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Guardians of the Veil

Guardians of the Veil

Magic is Fragile
We’ve been watching you for a while now. Oh, don’t be angry. Take it as a point of pride — even before you Awakened, you were someone worth watching. And now you’re worth talking to. More than that, worth hearing from. Can I ask you a question? Can you imagine how easy it would be to abuse your magic? You don’t feel like paying for a meal, fine, you make the server forget you were even there. How easy would it be for you to justify it to yourself? It doesn’t hurt anyone. You’re long gone from the restaurant when they check the books. You see what I’m saying. I can see it spreading across your face like a fire crawling across dry logs. Are you stopping for the night, or are you still thinking of ways you could get more than a few bucks? Another spell tells you the credit card numbers of everyone in the restaurant, who’s there on a date, who’s rich yet vulnerable. How long until you try something that really bites you? Where does the line get drawn? When would you stop caring about the damage your magic brings to the world? Is your fire something that needs to be tended carefully, or something that could gutter out to ashes and embers? I know you wouldn’t do that, or I wouldn’t be speaking to you. We can trust you not to do those things. But how can you trust everyone else? It’s not a hypothetical. One of your fellow Nameless is about to make the jump from free meals to something vile. Last question, I promise: Who is it?

The Fallen World continues to fall. The Abyss grows stronger whenever a mage inflicts Paradox upon the world. The universe frays with every vulgarity, while the Supernal resounds with the laughter of Tyrants. Humanity is inherently damaged by the Lie, and Sleepers snuff magic out in their ignorance, if they escape being driven mad by witnessing Supernal truth. Knowledge is both power and fire — left unchecked, it consumes and destroys. The hand whose reach exceeds its grasp must be slapped down. The Guardians of the Veil defend the Awakened from strife and treachery by employing those tools themselves, serving the Pentacle as recruiters and espionage agents keeping watch for threats from without and within. They plot to maintain the Labyrinth, a world-spanning society of conspiracy cells and contradictory mystery cults secretly under Guardian control, designed to weed out the weak, distract the unworthy, and attract those close to Awakening. A newly Awakened mage attempting to understand what’s happening around him will likely stumble across the Labyrinth; in fact, the system works so well that Guardians actually detect the majority of Awakenings and pass suitable solitaries to other Orders. By contrast, the Order also spends a great deal of resources attempting to ensure those with traits they find objectionable become lost in the Labyrinth, losing the chance to Awaken. Together, the Order works tirelessly to keep magic secret — and in secrecy, safe. Mages join the Guardians when they believe magic should have a required level of responsibility to use, when they’ve suffered due to magical accident and want to make sure no one goes through that again, when their interests and skills lie in espionage, or when they Awakened within the Labyrinth and trust the system to work.

Key Teachings

  • The Exoteric and Esoteric Tenets
  • Paradox Strengthens the Abyss; Punishment Answers Pride - Don’t reach more than you are Capable, Reaching pulls from the other side of the Abyss and brings with it parts of the Abyss. The more you Reach, the stronger and closer the Abyss gets. Overreaching is Hubris and Pride. The more you hold the more you punish yourself.
  • Merit must Guide the Fallen World - Guardians deem only the righteous and Capable worthy of Magic. Masters are wiser than Apprentices, the Awakened are Wiser than sleepers and Sleepers harm magic when they encounter it. Tl;Dr not everyone is entitled to magic.
  • Sins for a Just end Grant Wisdom - Guardians place themselves in the way of sins to protect others. They risk Wisdom so that others do not. A Guardian is there to purify the wheel and to allow all to be clensed. Ends do not Justify the Means but ends to require the means, this is what separates The Wise from The Mad.
  • All Thrones are False; All souls are Flawed - Guardians consider it their Duty to undermine charasmatic leaders, expose the faults of wise sagesd and force mages to doubt one another to remind them that their primary mission is to struggle with their own souls.
  • Souls have a Secret Heirarchy – Some Souls have more potential than others, The Order encourages those of superior souls, defined by Wisdom, Omens and Awakened Strength, To work together. Doing so brings more Atlantean Spirit into the world allowing one single soul to attain perfection during a reincarnation.
  • The Hieromagus will fulfill the Diamond Wheel – Eventually the Perfect Mage shall be born, It shall be a bridge to Above and Bellow, Not of the Order and Free of Paradox. Tl;dr Mage Jesus to fix all the problems and judge all guardians

Guardians of the Veil across Australia

Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain Status Position
Name Faction Path Legacy Group Domain - ••••• Position
Thoth - Mastigos - - Southern Cross -
Janice - Mastigos - - Southern Cross -
Nephilim - Obrimos - - Southern Cross -
Anthea - Acanthus - - Southern Cross -
Dantalion - Mastigos - - Adelaide ••• Susceptor
Johnny Whisper - Moros The Eleventh Question Mystery Inc. Adelaide Cultor
Alysia - Thyrsus - - Adelaide
Umbra Regis - Moros The Eleventh Question Generations Adelaide NPC

Guardians of the Veil across America

Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain Status Position
Name Faction Path Legacy Group Domain - ••••• Position

Deceased, Departed or Missing

The following members have deceased, departed, missing or otherwise not in play.

Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason
Name Path Legacy Group Domain Reason

Cabals and Groups

The following Cabals and other groups exist within the Order.

Group Name

Group Logo

Information about the group, possibly list of characters and link to their page.

Order benefits


  • Subtle Ones - The Subtle Ones attempt to influence society from behind the scenes. They gain the power to influence the minds of people, alter their auras, or travel unnoticed, all while attempting to change society according to a preconceived pattern. (Mage: The Awakening, p. 352)
  • Votaries of the Ordained - The Votaries of the Ordained are mages who devote everything they are to protecting an important item, person or place from supernatural interference, although their stewardship over each item only lasts until that item has fulfilled its worldly significance. (Guardians of the Veil, p. 169)

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