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Concept: The King is the Land
Clan: Ventrue ••••
Covenant: Unaligned
City: Canberra) ••••
Title: Elder
Sire: Nasir Jagat Nath
Bloodline: Malkovian
Group: Circus
Embraced: 1452
Player: Andrew
Storyteller: Canberra) VST
Argyle 1442

Personal Information


Argyle is remembered by those that knew him before, as a handsome middle aged man with piercing eyes who dressed in the finest of Persian silk robes with a turban beset with a grand jewel.

When he last appeared at Court, he wore a haphazard collection of clowns costume and ragged orange inmate overalls, Argyle was not ashamed that he was once held captive by the Ordo Dracul, to some it seemed he wears the prisoners attire like a mark of pride, an open reminder of his ordeal, others see a broken man trying to hide behind the clowns mask.

He carried with him a well-worn oversized circus hammer the type used to drive the pegs of a circus big top or often used in strongman competitions to make a weight strike a bell.


On most days he is quiet and slow speaking with an unmistakable Anglo Indian accent, on the rare ocassion he acts like a rambunctious child, unfortunately you never know which Argyle will come to Court, he is sometimes taken with bouts of merriment that can just as quickly melt to melancholy.

Mortal World

Argyle holds little interest in the mortal world it has long forgotten him, and the only ties he has to it are Fyshwick and the families connected to the Circus.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Argyle is well known amongst the Ventrue, for many decades he has been a teacher and a scholar (of sorts), he is known to have been present at many historical events, never as a player but always watching from the shadows, he claims to have fed from some of the most influential people in the last half millennium.

Argyle was Prince of Fyshwick until his disappearance; he vanished from kindred society in the late 1960s without a trace. A decade later it was discovered that he had been imprisoned at the bottom of the Ordo's Dungeon at the order of the Alchemist. Kage and Kuruko were instrumental in his escape.

Rumours abound over what the Ordo may have done to him and whilst he does not discuss it, there is little doubt due to his disfigurement that various forms of torture were involved.

Since his escape from the dungeon he has withdrawn somewhat from society and makes his haven in Fyshwick in the regency of Sundae Rest. Argyle has shunned the politics of the Covenants and has politely declined all enticements to publicly join any faction.

One Mans Passage Through Time

This information is not known by kindred society generally unless specifically mentioned to your character.



1397 Born in the state of Punjab in the Sultanate of Dehli.
1402-1425 As the son of a provincial Wazir he received a good education, primarily in medicine and mathematics, he was fostered to a number of families in across a large geographical area, allowing him to pursue his other passions of architecture and belief systems.
1425 He was appointed as a general physician to the court of the Sultanate and served successive rulers in the Sayyid dynasty, most commonly he would tend to the large retinue with a weekly duty to attend any public supplicant.
1435 Whilst treating a male patient that presented with peculiar ageing disease he came in contact with the patients’ blood, he was unable to save the patient and gradually began to exhibit similar symptoms, on the man’s death bed the patients master came to Argyle, cured him with a transfusion of blood and offered him a new life… as his ghoul.
1435 Deepak Argyntha Saru passes from the mortal world suffering from the same disease that has taken a number of his patients, he leaves behind two wives, a concubine and nine children.
1435–1452 Ghoul of Nasir Jagat Nath.
1444 Met Wodan for the first time when Wodan was a guest of his master.
1452 Embraced by his master Nasir Jagat Nath in Baghdad.
1458-1470 Studied and trained ocassionally with Wodan in preparation for release to kindred society.
1473 Released from his bonds in the court of Damascus.
1486 Remained close friends with Wodan until they had a falling out.
1486 Fought and destroyed the blood hunted Gangrel, Kujuk Buquq, childe of the Prince, whilst committing no wrongdoing himself it was suggested he depart the city. This is his first slip toward the beast.
1488 Travelled with Romani through Egypt into North Africa, hidden in the false bottom of the wagons (As he sleeps he is haunted by the memory of Kujuk Buquq, rising at dusk and destroying the Romani families upon the desert plains) he awakens that night to find every member of the caravan was killed during the day and drained dry, in a panic he flees back to Damascus.
1490 Travelled with migrating Romani through Turkey.
1496 Arrived in Hungary.



