not a Davea but a Weird Ventrue Bloodline

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Paul Taylor
Number: AU2012040011
Domain: Perth