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''"I've heard a lot of...unpleasantness. But that's second hand. To me, he's always been lovely. Even when we don't talk, he is an entertaining character''" - [[Inga Heilig]]  
''"I've heard a lot of...unpleasantness. But that's second hand. To me, he's always been lovely. Even when we don't talk, he is an entertaining character''" - [[Inga Heilig]]  
''"You're a monster Brandon...''"
:: - [[Ravenna Little]]
''"Songs about Brando,  
''"Songs about Brando,  

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Brandon Fitzchambers
Concept: Social Provocatuer/Jamie Lannister
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Invictus
City: SX
Title: Mister Brandon Fitzchambers
Sire: Valerie Fitzchambers
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: House Fitzchambers
Embraced: 3rd of May 1988
Player: Braddles
Storyteller: SX VST

Personal Information

"Who you with? I don't give a shit, you gonna leave here with me. What's my name? You know that, what's yours? Never mind let's go.."'.


The smiling social assassin

Brandon has beaten gold hair that falls just below his ears, flashing a pair of hazel eyes. He has an slim build standing only slightly taller than 5'8. Brandon wears a smile that cuts like a knife. His right index finger has several burn scars from being a compulsive chain smoker in his mortal life.

Brandon dresses in business shirts, often with the collar open revealing a wolf head pendent.


You haven't heard of me? You will soon.

Brandon was always lively, bold and a little feisty as a mortal. But from the moment Valerie Fitzchambers’ blood touched his lips his boldness, fire and attitudinous personality boiled to the surface. Brandon can often come across as sassy and preppy with an air of not taking things terribly seriously. However, those who know him know that he has a poet’s soul, and does take things to his heart. His intellect and compassion sits below his armour of quick witted retorts. He takes his dedication to the Invictus seriously; and while he is known to misstep in some forms of etiquette he has a politician’s tongue and a mind for it. Brandon is well known to be described as a ‘mumma’s boy’ due to his fervent love and dedication to his sire.

House Fitzchambers

My devoted family

House Fitzchambers is a family of kindred stemming from the marriage of Valerie Fitzchambers & Arthur Fitzchambers and their respective progeny. While two separate clans make up this family, the group treat each other like family with unyielding devotion to one another.

Arthur Fitzchambers - My "Father" I love him, he terrifies me but his counsel is wise. But more importantly is how much he loves my mother.

Luke Fitzchambers - Luke is wild, strong and his fire... I desire to have fire like his.

Eddie - God Damn it Eddie

"I can't believe you said that".

Information Known by Kindred Society


Brandon belongs to the Toowoomba City Court, although has been traveling between courts as part of his education inside the invictus. So he is only acknowledged. He holds no city positions.


Mortal World

Shortly before his gentle embrace, Brandon made an attempt at becoming an author, and achieved some minor success after publishing a manuscript in 1984. The book was titled "A Lion's Pride" and was a very similar story to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, but instead focused on a male as the protagonist. The book garnered no small amount of controversy over the content after its release, thanks in part to the Suffragette movement claiming it had its roots firmly placed in the ideals of misogyny and hatred. Brandon was aghast at this idea as, while the ideas had been old fashioned they were never intended to cause any offence or unrest. Of course, despite its growing reputation the controversy managed to cause the book sales to skyrocket, making him and his book technically a success. But technicalities and bad reputations do not keep you in fame, or business, and with his career mired in the accusation of being something he was not, the constant badge of misogyny halted any future prospects that may have come his way.

Brandon once embraced disappeared from the public eye and shed his mortal last name.(Moss)

Brandons song

I've been shot by my critics Talked about by the cynics Feel like my life's on display Like the museum exhibits Puts my life on the line Invested years in these lines

Now hear my inner child cry Keep going, Brandon keep going on Keep going, Brandon keep going on This my battle cry, battle cry I've been waiting with patience In the dark like a vagrant observing this circus The fans want entertainment My wings have been clipped, but now I'm ready to fly. In the heavens with angels, While devils whisper die.

Now hear my inner child cry Keep going, Brandon keep going on Keep going, Brandon keep going on This my battle cry, battle cry

Brandon's Book under his mortal name 1st edition.


A true kindred of Quality.

Brandon is Acknowledged within the First Estate, as he is currently beginning his career within the Unconquered he has been given no commission as of yet. This is mainly due to the fact that he has only been out of direct supervision from his Au Pair teacher in the last Decade. However, he is currently training under his Sire Valerie Fitzchambers to earn the Title of Function of Advocate within the Invictus, a postion that will make him an expert in public relations and will allow him to serve in counsel as such between other covenants and his own.

At this time Brandon has not taken an Oath of Service to any Liege. It is commonly expected by many for him to serve his sire as her Vassal. Yet his current political climb has stalled due to an upset within the local members of the First Estate regarding a situation with the current Secundus and some particular words in regards to his opinion of their attire one fateful evening. .

Brandon & Valerie

A spoilt son, a doting mother.