1510 Encountered Baba Vadleany who taught him the way of the traveller, which she claimed was based on an even older nomadic tradition, although developed independently in a number of geographical locations throughout the world; this would form the basis of what would become the Circus Nox mystery cult.
1530 Again travelling with migrating Romani, moved through Germany and on to France in 1550.
1555 Settled in Paris and continued studies, with a particular interest in architecture and the human mind.
1572 Embraced a promising young philosopher Henri Durand, a student of Michel de Montaigne, although he knows he has done a good thing and the world will be a better place with the preservation of one such as Henri, he cannot reconcile his actions and descends further to the beast.
1555–1660 Using Paris as a base of operations he moved freely between London, Rome, Vienna and rural Spain.



1555–1660 Using Paris as a base of operations he moved freely between London, Rome, Vienna and rural Spain.
1660 Fled Paris to Spain in protest of the prohibition of Romani people by Louis XIV, Argyle accused the Sheriff of using his influence to have the King make this proclamation, an argument arose between Argyle and the Sheriff and Argyle left Paris shortly after amidst allegations that he openly used powers of the blood against the Sheriff.
1661 Henri Durand tried and killed over false charges of diablerie, obviously in retaliation to Argyles actions against the Parisian Sheriff.
1663 Grief stricken Argyle enters torpor.



1701 Argyle awakens in Barcelona. Astounded by both how long he slept and how quickly he acclimatizes to his new surroundings, he is acknowledged in the court of Barcelona and within a few short years is trusted as an emissary between various princedoms.
1700's Due to his need to travel between European cities freely, Argyle takes the guise of a travelling tragic performer, this is the begining of his alias, The Sad Clown.
1700's Across a number of European cities Argyle made the acquaintance of Avery Peckham and Agatha Krizpe, Argyle initially mistook them for assassins, but once that was cleared up he developed a friendship with Agatha that has endured three centuries.
1766 One of Argyles havens in Madrid was burned to the ground, he never discovered if this was deliberate, an attack of opportunity or merely coincidental damage due to the uncontrollable riots in the city.
1771 Arrived in London.
1776 Embraced Jean Jacques Flambeaux.
1782 At the behest of Clan Ventrue he returns to India with childe Jean Jacques.
1784 Ghouled Sikandar Singh Jerat.
1780's Makes the acquaintance of Fyodor Borisovich Zasakin, a very enterprising young ghoul, who helps with local intel, smuggling and transportation.
1788 Released Jean Jacques Flambeaux.
1789 Embraced Sikandar Singh Jerat.



1804 Siege of Deeg, Sikandar Singh Jerat betrayed the Indian people and his family by siding with the East India Company and was slain by his brother Jean and sire Argyle, Argyle was wounded in the battle and fell to torpor. Realising that India was all but lost Jean returned Argyles torpored body to England.
1800s Numerous attempts to encourage kine to immigrate to Australia, some attempts are more successful than others.
1800's Whilst Argyle has met Margarete Wulfhild a few times over the past century this is the first time he has seen her since her embrace, over the next century he encounters her numerous times in the service of Delphi, sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of Decimus, he entrusts her with vital information and as far as he knows she has never divulged anything to those other than the recipient.
1810 Awoke in London, Jean Jacques had already entered the London court and was known as an influential thinker, Jean Jacques introduces Argyle to members of the Royal Society of London.
1815–1826 First visit to Australia, after attending a talk by Joseph Banks he travelled to Australia to see the people and ascertain what connection they had to his own ancestors. Returns with the impression that there was no real connection but as Europeans begin to populate this new land it could be an incredible opportunity to establish a new home.
1852 Spent many an evening in the company of Yr Ysgolhaig, conversations ranged from historical politics in the Holy Land to lore and legends of the Strix.
1879 Attended a national meeting of Romanies held in the Hungarian town of Kisfalu (now Pordašinci, Slovenia). Gained the support of a large Kumpania that wished to leave Europe and over the following two decades transported over 1000 people to Australia.
1881 Through the tireless efforts of Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca many families were relocated to Australia.
1885 Sydney, Argyle keeps a low profile, travelling up and down the east coast, somewhat at the whims and needs of the Kumpania, but also looking for an area that is not overpopulated by Kindred.
1892-1895 Argyle was called to a summit in Japan, to address occupancy of Australia, through a series of extraordinary events Argyle embraces an Ambassadors daughter, uncovers the lair of a Strix, averts gang warfare and brokers a 100 year trade agreement… like wtf happened in those 3 years. Not all of the events mentioned here have been verified.
1893 Argyle embraces Sakura Hada, daughter of a Japanese Ambassador and head of a prestigious Invictus Ghoul Family, she later embraces Celeste Venturi who embraces L3XX.



