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We live our days completely ignorant of the true terrors lurking around us. Only rarely do our experiences draw back the veil of shadows and reveal the horror in our midst. These glimpses into the supernatural can cause us to retreat into comforting lies — “There are no such things as monsters” — or stir our morbid curiosity. Only a few, however, can overcome their fear and dare to look deeper.

These are the Chronicles of Darkness, tales of a world like ours, but just slightly wrong. A place we recognize, but where our fears take on lives of their own. It includes:

Awakening CofD skull 70x70.png Created CofD skull 70x70.png Descent CofD skull 70x70.png Forsaken CofD skull 70x70.png Lost CofD skull 70x70.png Primordial CofD skull 70x70.png Requiem CofD skull 70x70.png Vigil CofD skull 70x70.png
Awakening 2e Created 2e Descent Forsaken 2e Lost 2e Primordial Requiem 2e Vigil 2e
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