Isabelle & Brandon

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one. ― C.S. Lewis

Brandon & Gahbrielle

The heart of the jealous knows the best and most satisfying love, where the rival perfects each others imperfections

Symbol: The Orchid. It's shape and colour oddly suggest both sexes, it's odour is sweet and decadent it is a tropical flower of evil. Delicate and highly cultivated, it is prized for it's rarity; it is unlike any other flower.


  • 1963 - Born
  • 1988 - Embraced
  • 1990 - Details
  • 2000 - Details
  • 2010 - Details
  • 2013 - Details

Recent History


  • JUN - Details
  • JUL - Details
  • AUG - Details
  • SEP - Details
  • OCT - Details
  • NOV - Details
  • DEC - Details




"A face only a mother could love"

- Eddie Donalds

"Some people are born with natural class and taste. Brandon has neither."

- Gahbrielle Chou

"Oh he's handsome alright, and delectable, and scandalacious, but URGH!"

- Gahbrielle Chou

"What do you mean you don’t like Brandon, what’s not to like he is charming, eloquent and by all accounts rather talented in other areas. Although as your sire I think his most important trait is the fact he understands I can beat him in a fight."

- Onryō to Gahbrielle Chou

"He is a perfect son, and I will destroy any who cause him harm."

- Valerie, on the intensity of the love she has for her childe.

" Jakob was never my beloved, little succubus. The one beloved I have ever had has been gone from my unlife for near-on 620 years. Your claim not only shows your severe lack of understanding of how liege and vassal works, but also proves you have not learnt yet another very important lesson. If you seek something to use against your adversary, find out the entirety of it, not by reading two lines on a letter I had on my desk. Get out of my sight, and return to my tutelage only when your mind is as sharp as your tongue."

- Ljónynja Øringr, when Brandon got his sass on after reading a letter sent by Jakob roe, and misunderstanding who he was to her.

"He is my dearest friend and even that is an understatement."

- Isabelle Murray

"He was so very apologetic..."

- Isaac Foxe

"So preppy it hurts"

- Meredith Winchester-Roe

"Brandon is a perfect example of a Deava in House Fitzchambers. If you're taking everything at face value, well, thats your mistake."

- Viktor Reynder

"The voice of an angel decorated in a facade of polite pruned roses and an equally soft angelic face. But remember, even the most beautiful of roses have their thorns."

- Celene

"A prissy pompous pisspot."

- Hyena

"Oh honey, no one said he was gorgeous! I just want to eat him right up"

- Annette DuPonte (NPC)

"We're getting along, it's weird. Probably ok, but weird."

- Crystal Jade Roe

"He's growing. He knows what a little brat he's being, and he's using it to look unimportant, but even that facade is making way for new growth. Probably just as well, really, otherwise I might've kicked his jawbone off."

- Vulture

"Brandon. Please. Some nights you are too much. Others I need a glass of red and a good viewing point" Crystal Jade Roe

"Think of him like fairy floss - soft and deliciously inconsequential but makes a great distraction."

- Meredith Winchester-Roe

"How about this... thing. he looks like prey."

- Buzz to a whole bunch of Rahu

"I've heard a lot of...unpleasantness. But that's second hand. To me, he's always been lovely. Even when we don't talk, he is an entertaining character" - Inga Heilig

"You're a monster Brandon..."

- Ravenna Little

"Songs about Brando,

  1. "[| Barbie Boy]"
  2. "[|The Terrible Twosome Brando and Gahhhbriyella - Pink Trouble]"
- Songs written by Uncle Gadi about Brandon.

Quotes By



Ljónynja - "I do not recall offering it up for debate Brandon."
Brandon- "I would rather eat my own arm than dance with her, she has two left feet."
Ljónynja - "It will be arranged. You shall have time allocated for devouring your own flesh, and then I shall send for you to meet me and my Butterfly in her room. You may find you enjoy dancing with her after that."
Brandon- "Oh, shit."
Ljónynja Øringr teaching another lesson.

Brandon- "Just dance with me!"
Gahbrielle - "Why on God's green earth would I do that?"
Brandon- "Because they're getting ideas about marrying me off again!"
Gahbrielle - "Urgh, fine. But only to spare the poor soul they want to marry you off to."
A rare instance of collaboration between the two frenemies.

After Brandon got yelled at by Igor.

Isaac - "Oh no, look at him! He's going to cry."
Lacey - "Oh how terrible, in ze middle of Elysium."
Isaac - "It's okay, here comes Mommy."
Lacey - "Awww, ze wee lamb."
Isaac - "Go on, sook to Mommy."

Delphi - "Darlings, have I told you the story about the Horror of Casa di Temperance?"
Brandon and Gahbrielle in unision " Opa story time!"

Viktor - "Brandon"


  • Brandon has a mortal he plans to embrace much to his mama's distaste.
  • Slept with a homeless person.
  • Had his closet ransacked twice where only a black collar and fishnets were left, the person who did it is unknown.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • You know what charm is: A way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question. - Albert Camus
  • Jamie Lannister

OOC Information

Plays cards and enjoys Pizza.

This character can be quite sassy and inflammatory at times, please remember it is the character and not the player. If you have any problems please speak with me about them OOC.

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Braddles]
Number: 00000000
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