1900 Present for the Unseen Pact in Canberra. Something scours the memory from his mind, the knowledge of what occurred, along with all others present is removed. He only knows that it must be upheld. Argyle remains in the area.
1918 Fyshwick internment camp established ostensibly to home European undesirables. Expanded over a number of years to encompass any undesirables and anyone who upset the status quo. This was little more than “Forced labour” (slavery camp). Argyle is caught up in the mayhem as the Kumpania is interned.
1920s The number of people in the camps far exceeds any official records, such easy prey draws the attention of a mass of lower class kindred. Argyle uses his influence to move the families toward the central huts of the camp offering greater protection.
1922 The camps take on a more permanent nature as they transition from a prison style to the more traditional workers camps and associated support stores.
1923 At the request of Delphi, Argyle travels to America to liberate Sundae Rest from a rogue circus troupe, Sundae and Argyle are transported back to Australia by Gaspar.
1925 Argyle establishes a slaughterhouse to lessen the burden on the kine and lower the rate of ‘accidents’, thus protecting the masquerade.
1920-1950 Fyshwick continues to grow, attracting more migrant workers and many of the dirty/smelly trades, territory expands. Argyle declares himself Prince of Fyshwick.
1950s Fyshwick is widely renowned as a centre of depraved entertainment - freak show, entertainment, whore houses, bare knuckle fighting. Tensions grow between Argyle and the Prince of Canberra (The Alchemist) as the once isolated area of Fyshwick now butts against the ever expanding Canberra.
1960s In the late 60’s Argyle disappeared. Other members of the territory start disappearing, freak show shuts down. Fyshwick territory contracts and becomes amalgamated into Canberra.
1970s Argyle spent nearly a decade in a cell, guards changed regularly, other prisoners arrived and eventually left or died, the only constants was the regular burning out of his eyes and the conversations with those in the closest cells; a vampire - Kage and a human - Kuruko.
1970s With the assistance of Kage and Kuruko (also prisoners) Argyle is freed from his imprisonment within the Ordo Dracul stronghold. The Alchemist is nowhere to be found.
1980s Argyle returns to Fyshwick and seeks sanctuary within the Circus. At Court, he is not the man that left a decade ago, gone is the handsome man attired in Persian silk robes or a fine cut suit, in its place is the now familiar clown face and orange prison overalls.
1990s Fyshwick sends a strike force into Queanbeyan. This is a devastating loss, many of its fighters did not return and its numbers are diminished. Fyshwick contracts as a number of other regents take advantage of its weakness and encroach on the territory. Argyle is reduced in status for his audacity and apparent failure.



2000s Sundae Rest emerges as Regent of Fyshwick, with Argyle Sorrow on her arm, there are few who believe that she is anything but his puppet.
2008 Argyle withdraws from kindred society mere months before the unwashed masses rise up to destroy the Blood Prince.
2010 As before Argyle attends the Court on the arm of the Regent, Sundae Rest. Whilst he appears to be her consort it is obvious to the keen observer that he is not the one in charge anymore.

Recent History

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Quotes About

"Argyle Sorrow is that rarest of all things - A Ventrue Elder you can trust."

- Kage

"Who would've thought that the trash could have a sultan? Royal blooded fucks don't hunt down low with the likes of us, but here you have Uncle Argyle. A fuckin' puzzle, but one I'll happily leave unsolved- more fun that way"

- Vulture


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  • Argyle was once a member of the Ordo Dracul until a very public falling out with 'The Alchemist'.
  • Argyle has destroyed at least 2 of his former captors and perhaps a 3rd, he takes all rumours regarding the continued existence of his former captors very seriously.
  • Argyle will pay $1,000,000 for proof of kindred dealings with his former captors.

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